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 Describe 3 different conditions that effect ur following distance&explain wat ur following distace should be&y?
It is a question on a drivers Ed handout that I couldn't figure ...

 Is it safe to leave my car parked in the parking lot of a large chain store,like Walmart or Target,for 7 hours?
It would be parked in the middle of the day....

 If you sudinly decided that "yes, I wish to get in a trafic fatality today"?
then you swerved to the left then swerved to the right
then went 100mph through 20 red lights
would you finally achieve your dream?...

 Have you ever seen someone back their car up 5 blocks, when driving, instead of turning the corner...?
& going around, to go back where they need to go? I hope I don't sound confusing.

Say, you see a man driving his 20-yr. old clunker truck down your street (where you live). & ...

 Why is it that a traffic accident on the Northbound lane will cause a traffic in the Southbound lane?

 Any tips for avoiding car accidents?

 Hit-and-run question?
I know this may look like a lot of reading, but believe me, it'll go fast, haha.

Say you were in this situation:

You just pulled into a supermarket parking lot, and you ...

 Parallel Parking with a two door car?
I've read instructions on how to do it with 4 door cars, where the rear bumper of the car should be aligned with the end of the front door.

However, i'm driving a two door car. H...

 car seat head rest?
my baby is 9 weeks and it seems a squash getting him in his car seat with the head rest so i took it out. he is still a bit wobbly holding his own head though, should i wait until he is a little ...

 What are the chances of getting caught driving with someone under20 during the first year of having my licence?
I got my license 3 months ago and in California we cant drive with anyone under 20 the first year. What are the chances of getting caught if I'm a good driver?...

 Is reverse gear possible in two wheelers?

 Anyone know the Pennsylvania laws on Red Light Cameras?

 question about driving a 15 passenger bus?
how old do i have to be to drive a 15 passenger mini bus? and do I need a commecial drivers liscense?

can't find a straight up answer ne where and don't really have time to ...

 Are duel front airbags the same as side airbags?
I'm getting a car, and one the my criteria is that it has to have side airbags, and when i was reading about standard equipment I wasn't sure if dual airbags were the same thing as side ...

 in california, is it against the law to drive a vehicle while wearing a mask?

 what euro nCAP safety rating does the rover mini have?
i know they changed the system but how many stars did the rover mini have (late 90s)...

 Can someone tell me the most obvious things that happen due to car wobbling?

 Is an all wheel drive safter in the rain?
I have to drive about 100km away tommorow morning, through some mountain ranges and it looks like it's going to POUR with heavy rain warnings. Fun.

I've had an offer to carpool ...

 Is it ok to make u-turn at an intersection in business district?
can I make u-turn at an intersection in a business area?
also can I make a u-turn at center left turn lanes?

thank ...

 why do so many people condem cattle walking on roads ?

Additional Details
roads . were from years gone by cattle tracks. cattle have the right of way for half an our in every ...

leeeeeroy jenkins
Are there any GPS' that tell you when you're speeding?
Now, I'm if you will, a law abiding driver. However every once in a while I'm feeling an adrenaline rush and feel like just flooring it. Not literally, but y'know. So, are there any GPS' that tell you when you're speeding?

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Even basic GPS will show you accurately what speed you are doing, more sophisticated ones can pick up signals and monitor your speed and issue alarm sounds and spoken warning

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Yes, most of the newer units will have this feature. You set a speed limit to trigure the warning and once hit, it will go off.

I have a radar detector that does this, pretty cool unit that's wireless. Good value for the money but if you are willing to spend more, get the Valentine. I have the Cobra XRS R9G.

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yes, this one will:

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