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Is it illegal to pump gas without a license?

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Yes, it is.

I know the photo isn't too clear, but it says "Licensed driver only". Look at it the next time you're at the pump.

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No, you just can't be shorter than the gas pump.

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Big John
No.You can pump gas for using in your lawn mower etc.

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of course not

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Richard H
No. Anyone can pump petrol provided there are aged 16 or over.

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Shor_loves Notgoodenoughforlove.
No you don't need a license for that.

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Not that I know of. I pump gas for my friends all the time and never get anything said to me.

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nope not at all

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Nevada Smith
In some states is illegal to pump your own gasoline such as in New Jersey & Oregon. But I don't think you need a license to pump gasoline. You may need a business license to sell it but the law only requires that you be an owner or employee of the station to pump it. At least that is my understanding.

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When I buy gas from a self service pump, no one expects me to be licensed.

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not in california but i think in Oregon and some other places they pump the gas for you

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I believe that the only place where its illegal to pump gas is in NJ.......

New Jersey and Oregon are the only states that do not allow self-serve stations, an attendant must pump gas for you....

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