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yes, this is for the ...

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Marcus Melo
14 year old driving with Parents in the car?
im 14 and i was wondering what would happen if i got cought driving near my home with a responsible parent in the car with me that gave me permission to drive, what would happen could i get in trouble?

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David W
Your "responsible parent" would be in more trouble--hefty fine at least, possible loss of his/her license--and a long wait for you to get your actual license. It would depend on the state, but letting you do it would not be a "responsible" act by your parent.

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Why would you want to do that? For practice? Because if so, that's what your PERMIT's FOR. When you take your permit test theres 0% driving involved, it's just general rules.

Please just wait. If you get caught your parents would probably be in huge trouble, and they could make you wait to get your license till your 18.

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Yes. I don't know of any state that allows 14 year olds to drive. Also, "responsible parents" sounds like a contradiction in terms. Allowing a 14 yo to drive doesn't sound very responsible to me.

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You could be denied the privilege of a driving license until you turn 18 and your parents could be cited for allowing an unlicensed, non-permit minor to drive their vehicle. If you practice on private property it isn't a violation, only if you practice on a public road or street.

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You are too young to drive. Period. End of discussion.

Your "responsible parent" would get into even more trouble than you would. You would probably be restricted from getting a license until you're 18, Your parent could fae license suspension and heavy fines.

Stay off the roads. You don't belong there.


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