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When learning to drive or on your test. Are you still not able to cross your hands on the steering wheel?

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According to the law in many states, the examiner could fail you on the spot.

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you are allowed to cross your hands while the car is moving slowly or off road. the only manoeuvre you are allowed to cross your hands on is during the turn in the road

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no if you do you fail.

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ken h
no it would be classed as a fail

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The answers on this page illustrates how teaching techniques and requirements have changed.

Uncle Fester is correct, you are now allowed to cross your hands during LOW SPEED manoeuvres, provided you remain in full control if the vehicle.

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No, not allowed to cross hands on the steering wheel. Still have to use the 'ten to two' position and feed the wheel through.

There is sound safety behind this - if hands are crossed and you have to change direction quickly, then having your hands crossed means that it is impossible to do this safely. Also, if you were to be in an accident and the air bag goes off, then having your arms in front of it is definately not good!

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Pedro S
ur not supposed to cause if in wreck the airbag will F u up

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Back when I had my driving test it was not an approved way of turning to do the Hand over Hand method

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I agree with the push-pull comments. Here in PA it depends on where you take your test. Some places will fail you, others will pass you.

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As a former driver's license examiner in GA, I never really considered hand placement on the wheel...I looked at how the driver controlled the vehicle and how ready he/she was to handle an emergency...The driver should be focused on the road and relaxed...Changing hand position from 10-2 to 4-8 or even 12-6 is acceptable.

Driving with crossed hands is not recommended under any circumstances.

HOWEVER, for the purpose of the driving test, it is highly recommended that we be nice and proper and stick with the standard 10-2 hand position...This will give the examiner a warm fuzzy that the driver is in control and is ready to steer the vehicle...Besides, it is only for 15 minutes duration - it no broke your arm.

All the best.

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Definitely NO crossing of hands on the steering wheel.

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No your not allowed.

they let you off if you do it once or twice as minor but anymore than that.
crossing your hands while steering can effect on how quickly you steer.

I used to cross my hands all the time
now i dont as i learnt not too, becaus eintructor said too many can give you a failure in the exam

I dont understand what wrong in doing it, because its quite comfortable crossing hands

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Dorothy B
I was taught the push/ pull method too, but was told that the only time I could cross my hands on the wheel was when I was reverse turning in the road or the 3 point turn. As you are not going fast on these manoeuvres there is not much liklelihood you'll lose control of your steering.

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Absolutely not.

Approved method is to slide hands together and apart, known as the "push-pull method" but on opposite sides of the steering wheel.

When not turning a corner the hands should hold the wheel at "10 to 2" (clock positions).

If you attempt to use the "Fixed Hand" method as used by racing drivers, you will fail your test.

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It depends on what you're comfortable with.

With airbags, it's recommended that you don't cross your arms, since your arms will hit you in the face if you're in an accident while turning, but in the 'hand to hand' method, if you're in an accident, your hands are still going to hit you in the face. That's why they recommend driving at '9 and 3' now instead of '10 and 2'.

As for them failing you because of it, they can't do it. It's not apart of any safety code regarding driving. If it was, then I would have failed my drivers test.

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uncle fester
I am a driving examiner in UK & I can categorically state that crossing your hands on the wheel IS NOT a fault!

However if you lose control of the steering this would be marked as a fault & in some situations crossing your hands could cause a loss of control.

As long as the car remains under control you can use any steering method you choose.

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