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 Can someone explain to me why I got this question wrong on my permit test?
A red arrow pointing to the right on a traffic light means you may:
a) Turn in that direction after slowing and checking traffic
b) Not turn in that direction until the light turns green<...

 what are those bumps on the bus on seat nine?
what's it for?...

 When on a freeway, are you supposed to stop when an accident happens in front of you?
even if it doesn't involve you, do you still have to stop? Do the people involved need witnesses? I usually just take off as soon as possible to prevent slowing down traffic....

I ...

 Dying during a flight?
What would happen to you if you died 8hours into a 30hour flight?
Would you be moved or left there?
Would they let people know?

I wonder....
Additional Details

 What's the worst car accident you've ever witnessed personally?
Mine was at a stop light where I witnessed one car going about 50 run the light and T bone another which then slammed into the car ahead of me. Glass and airbags everywhere. I've never been so ...

 I dont know what to do. Help Please!!?
Thursday as we were going down the road in the bus to school, we were about to let on one of the riders, 12 year old C.C. As he crossed a drunk driver hit him and sent him flying into the side of the ...

 Whats the deal with the seat belt laws now?
PA was one of the few states that didnt ticket you for not wearing a seat belt.......but in the last couple days Iv seen lots of commercials saying police men are now being tighter about it and ...

 Fat man charged for two seats on plane....Double for.....?
If a fat man is forced to pay double seat (because of his girth) on a plane, Why not do the same for taxi rides and busses....

 Why Do Drunk People Still Driving??
Like some other questions in this place, I'm asking myself and asking you why do people drink and drive knowing the consequences!? It is not only irresponsable, but stupid, and if we know that ...

 what size truck is needed to pull a 37' 5th wheel full of furniture?

 Exactly how old are you supposed to be to drive a car legally?
I think driving would be a good experience. I'm really young (13) but thinking ahead isn't too bad, is it?
Additional Details
I heard 15...?...

 Would you call & report a Garbage truck driver, for text driving in an Apartment Complex parking lot?
This morning I saw a Garbage truck driver looking as if he was Texting while pulling into our apartment complex. He was looking down as he pulled in and almost clipped a parked van near the Office. H...

 is it safe for a teen to ride in a taxi alone?
Any opinions??...

 Has anyone else noticed that when it's really nice weather people drive like morons?
There's way more idiots running stop signs, speeding and getting on your *** when it's perfect weather...it's like the warm temps. make stupid people get in cars and drive around ...

 Were you ever a nervous driver?
I started driving lessons last year,took 11 in total and had to stop for a few months cos of a leg injury.I was very nervous before and during each lesson and prayed the instructor would cancel so I ...

 Can I deactivate either or both airbags in my ford Focus 1.6 lx ? It is registered July 2004. ?
My local Ford dealer says it is not possible & that the only option is to remove the airbag completely, but I would welcome a second opinion from anyone with experience of this....

 when you are driving on an interstate why is it dangerous to follow the same vehicle for a long time?

 car accident-Whose fault in Massachssettes?
Person A stops at a Stop sign and wants to take a left turn from to get on a two-lane road. The right lane is stuck and one driver on the right lane asks the person A to take the left turn. Person A ...

 Do we speed too much in New Zealand?
When I'm in the car with my dad I always ask him about it. Some cars are too fast and look as if they couldn't even go below the speed limit....

 In automatic gear car,is it better to put P or D+BRAKE while stop on traffic?
In automatic gear cars, is it better to put into Park (P) or Drive+BRAKE while stop on traffic?
Additional Details
Thank you for all of those tips. Everyone has a great answer. Thanks!...

Illegal U turn vs. three point turn?
I got pulled over for making an illegal U turn on a business district and same goes for the car infront of me. However, I did a three point turn, and she (car in front of me driving an SUV) did a U turn. Can I get out of my ticket if I show up in court?

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If there is a sign posted NO U TURN, then you're at fault. If NO sign was posted, then you may have a chance. It also depends on the city ordinances too.

Get an opinion from a lawyer. Advice is usually free.
Good Luck.

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You you will not be able to get out of this......

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I don't think you can get out of it. A 3 point turn seems even worse than a U turn to me. If it's illegal to do a U-turn where you were, why would it be legal to do a 3 point turn?

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Maybe, if the cop doesn't show up. It's a revenue enhancer ticket, if they really want the money, a cop will show up and you"ll be guilty before you walk up to the bench.

Great double standard, as any cop can pull a Uturn anywhere, anytime, just because.

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King M Acc.3 ®
what state

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I don't think there's any difference in what type of turn you made. It was possibly illegal to "change direction". How you got from one direction to the other doesn't matter.

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Future Citizen of Forvik
You can try. If the cop don't show then the ticket gets thrown out. However the point is the technique used in turning around it it the maneuver itself that is illegal.

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