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What type of fire extinguisher is best to keep in my car?
Ok, I've had two experiences while driving which called for a fire extinguisher. One was when my father's Suburban engine caught fire, and one was when a person was trapped in his car while it was on fire. In the first case, the extinguisher needed to be used on a car engine, in the second case the extinguisher needed to be sprayed on human skin. What extinguisher is safest for both situations.

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Kevin Davis
Use the one that puts the fire out, water seems to work just fine.Keep lot's of bottled water in your car.A bag of flour would'nt hurt.

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Look for a UL-listed and UL-rated unit that contains a non-toxic extinguishing agent and has an easy-to-pull safety pin.

Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC..

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Halon 10lb. comes with a mounting bracket, some can be recharged

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Rapid Fire
I carry a 5 pound Halon extinguisher in my truck and my car. I have a 2 pounder strapped to the rollbar of my sports car.

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When dealing with burning gasoline or plastic, stay FAR away from water, it could very easily aggravate the fire. The very best extinguisher for an all-around application is one that is certified for A B and C coded applications. Code A is for ordinary combustible materials like wood and paper; B is for combustible liquids like gasoline, kerosene, or oil; and C is for electrical equipment fires. ABC extinguishers hold a dry foam that wil not react adversely with the accelerants in the fire.

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Never use flour on a fire, it may be safe 99 times ore more, but with the correct mixture of flour and oxygen, it will explore. If anyone disagrees, google flour +explosion.
Any reputable auto supply store will sell fire extinguishers for automotive use. If an extinguisher is used once, do not trust it to work the next time.
I would never use an extinguisher on human skin. The pressure that causes the retardant to be expelled from the extinguisher may be sufficient to force the retardant under the skin. If you are concerned about a fire reaching your skin then keep a thick heavy cloth in the car and cover any flames with the cloth. Remember the Stop, Drop and Roll, from the fire department. Just rolling on the ground will extinguish a fire on your clothes. If you are really concerned take a container of water and soak the cloth after you cover the affected skin, actually just starting to think about the water should give the cloth time to put out the fire.

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Generally if you need to extinguish a car fire it is most likely to be an electrical or gasoline/fuel fire.

Any multipurpose 2.5 to 4 pound ABC classed fire extinguisher will be suitable for that.

Those model extinguishers contain a powder & you do not want to spray it on a person if you can help it. Inhalation of & contact with the powder can cause more problems for the victim.

Halon extinguishers are no longer made & cannot be refilled, so if you would happen to have one of those, once discharged, it will release a very ozone depleting agent & the empty tank will then need to be disposed of (and not by just tossing it in the trash either)

If you like Halon, there are a few companies that offer extinguishers made with Halotron, which has the same fire fighting capabilities & characteristics of Halon, but is safer on the environment.

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