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 seat belting in cars?
if your child has to be seat belted in a car than why not have them on busses to? wouldn't the busing companys be breaking the law when there are no belts on the bus??...

 is it safe to drive without a gas cap?

 Why do people cut across parking lots? And is it legal?
Earlier today there was this van that was cutting across the parking lot and he almost hit me. I was going the right way, and didn't go up the aisle until the up arrow. I could see on the guy...

 Please give me some tips on driving a car & some standard rules that are to be followed?
I bought a new car...dont know driving. I've joined the training now.

Thanks for all your help....

 Do you think seatbelt tickets should be legal?
I read a deal where people think its funny to get a 20$ seatbelt ticket....I personally think its funnier when I see a wreck of person not wearing one, with there head smooshed through the windshield....

 Which is a safer vehicle to drive, a SUV or a Minivan?
I currently drive a Chevy Tahoe and want to switch to a Honda Odyssey, but my husband says Tahoe's are safer and Minivans are like tin cans on wheels....

 Car-Pedestrian accident, I was the ped. What to do?
90% of the people I know said I should go to a lawyer.

It happened like this. I was at a crosswalk, the walk sign was on. Therefore I looked left and right and saw nobody move, I took some ...

 Should the driving limit age be increased to 18?
alot of accidents today are caused by teens, in the carelessness of them showing off for friends. So maybe the solution is not allowing them to get their liscense till they are 18?
Teens dont ...

 Instead of the recorded message "Please Mind The Gap" shouldn't Network Rail straighten out their platforms

 Does the car have to be turned on for the airbags to deploy?

 get traffic photo making a left turn in a intesection im in the center of the intersection waiting to make a t
im in the center of the intersection waiting to my a left turn, when a suc comming which already red light, i cant make left turn because
the suv already there in the center at same time it ...

 I am trying to find the history of a vehicle using the vin num ..accidents etc. does anybody know a free site?

 New York State permit age?
In New York State what is the cut off year for the permit age? and when does it take affect?...

 If a person were in an accident, where their head was cut off, would their hands drop or stay on the wheel?
If a person were driving down the road one day in a convertable & suddenly were in an accident where their head was severed from their body, would their hands still remain on the stearing wheel ...

 Preventing car theft?
I recently got a 2007 Corolla a few months ago and was wondering about the chip in they key that all other cars have in it.

Do these chips really work in keeping the car from starting or ...

 I was in a low impact car accident?
I was hit today on my drivers side, I was turning left to park in a grocery store parking lot and a lady tried to go around me instead of waiting and without seeing her I proceeded to turn. At most ...

 Question about a drive and overdrive gear?
I have an 84 oldsmobile and it has these gears:
What does the (D) stand for and has it used?
What does the other D stand for and how is it used?
I thought (D) ment ...

 Jack Stand Safety?
If I put my 95 blazer on jack stands would it be ok to engage the 4x4 and press the gas pedal to check a problem......

 Why do people Do these things?
Recently my friend was asked by a stranger " Do you need a ride" as she politely said " No thank you " the man said "I can put your bike in my car if you want." F...

 If you're supposed to have the carseat handle in the "car" position when driving...?
rather than up in the carry position, then why do toy companies make toys that hang on the handles?
Additional Details
I'm not slamming anyone who has the handle in carry position ...

Sharonville driving test route!!?
What is the driving route for the sharonville, ohio driving test? I heard it was really hard for some people, but others said it was easy. I just want to be prepared and know where I will be driving. I'm taking it Oct 11.

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The easiest thing that you can do so that will get the correct answer is just call your (DMV) office and ask because they don't what people to fail and they will be more than happy to tell you. Good Luck...

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Ed P
If your that unsure your not ready I taught driving for 25 years didnt know the route pass rate 90%

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