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 Has anyone ever used the Road Crew (so you will not drive impaired)pick up/drop off service in IL?
I know it is popular in Wisconsin, however it's new in IL. Anyone out there tried it?...

 What Are The Consequences From the military for speeding tickets?
I Screwed Up last week and got 2 speeding tickets
1 was for doing 61 in a 40, the other was 45 in a 30
the fines total up to 500+ 8 points off my licence

I live in V...

 When is a new Id phot required?
Im 22 and will be 23 later this year,. I look NOTHING like my DL photo, ppl dont even believe its me. Should I get a new one? Does anyone know how much it is? I dont want to spend over 20$ does ...

 child seat belt buckle up violator-how much fine in IL state if I appear in court ?

Today I was going with my kid in my car and I was buckle up her booster seat but after some time she removed the belt and watching out side. and some how cop saw her and gave a ...

 blue led windshield nozzle lights against the law in ontario?
are blue led windshield nozzle lights against the law in ontario? it is for your windshield ...

 Is there a law for how many hours you can drive a semi in BC. Does the time include non driving time as well?

 What kind of traffic camera is this?
I made a stupid mistake and went through it is this a red light camera or something else and will I get caught it was facing to the side like in this picture.


 Car seat for my COUPE!! Need help!?
I'm financing a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, my girlfriend is pregnant and the baby is due in 3 months, I need help finding the best possible car seat for an infant for the limited rear space of ...

 Are roll bars still safe after being involved in a roll over accident?
My 2004 Jeep Wrangler was stolen & rolled. The roll bars did their job & protected the jerk that stole my jeep but if we don't replace them and we happen to get in a roll over accident ...

 Do they ever have minimum speed limit enforcement cameras on the roads?
I.E camerras that clock you if your travelling below a certain number of mph or too slow rather ones that just clock you for doing above a certain limit
Im such a freak scared wossy driver, ...

 How can I get a job working for the city driving dump trucks,trash trucks,receyle trucks.?
I have a cdl and live in philadelphia....

 I need help answering some questions on my drivers ed worksheet?
True or false:
1. To improve visibility, you should turn on your headlights during the day as well as at night.

2. Braking distance is partially dependent on speed.

3. I...

 what is a quality brand of pepper spray?
want to get pepper spray to give the ladies in my life an extra level of protection when they have to walk alone. but i can imagine some brands that don't shoot far, are slow to take effect, or ...

 to locate potential hazards in the ongoing driving scene?

 Why Don't School Buses Have Seatbelts?

 Left and Right turns during a driving test?
I have a question about left and right turns during a driving test in California. I know that when you merge to a bike lane to make a right turn you have to first signal, look in your rear view ...

 Will the Blue Line working on 2/27/2010?
Will the Blue Line (train) be working tomorrow morning because I don't want to go to work tomorrow but I need to know. Tomorrows date is February 27....

 Which SUV is the best for both city driving and going off-road?
Which one would be good for normally driving around the city but also, let's say, when you wanted to go camping and needed to drive off-road? And one that looks nice too....

 Do '88 camaros come with airbags? And if not, can I install one?
just driver side ...

 When parallel parking, do i?
When parallel parking on a driving test, am i supposed to put my arm on the passengers seat to look back? Or do i just look back and at my mirrors. My test is tomorrow and im scared ill suck at that. ...

When you introduce alcohol and other drugs into the driving decision-making process, the process speeds up.?

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2010-04-11 00:19:33 +0000
The first things to be affected are judgment, reaction time, and coordination.

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2010-04-10 22:24:47 +0000
no, it slows down. your reaction time is not as fast when youre sedated or intoxicated.
its possible to Feel that way, which means youve had your fair share of drinks over time.

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