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 injury car crash in phoenix area on 9-9-2007?

Additional Details
im looking for info on a accident early am 9-9-07on or around I-17 N /peoria rd area.a friend got into the accident but didnt remember details and now i cant get in ...

 help fixing up a just married car!?
what's legal, what's not? the string of cans at the end? the white spray on letters on the windows saying just married?
any other ideas? besides gluing stuff to the car? is that a ...

 traffic violation....?
my friend just got a ticket for "failure to yeild at a stop sign". he is a minor and must go to court. what will most likely happy? if he has to pay how much do you think it would be?...

 what happened in top gear last night when they were in america?
saw them getting stones thrown at them but why?...

 What are you supposed to do if electrical wires fall on your car?
I remember watching something on TV and the guy said not to touch something? I don't think this will ever happen to me but I'm just wondering...
Additional Details
I meant if ...

 If a speed camera flashes you when going towards it do you get points/fine?
does it detect you when you are facing towards it and its on the other side of the road?

im in England if that helps

any answers ...

 Car Accident?
I had an car accident yesterday night. Around 12:30am on 12/24/07. I was driving straight on Alban Rd, Springfield VA and a car pulled out of a Exxon gas station there trying to get to the other side ...

 Luxury VS Safety?
Would you choose to drive a luxury car that makes you appear wealthy & attractive to the opposite sex & handles like a dream, but the car doesn't do well in side-impact crash tests...

 Some traffic lights has a cut in the middle of the red light singnal and it's blinking. Any one knows why?

 Why are many cars made capable of travelling at twice the national speed limit..?
If fuel consumption and emissions are such a concern wouldn't it be wiser to impose limits on the manufacture of large capacity engines?
Additional Details
ok lets tweak up the ...

 Can a speed Camera get you face on? (UK)?
I was driving on a road near Takely, Essex. The Limit was 30 and I was doing roughly 35-38 (silly me) The speed camera was on the other side on the road and there were no white lines on my side. B...

 How many people died in traffic accidents in 2006?
Does anyone know how many people killed in traffic accidents last year?
Additional Details
Can anyone give statistics on death toll in USA?...

 I got 1146 rank in PGECET ,did i will get a seat in MTECH in ECE?

 What are the consequences of 3 people in a car, 1 sober driver, and two with open alcohol drinking in the car
serious answers only ...

 is the age for a new ohio driver 15.5 or 16?

 my mom and uncle crashed which side?
my mom and uncle did crash both of them hade the fault my mom didnt look back and my uncle parked right behind her car which side should i be on?...

 What's the best way to slow down on a snowy highway?
I've heard two different views.
1. Pumping the brakes
2. Downshift to a lower gear

Which one is the better way?...

 I was involved in a car accident this afternoon when?
I had just got off the m62 motorway into Leeds and was in the fast lane of a dual carriageway driving at 40 which was the speed limit of the carriageway when a massive truck with a trailer cut into ...

 Windshield sun reflection?
I have a road trip coming up and dread it if the day is sunny- the area where the windshiled washer comes out is shiny but not chrome and the sun at a certain angle casts a reflection right in my ...

 On average, any workmen know how much a set of traffic lights cost to install?
just curious ;)
Additional Details
local council are putting them in everywhere in our ...

simply me
can i drive u-haul with a class c?

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You absolutely can't drive a u-haul period. Everyone else can but you can't. It is extremely dangerous for everyone elses safety if someone lets you behind the wheel of said vehicle. Do you hate people that much that you would put their lives in harms way???

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ken s
you can drive a u-haul with a regular drivers license

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crash test
sure why not

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big dummy
yes you can,they won't rent to you without lisence and you need insurance that you can purchase when you rent u-haul. PS JESUS H. dosn't no what he's talking about,don't let him scare you.even if it has air brakes you can still drive truck with 2 axels under 10,000lbs gvw.

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all u hauls are built so you can drive with a regular drivers license. class c is only if you drive for hire.... example, taxi, courier, deliveries.

Jesus h is a moron, don't listen to him

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Mr. KnowItAll
They have hydraulic brakes just like a car.

Air brakes require class B.

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as long as u are 21 or over...some companies might require u to be 25, and u have a valid drivers license with proof of insurance, u can legally drive the u-haul's. they wont have the semi-truck types available for 'joe blow average'. they'll only have the 1's without air brake's.

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