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Mavis S
is it illegal to drive with a wrist plaster cast? I drive an automatic car.?

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If using a mobile phone impairs driving skills, so would your disability

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ken k
if it impairs driving yes/

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I wouldn't worry unless you have an accident and the insurance company or the other driver's lawyer decides that the accident was due to your inability to control the car.
If you can prove that you can control the car without a problem, there's no problem.

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Max Power says relax
As long as it dose not effect your ability to drive /control the car ,no law is being broken

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My wife drove just fine with a wrist immobilizing splint for two months, and did just fine. She's facing thumb surgery Tuesday, and I'm sure she'll be in some sort of device again.

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Not illegal but not advisable. If you were unable to react quickly because of the cast and you hurt someone you would never forgive yourself.

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If you have a cast on, you are limited in terms of movement. Also, should you need to turn the wheel sharply, your weak hand may cause too much pain to be effective.

You could be at risk of being charged with something as harsh as dangerous driving. It's not worth it.

My parked car was written off some years ago by a guy driving with his hand in a cast; he lost control whilst turning a corner and couldn't turn the wheel quickly enough.

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