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 How do you make a left turn at an intersection?
I have my driving test coming up soon and I'm a little confused on how to make left turns at intersections. Are you allowed to pull your car into the middle of the intersection to wait for ...

 Predetermined Overhead Rate?
I can email a screen shot, teddy@swatup.com

Exercise 11-15 Predetermined Overhead Rates [LO5]
Operating at a normal level of 24,000 direct labor-hours, Trone Company produces 8,0...

 Is it safe to store a normal ABC fire extinguisher in a car trunk (i.e. hot summers, cold winters)?
The label says no more than 130 degrees. But I know cars get hot. Is it safe to leave it in my car year-round?...

 what percentage of cars have front wheel drive?

 How to fight a speeding ticket?
I received a ticket for speeding through laser (and for tinting my front windows). I have extended the original apperance date once. Now I am set for a court arraignment in about 2 weeks. Any way I ...

 when may you drive over a footpath?

 is it against the law to ride a horse on a main road?
I want to buy/ride a horse instead of a ...

 When approaching a crosswalk...?
When approaching a stop sign with a cross walk, what do you do? Do you stop before the crosswalk or until your point of view? I'm taking my driver's test tomorrow and I dunno what to do. o.0...

 In MA if I have a seat belt ticket can I get a permit?
A few years back I got a seat belt ticket in MA. My aunt said she would take care of it. I'm not sure if she actually did. She has passed away so I can't ask. I never got anything about it. ...

 14 year old driving with Parents in the car?
im 14 and i was wondering what would happen if i got cought driving near my home with a responsible parent in the car with me that gave me permission to drive, what would happen could i get in ...

i need all advice that i can get. im really nervous . my appointment is at 4 pm WHICH IS the RUSH-HOUR . (busy streets and retarded drivers at the time of my ROAD TEST)

im really ...

 Ohio learner's permit age?
What age must you been in ohio to get a learner's permit? I've heard that they've changed it to 16 from several people, but on the bmv website i didn't see any changes to 16. Does ...

 Help! I have a fear of driving?
I got my licence a year ago, but I am at uni elsewhere so I never got much practice. My house is on a main road and in my country people are crazy drivers.

Also I'm a very aloof, ...

 I am paranoid about driving about as only driven for one year in the UK?
I am really paranoid about getting points on my liscense has I have only been driving for one year so far in the Uk and only allowed to 6 points.

Now sometimes when I driving I get ...

 At the age of 17 do u have to wait 6 months before carrying passengers under the age of 21?
I am seventeen and I am just curious about the length of time I have to wait prior to driving with passengers whom are not related and are under the age of twenty one.
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 does a 2007 Chevy cobalt have side airbag sensors?how fast do you have to be going for the airbags to go off?
i was driving down a mountain and my car lost all traction (even though i was going under the speed limit) and i slammed into a tree at approximately 23 miles an hour. we hit on my right front tire. ...

 My car skids while driving in rain?
when the light turns green, i press on gas and my car is FWD so it skids for a while, its so annoying, the car kind of spins out of direction too

how can this from happening..

i ...

 it was illegal in my state to have anything on your mirror?

 what are the legal speed limits for p plate drivers in qld?

 when someone is driving behind you...?
If I'm on a road doing the speed limit and someone catches up behind me, are they able to do the speed limit as well, or will they have to slow down?
Additional Details
I didn'...

Is it legal to walk on the highway in most states?
I'm just curious...I've had always wanted to hike across America and I just wondered if its legal to hike on the highway (not freeway) in most states. If it is illegal, what are some other possibilities? Are there public camping sites, or places that I could stay at for the night (preferably inexpensive)?
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yes of course I would walk on the side of the road. thats just common sense.....:)

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i dont think its illegal to walk on the SIDE of it, but actually on the lane. your gunna die plain and simple. i dont care if its legal or not, not a good thing to do.

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Firecracker .
If planning a trip, I'd research every state I was going through.
In most states, I'd guess yes. But laws vary by state.
Limited access roads like Interstates are usually a no-no.
Some places hitchhiking is illegal. In others, it's legal, but.....there may be requirements like off the pavement, or out of the travelled way. As I said, it varies.

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Most highways are legal to walk so long as they aren't part of the interstate system or a limited access road. The two and four lane highways with cross roads are generally legal to walk .

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