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 Why do school buses and public buses stop at all railroad crossings?
They stop at all railroad crossings, open and close their doors, then they move on - regardless of whether there is a train coming or not....

 when taking driving test should i drive within the speed limit or less ?

 I rang the "National Accident Helpline" after was hit by another car?
as I needed to be cut free from the wreckage, but they told me to go and ring the fire brigade.....wtf?...

 Which is the better option for safety, drive around or run over a road kill?
My office is located on a private narrow road. Apparently, one of my associates accidentally hit a huge possum and it is in the middle of the lane. The Department of Transportation / Road Work ...

 Is this a situation where running a red light be ok?
There's an ambulance behind you with the siren on and there are cars on both sides of you. I typed up a little diagram. Sorry if you don't understand it:
-red light-

 Should Interstate Truck Drivers be covered by the same labor laws protecting the common U.S. Worker?
Because of the nature of their work, interstate truck drivers are not covered but state labor laws, and there are no federal labors laws to protect the individual. Less than 10% of truck drivers are ...

 does a manual stop sign used by a roadworker override a pedestrian light?
I just failed my test because a workman held up a GO sign below the amber/red traffic light. I failed because of this with 3 minors. I asked the worker and he told me he was there to override the ...

 Why don't school buses have seat belts? ?

 What are you supposed to do when the traffic on a highway is above the speed limit?
Are you supposed to stick to the speed limit or keep up with the traffic? Also, sources on your response is greatly appreciated....

 whats the worst that can happen?
whats the worst that can happen if your not 16 with a permit driving around ? like im 15 and i drive perfectly on the road obey all the laws and i have my dad next to me all the time i would like to ...

 when was the last time you accidently drove off of a bridge and into a river ?
and what safety measures and precautions did you take since, to ensure that didn't happen again ?...

 how far should a police officer be visible from when conducting a speed trap?
i recently saw a police officer hiding behind a wall holding a speed gun.he was not visible to the motorists he was trying to catch. is there a law that states the distance he should be visible from?...

 Don't you just hate those pre pay at the pump signs or when you go to fill up the car with gas?
Ever get to a gas station and get out open your gas tank insert nozzle and hit the grade you want and either see a sign or hear over the intercom. This is a pre pay pump. Look should we be the ones ...

 if youre driving on the freeway like 100 mph and you open your doors so your car has wings...will it fly?
it probably does thats so cool!...

 I'm looking for a device to smash open a car window and slash a seatbelt if you're trapped in a car.?
I saw a piece on Oprah once about a device to smash open a car window and cut through a seatbelt if you are trapped in a car. This device is supposed to be especially useful if you're trapped in ...

 How many pedestrians were killed in 2005?

 What if your car has no seat belts? can you drive it?
I have a 1965 corvair 4 dr hardtop. And i'm lucky and not so lucky. About 1,000 corvairs in 1965 did not got seat belts. I want to know if you can legally drive the car. I don't want to get ...

 Must i use the hand brake in an automatic car when doing my driving test .?
automatic ...

 What are the safest cars?
I have seizures and my 6 months of being seizure free is up. My parents want me to have the safest car out there. No sedans or circular vehicles. Preferable a truck or suv....

 What steps should I take, at the scene, if I'm in a car accident?

What percent of teenage drivers get into an accident their first year?
and what percent get into an accident within their first two years? Either in the US, or in Michigan and please refrence where you got your info.

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marlowe d
No less than 50. Common sense.

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a lot thats why the rates are so high

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well it took me about a year and 2months

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Well, I can't provide a reference, as the report came in the mail with my insurance. I have USAA, which is military, and in their studies, they report that ..."as of 2008, the number of non-fatal accidents rose from 12% to 35% for drivers between the ages of 16-19." My insurance has risen because of this startling statistic. (I'm 16). It's mostly due to texting, and more careless teens. Sorry for no reference, but you could search State Farm or something for a reference.

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Knuckles Skinner
I once heard It's about 44%.

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I'm sure it is super high. I just finished my first year accident free, just a bump but I know myself to be extremely responsible. I recommend if you are a parent, to not go overboard and buy your child a brand new car. Start cheap. Not only will your child value the graduation gift you have in store, but it is less worry for us teens as well since we won't have to worry as much if we do get in an accident.

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rhay ♥
i can't seem to find the percentage of accidents in the first two years, but here is some information regarding accidents- what causes them, who is more likely to have them...
this isn't a percentage- but-
New Drivers. The risk of a Crash risk is much higher during the first year teenagers are able to drive
i got that from this site- http://www.car-accidents.com/teen-car-accidents.html
from the michigan state police- http://www.michigan.gov/msp/0,1607,7-123-1593_3504_22760-73212--,00.html
Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death and injury for young drivers. In 2008, drivers 16 - 24 years of age constituted 14 percent of all drivers yet were involved in 36.3 percent of all crashes and 31.6 percent of fatal crashes. These statistics represent involvements that are significantly higher than expected, considering the size of this driver population and the miles driven.

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a lady

this is USA in total. the statistics of how many teenage accidents there are and that male's are more likely to have fatal accidents then females

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Young people ages 15-24 represent only 14% of the U.S. population. However, they account for 30% ($19 billion) of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries among males and 28% ($7 billion) of the total costs of motor vehicle injuries among females.............


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