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I'm planning to get a trailer hitch installed this ...

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and is it hard to take the test for the driving license?...

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Ok I was in a car crash on thursday. Im hurt from it but went to the hospital that night and they sent me home said i was fine. but my belly looks like im pregnant and its gettin bigger and hurts ...

 Cobra ESD 7100 radar/laser detector safe for ontario roads ?

Additional Details
ontario ...

 Why do people die in car accidents?
I hear that the chest can hit the steering wheel and the head can hit the steering wheel which can cause death but how does this happen if a person has a seat belt on? Do they have the seat all the ...

 how can i become better at driving smaller cars? any tips?
I'd never driven a small car before, because i have a ford excursion, and the only other cars ive ever driven are my moms expedition and my dads ford F-350, and my mom got a jetta so she could ...

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Im 18 years old and my college is about 25 miles away, which means driving on the freeway. I used to carpool with someone but he transferred to another school. I never really do anything wrong on the ...

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Hi, We drive a Nissan Armada and we are traveling in a few weeks and it looks like we will be taking more luggage than we thought. We have never put anything on our truck's roof so we were ...

 how can i test the best mateial for seat belts?
i need to write how i could test the best material for a seat belts....
a little help please.x :)...

 Does putting 'Armorall' on side of your tires make the rubber on the tires crack or weaken?
Will the tires be unsafe if the 'Armorall' is continuously used? Or what could you use instead that would be better and make the tire shinier?...

is it legal to pick up track nails by the railroads?
Can you go to jail for picking up the old rusted nails beside the railroad tracks?

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AJ Gonfiantini
Yes you could be prosecuted for picking up spikes (not nails, they're spikes). They are the railroad corp's. property and not yours. It would be like someone going into a farmers corn field and stealing a bunch of ears of corn.

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It would actually be considered theft if you don't have permission of whoever owns and maintains that particular rail line. You have to also keep in mind that they own a certain range AROUND the tracks, not just the tracks, so you are likely going on their property when you find these track nails.

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Dan B
I wouldn't want to be caught in possession of them if a train derailed. The tracks are private property (owned by the railroad) and you are subject to arrest for trespassing. So, in a short word, illegal.

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It depends on where you are from, in Texas anything that belongs to the railroad, falls of the railroad or is lying near the railroad that was property of the railroad is theirs and you have no right to take it or trespass onto that land..

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By law if you are walking beside the railroad tracks or down them you are trespassing and can be arrested. Not like you will be, just can be..... the same as picking up the nails (spikes, etc.) not likely anyone will do anything but you could be arrested for stealing.

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