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 what happens if you fail a road test for the 4th time?
the 3rd time i failed my drivers test was because i cant parallel park. i got everything perfect except that. after i failed they said i had to wait 60 days to come back. my 60 days is over but i was ...

 What benefit is there to having wider tires on my SUV?
My old tires, that were on the SUV when I bought it, were worn out. So I got a new set of tires, but didn't really check out the width. Now, my SUV seems to sit lower than it did with my old ...

 Is It Safe to have a driving lesson after a night out?
My driving instructor has changed my driving lesson till 12 tommorow and I forgot im off out for my friends birthday tonight im not intending to get **** faced just abit fresh to have a good night ...

 why am i so afraid of driving in the dark?
i was leaving the gym today at 6:30 i usually leave at 6...and it was so dark outside and im not too good at driving in the dark im 17 and i almost felt like a was having a panic attack...i keep ...

 is there any danger in going out at 2:30 am?
ok im still up but im making business cards and im having trouble. so im thinking about walking up to a store to get them done.(about a mile walk?) what do you think? is the world too crazy? im a ...

 Why does it seem like no one uses a blinker?
I noticed this when I went to lunch earlier. No one ever uses their blinker! The few people who do use that little stick to the left of the steering wheel only cut it on WHILE they are turning. I ...

 Are 2004 chevy avalanche safe?

 What are you supposed to do when your car stalls on the highway and there's no shoulder?
To keep things simple I'll just say I was in an accident last night, where I was put into this situation (luckily everyone's "alright".) As my car started to stall I immediately ...

 Poll: Should I just hire a driving instructor or keep on driving with my parent?
Today, I was very excited and quite happy that I would drive again, this is like my 2nd week of driving lessons, but then as hours passed by, my confidence was diminishing cause of constant yelling ...

 Hi how long it takes before we can legally drive again, say after 12-15 beers, for a bodyweight of 160lbs?

 Learning to drive: why am I still making these silly mistakes? Am I the only one?
I am sixteen, almost seventeen. I began my driving lessons one month ago and I've been driving for approximatively fifteen hours. Last week I've already scratched someone's car when ...

 Can i have a toddler in a car when i drive?
i have a learner's driving permit. is it legal to have a toddler in the car while i drive with someone 21 years or older with a license next to me?
Additional Details
in P...

 When I am taking a driving lesson, is it ok to have passengers in the backseat?
I am currently taking driving lessons and I practice with my dad. My permit requires someone to be 18 or older and licensed sitting next to me in order for me to operate a car. My question is, is it ...

 Is it legal to park on street corners in California?
When I am turning left (uncontrolled 3-way intersection, no stop signs/yield, etc) on the street right off my work's employee parking lot, people's cars are ALWAYS parked all the way up to ...

 what is the speed limit on an unmarked road in illinois?

 Which car manufacturers have the blinding headlights on cars trucks etc.? They are dangerous, are they...?
They are dangerous.
Additional Details
Do you have the names of the manufactureres?...

 Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Minnesota?
Please give a link if you can find one....

 I get extremely nervous driving! why?
I'm 20 years old and i have my license,but i get so nervous when i drive.I won't go on certain roads because of too much traffic.I always take the same roads.I didn't take driver'...

 Why aeroplanes have life belts and not parachutes?
how many people have been saved by life belts?...

 True or false... Is it okay to get gas while a semi is? and why?

How do some cars turn on lights automatically?
During nighttime and mornings, my lights come on automatically (2006 model). How does it know when to turn on?

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The Mr. Pine
They are wired to turn on when the engine starts.

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I live in Canada, I drive a Honda Civic 03. My lights for the day or "daytime running lights" turn on when I release my E-brake. During the evenings or night I turn on my parking lights. Daytime running lights are dimmer than my actual parking lights. I don't know if this answers or relates to your question. But I hope it will give you some insight.

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Stop Sine
There is a photo sensor that measures the sun light and turns on the lights when the level drops below a predetermined point.

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They are controlled by the amount of light on the sensor.

If you place something over the sensor, the lights will come on.

A very good addition, you don't have to worry about leaving your lights on.

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Most newer vehicles have a light detection sensor somewhere on the dashboard. It will normally look like a black dome shaped button. When it notices a certain amount of light, or dark, it knows to turn on/off the lights.

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light sensors

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