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 PLEASE explain this to me, i dont understand?
on one of the blocks there are 3 lanes on a one way street. and this guy mayb in his mid 20's is running and he tries to run through that heavy traffic and he gets hit by a honda minivan going ...

 Why do most cars have speedometers that go up to at least 130 when you legally can't go that fast on any road?

 What percent of teenage drivers get into an accident their first year?
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 How can you stop your ears from popping on airplanes???
Other then chewing gum i need something that will work and wont hurt!

 why should we ban old vehicles?
any one good in english- please write an article on BANNING OF OLD VEHICLES
some points:
a slow throed vehicle to fast traffic
occupy precious parking place<...

 What do you say to the traffic police when they pull you over for speeding?

 who cleans up the road after an accident? I've never seen anyone do it that's why I ask.?
But suppose you are going the highway and you see this big accidnent with glass and plastic all over the road. Bumpers torn off, windshileds and mirrors are shattered... Who takes care of all that? V...

 is your best remedy when a tilegater is behind you?

 What happens when you're at the cross-town intersection, and the traffic light turns BLUE?

 i have drunk 4 glasses of cider am i ok to drive in uk?
it is pint glasses and is called scrumpy jack cider i am tryeing to estemate it says 3 units on each can and i have had 4 of cans off it/that fill one glass and i hav to pick up children soon at mum ...

 Is it illegal to pass a vehicle on the right?
I've been hearing a lot of people saying it is illegal where they are from to pass a vehicle on the right on a freeway with at least 2 lanes in each direction. I am not aware that this is law ...

 whats the difference between a 'turn on green' sign and a 'dont turn on red' sign.?

Additional Details
yeah im talking about road signs ...

 what happen if i didn't fasten my seat-belt during flight landing?

 Why do school buses and public buses stop at all railroad crossings?
They stop at all railroad crossings, open and close their doors, then they move on - regardless of whether there is a train coming or not....

 when taking driving test should i drive within the speed limit or less ?

 I rang the "National Accident Helpline" after was hit by another car?
as I needed to be cut free from the wreckage, but they told me to go and ring the fire brigade.....wtf?...

 Which is the better option for safety, drive around or run over a road kill?
My office is located on a private narrow road. Apparently, one of my associates accidentally hit a huge possum and it is in the middle of the lane. The Department of Transportation / Road Work ...

 Is this a situation where running a red light be ok?
There's an ambulance behind you with the siren on and there are cars on both sides of you. I typed up a little diagram. Sorry if you don't understand it:
-red light-

 Should Interstate Truck Drivers be covered by the same labor laws protecting the common U.S. Worker?
Because of the nature of their work, interstate truck drivers are not covered but state labor laws, and there are no federal labors laws to protect the individual. Less than 10% of truck drivers are ...

 does a manual stop sign used by a roadworker override a pedestrian light?
I just failed my test because a workman held up a GO sign below the amber/red traffic light. I failed because of this with 3 minors. I asked the worker and he told me he was there to override the ...

how many inches do i have to be away from another car at the stop light?
how many inches do i have to be away from another car at the stop light

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chicken noodle soup
2 feet? so in case the person in front of you just jerks or has a heart attack or gets violently ill...you can break and have enough drag time to not have an accident.

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Five feet

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Rule of thumb is : u must see the entire car, top to bottom.
Makes sense: u dont want to be blocked in when the car in front of u stalls.

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Wade C
lets be safe and say you should have 144 inches of space.

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Firecracker .
You should leave enough space so that you're sure you can hold your car back from the one in front of you in case you get slammed from the rear.

An alternative that I frequently use is to keep enough room to swing the front of your vehicle out of the line. I try to always have an exit, no matter what I'm riding/driving. Getting out is better than getting squashed.

I've had people get upset over the space I keep in front of me, but that's their problem. I protect it as I protect myself - it'll save my bacon some day.

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Really depends on where you live, but i recommend about 1/2 a car length apart.

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You should be far enough to see the bottom of his rear wheels touch the ground. The idea is to allow space to advance or escape sideways if a driver is speeding in from behing. In the wet, a larger distance, about half a-car lengh is better, since cars can spin their wheels under acceleration and, in a downhill slope, move backwards.

You can (technically) stick closer to other cars. I have found out that, as long as you can see the bottom of the rear bumper of the car before you, you can put in drive, turn the wheel all the way, and get past that car.

Oh, and to watch it for the driver behind, just stop a bit before the red light, look behind to make sure the car behind is slowing down and keeping a nice gap from you, and than advance slowly up to the stopped traffic.

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Scott H
Inches? You want to leave a safety cushion so if you get rear-ended, you don't get pushed into the car in front of you. I try to keep several FEET (not inches) behind the car in front of me.

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Driver's ed instructor told me far enough away where I could see the rear tires of the car in front of me. I don't know for sure if there are any laws or set rules regarding this.

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Dimo J
Legally, not specified. You can be as close as you like.

Saw a case where about a dozen cars all cozied up to each other at a stop light. Light goes green, lead car stalls out. #2 car can't move forward or backward. #3 car can't move forward or backward. #4 car can't move forward or backward. #5 car can't move forward or backward. #6 car can't move forward or backward. #7 car can't move forward or backward. #8 car can't move forward or backward. #9 car can't move forward or backward. #10 car can't move forward or backward. #11 car can't move forward or backward. #12 car can't move forward, could back up but can't see why no one is moving.

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