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 why are street signs green? and not another color?

Jay S
Does the School zone speed sign mean when children are present in school all day or present by the sign?

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it usally when the kids are 1: getting in to school(before school 2.recess (depending what grade) and 3: after school

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As long as you dont go faster during either the times posted or while the light are flashing during school days you will be just fine..

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One hour before school until one hour after school... That is the ordinance in my town...

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Yahoo Makes Me Mad
Usually it's attached to a blinking yellow light to let you know that the speed limit is in effect. If not a blinking yellow light then there should be a notice that tells you 15/mph during the hours of ______ and ______

if not then follow it during the day or when children are in school. You wont get pulled over for doing the posted speed limit for that street outside the school zone if you are doing it say like at 9pm

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There's normally a flashing light, right? If not, you should be fine when school's out, cautious if it's the middle of the school day. But that doesn't mean if you're caught going twenty over through a school zone off hours a cop won't make a point of it.

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its only on a school day it should have the hours on the sign

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I'm pretty sure it's when children are present in school.

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Adam c
btwn the hours of the school day for example 6 in the morning till 4 in afternoon..ect... and also when present.

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According to a policeman friend of mine, if so much as one child is visible on the grounds, in the parking lot halls etc, there are children present.

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