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 I was in an accident where I was in a three lane street on the far left lane, and had just passed?
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 i overtake a bus with stop signs on can a bus driver write a citation or will it effect my licence?

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 Does a tractor trailer have to go under the speed limit or the same?

 Why do you want experation dates on your food but not on your car tires?
for corporate take of the human being, lack of caring for the human, infavor of corporate profits, safety is not their intent
Additional Details
what if your tires sit in a warehouse for ...

 Is it safe to get water under the hood of your car?

 why are there so many bad drivers on the road today?
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Wouldn't this cause a wreck? I'm confused....

 Pedestrian got side swiped when exiting a roadway. How will fault be shared between ped / driver?
It was mid-December, after sunset, so it was dim, not dark dark, with streetlights. On a one-way street (3 lanes across, on-street parking on both sides) a pedestrian (not in crosswalk) exited the ...

 Anyone else ever fall asleep while driving?
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 Is my car safe to drive?
I am thinking that I have a leaking heater core, but I need my car all this week to get to work and back, this weekend I don't really need it so I was going to take it to get it checked out then....

 Why aren't there any seatbelts in bus...?
Do they assume that the bus drivers are really good drivers....no one never knows what is going to happen on the road...? just wondering....!...

ashley l
can you ride a 4 wheeler on the road?

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Jeff s
You get a heavy fine for it in the state i live in. The do make a atv the you can Get tags for... Its called a Tomcar. Check it out on youtube.

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No, to drive on a road you must have a licensed, titled, and insured vehicle. Cars sold by dealers have passed inspections proving that they're road-worthy- if you build your own vehicle or if you try to pretend a 4-wheeler is a vehicle you have to go to the title office and pass the inspection. A 4-wheeler won't pass it.

The steering is much slower on paved surfaces. When you have to cross a road, be careful to set yourself up to travel in a straight line because turning is difficult.

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in pa. you are not supposed but a lot of people do.

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Contrary to the name, an ATV is actually for use on unpaved surfaces only and is not safe on asphalt, concrete, or cement.

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Sure. Up until you get caught, if you are in one of the majority of states that doesn't allow them on public roads.

And, if you are in Mississippi:

In the state of Mississippi, you don't get tickets. You get arrested.......$250 bail, $250 fine. A misdemeanor that goes on your official Police record. Your ATV will be impounded. $100 to get it from the cops, and then another $50-$100 for the wrecker company for towing it in. If you weren't wearing a helmet when you were caught, the motorcycle helmet law is also applied, a flat rate fine of $500...AND it goes on your traffic record and not your police record.

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By Law? It depends. Most states, no. But in one state near me, your allowed to go 2 miles to get to a mountain trail. But no where can you ride them very far.

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If it meets the safety requirements that a car does. i.e. brake
lights, turn signals + license plate.

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Plain and simple.......No..

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