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 when driving, how far is 20 meters?
i'm slightly short sighted and need to know if i have to wear my glasses

should i ask my optician as well if i need to wear them?...

 which is the recommended tyre brand for urban driving in a third world country, due to potholes?
i want a long lasting brand that will not develop side swelling and will come apart on hitting a few potholes....

 where to find world safety guidelines for cars and rates for cars safety?

 how to handle car stayring in the middle of lane once i gave road test but im fail?
so plz is there any idea or tips n trik to hold proper stayring....

 Does anyone live in the SCV area? Did you hear the explosion? Heavy Rain?
I live in the area off of Pico Canyon blvd. I was up past 11 and I didn't hear anything. They say the accident was caused by "Heavy Rain." It was a light mist!!!!!!! What do you ...

 why all the Tyre's colors are black, why don't we Tyre's are not coming in other colors'?

 car censors?
why is it that when a human sits on the passenger seat without a seatbelt, the car goes *beep beep beep*. but when you put things on it, for example bags or something, the car doesn't go *beep ...

 does any-one know where the un-marked crossings r in warrington?

 i was hit in the parking lot nothing really but a little paint ..but the person that hit me was cr?
that hit me was crazy ..calling people saying that her car would need to be towed ..ok i thought it was only paint ..
she said she was going to hit me ..i called the police and insurance company....

 hackey carriage law?
can anyone tell me if the law states that if you are a hackey carriage that it is legal to pickup on any street in the uk if you are hailed while driving along the road in any town in the ...

 Is a front seat without air bags safe for car seats?
We have an older truck that doesn't have carseats. Everything I ready says "Don't put kids in the front seat because of air bags," but we don't have air bags.
The truck ...

 how do i find out the distance to place the cones to practice my driving test?

 Question about hit and Run accidents?
This afternoon while driving. another car going in the opposite direction crossed over the double yellow line, around a blind curve (to pass someone) and almost hit my car head on. I was able to ...

 Driver's ED?
What is the definition of "Markings?"...

 Anyone have a link to a reliable safety rating site specifically for child safety seats?
My daughter needs to move up to a booster seat.

 I have a provisional licence in NJ, and i got a ticket for having more than 1 passanger. do i lose my licence?
the other person was my g/fs cousin who had no other way to get home...im 18 and have had my licence almost 1 year..will it be taken away from me?...

 can you get a driving permit at the age of 14?
I live in S.C sooooo yaaaaaa can i? ...

 how do seat belt alarms work?

 Mazda Kiyora: Safe or not?
I've recently seen a new car concept from Mazda called the "Mazda Kiyora". I've read all about it's lightweight and whatnot which got me thinking, how fast does is it? Also, ...

 Can I drive in Florida...?
I am 18 and married living in the state of Florida. Can i drive alone with a learners permit to only to and from work? I heard you can...I know if your 16 you cant. But what do you think?


What should I expect in North Carolina Court for speeding in a school zone?
I was pulled over, and ticketed for 2 things.1. He told me he didnt use his radar, but that I was going approx 50mph in a school zone, with lights flashing and students and crossing guards. Traffic was (Med), sunny day. #2. ticket for failure to notify dmv of an address change.
ok, I really dont think I was going that fast, Im not sure exactly what my speed was , but with traffic, ect there was NO way I was going 50, anyway, Im out of work, and I cant just pay the fine and be on my way.., and Im not able to hire a lawyer.to clear this up for me. I have no points /and a clean record.., I did get the cash to change my DL to the correct address,( I didnt even know that was a law)...but IM scared of having to face a judge and if he finds me guilty and I cant pay the court costs...IM scared I will go to jail...I would like to know what the chances of that happing are? and does anyone have any advice for me..thank you.

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In North Caroline this is the way the law read for speeding in a school zone..................

1. up to a $1000.00 fine.

2. 3 points on your driving record.

3. possible jail time for 60 days.

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lucky you did not hit anybody. no radar means no proof to substantiate the claim that you were doing 50mph. you have a valid argument not unless one of those crossing guards turn out be a witness. Challenge the officer (when you get to court) to "estimate" speeds of cars passing by without the benefit of a radar and compare that with actual radar results. Your issue about the address change is "forgivable" but is nonetheless a violation. You can site your present financial worries etc, etc. You have to apologize for your "oversight" and assure the judge that you are getting everything in order. Judges are often compassionate unless there is an aggrieved party (like in the case when you hit another car or person). Good Luck.

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You should probably expect the death penalty.

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