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Jared C
Will I *ever* be able to join the military, being this overweight?
I'm 20 years old, about 6' foot (maybe 5'11), and weigh 260 lbs. I know, major problem there. I'm just wondering, being so overweight, do I really even have a shot at joining the military (would take me a year just to get the college credits, anyways)?
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Err, yeah, I know that my current weight isn't going to cut it for any branch of the military. I've just never met anyone who has *actually* lost the kind of weight I need to, and wasn't sure if my body of, I dunno, "beyond repair" or something. Kind of a mental-psyche, I guess; it's hard staying motivated to get fit to join the military, when you're *so* out of shape.

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Theyll probably let you in. being tall, 260 is just stocky not necessarily fat.

you might wanna lift at the gym

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Trust me. When you join the army and go to boot camp. You WILL loose the weight. They will take you, and trust me by the time boot camp is over you will be the perfect weight for your height.

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WiTcH KiNg
No, no chance at all. No waivers, either.

The military is very strict on their weight requirements. Lose the weight and you will be fine. A year is plenty of time to drop what you need, though.

EDIT: Someone mentioned you can talk to the recruiter. Yes you can. But you will need to get your weight below the maximum standard before the MEPS physical or they will fail you on the spot.

You will probably need to get below 210 to get accepted. Below 200 is even better.

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Jared hahaha no the wont accept unless you meet the weight requirements.

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a little dedication and determination will put you on the right track my boy!

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I know it seems like a lot to lose, I had to lose 96lbs in order to come in, i'm a female I know it's different, I lost in like 6 months but running mon, wed, and fri, and doing some type of weights or just simple sit ups and push ups on tues, thurs and sat and had sunday off, but yeah I know it's hard, don't lose motivation though, If you really wanted, you will eventually get to it, and when you work out remember the only thing you can do is suck it up and drive on because basic is no joke. eat right and drink plenty of water, you'll be there in no time. take care. And yes with MEPS I was under by one pound with my max weight, so keep that in mind.

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your recruiter will tell you the weight requirements.
if your overweight,start running two miles..i did that before i join the army..

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If you can lose weight, you have a shot at getting into the military. They probably wont' take you at this weight now.

You probably have tried to lose weight and it ends in failure, like everyone has dealt with. There's some simple things you can do to really help yourself. Don't put up expectations that can't be reached. Losing 5 pounds a week is a very high expectation. Losing a half pound to two pounds a week is a good expectation. Lets say you only lost a pound a week, in a year that's 52 poudns gone! WOW! You'd be at a great weight then! Don't expect to take off quickly what has taken so long to come on.

Next, don't throw yourself into a diet. Forget about diets, the diet is a multi billion dollar industry and we are still the fattest nation in the world. They dont' work!

Don't cut yourself off of everything you want. You'll start craving junk foods and binge and then hate yourself for the binge that will cause you to want to give up on yourself. that doesn't work either!

Cut down the junk food, cut sodas down to no more than one per day. No other sweet drinks either. Water only. Put some lemon in it for awhile to get some flavor until you get used to drinking the right amount of water per day. After a few weeks, cut down the soda to 4 a week, best would be one or two per week at most in the long run. When you are craving junk food, get yourself out a small bowl and put some of it in there. Like about 8 oz of it at most. Many 100 calorie snack packs now a days. But first. Drink a glass of water, than have a healthy snack. Then as a treat for being so good, treat yourself to the small amount of junk that you put in that small bowl. Remember, eating out of containers makes it almost impossible to stop. Give yourself one to two small treats per day.

Get up and walk more. Turn off the tv, computer and video games. Get a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps per day. Get up and do some walking BEFORE you allow yourself to turn on the computer, the computer being the treat for the work you just did. Don't run and hurt your shins and ankles. Studies have shown it doesn't help you lose weight faster, nor does it make you healthier. In fact, it can hinder you. When walking for exercise. Make sure your heart rate gets elevated. You don't want to be panting like crazy, but make sure it's hard to keep up a coversation.

When you want a pizza... don't. go get a small personal one instead. Not a small pizza, a personal one. Get it with no extra cheese, and light on your topping of choice. Make it only one meat. Then, buy yourself a salad. Eat the salad first. Get in your fruit and your veggies. Drink a glass of water, than eat your pizza. Have them or you cut it into small pieces and put it on a small plate. Enjoy like crazy. Make every single bite count!

Want some ice cream? They have really small little containers now for ben and jerry's. Savor every moursel of it. Or, get one scoop in a small bowl and not in a cone. No toppings. Or if you must, only a smidge of a topping.

Start out keeping track of your calories. Eat around 1600 to 1850 per day. Make sure you keep sodium down,many boxed, frozen and canned foods are more unhealthy for you than you know! Once a week take a peak at your weight. When you lose your first 5 pounds, adust your calories. Calories for 255 would be 1600 to 1800. With each 5 pounds gone, than adust your calories again. Once you get down to 240, take your weight and multiply it by 7 and that should be the calories you can consume, add or subtract 100 calories when needed. Going under 1600 right now isn't a smart thing to do. It will make you feel hungry and make it feel impossible.

Also, don't make this about losing X amount of pounds. Focus on 5 pounds and give yourself a plan of 5 pounds in 5 weeks. It's better for you and easier to stick to it all.

You'd be surprised at how in 5 weeks it will be so much easier to eat less junk food. It will be eaiser to want to get up and move more. It won't feel like work after just one to three weeks. Your body will start to crave the exercise it so wants!

Good luck!

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kevin j
Man, I know the struggle, I was 250 trying to join. My recruiter helped me get all the paperwork out of the way and worked out with me to get me under the cutoff before I shipped off to Texas for Basic Training. The cutoff for 6' tall is 203 lbs. Since I have been in, I have maintained my weight and the most I have been is 200 lbs. Currently I am 195 and losing some weight (deployed) but it is a struggle stateside. Keep working at it and remember, even if you don't get in for a year or so, you have until 27 to enlist active duty. I came in at 24 back in 2002. If the military is what you want you will find a way to make that weight limit. And trust me, you will lose plenty more once basic training is complete. Kevin

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martin a
talk to a recruiter...they have height/weight scales so u can ask them and while ur there u can check out jobs..

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Whipper Snapper!
If you want it bad enough, you will. Start eating healthy, and exercise, you have plenty of time. Good luck to you.

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Ray K
Not at that weight, no. But it's pretty easy to drop the pounds if you're determined. I started jogging a half hour a day, and went on a low carb diet. (What the recruiter told me to do) I dropped 40 pounds in what seemed like a heart beat. They're pretty reasonable about weight. I got offered some sort of stair stepping test to get a waiver for ten extra pounds or so. Hope that helps.

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The Original Cosnipa
LOL it's ironic that your name is Jared.

(subway, lol)

Lose weight and try out.

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Jodi L
Yes....you will have to lost the weight though. Some recruiters have a training to help people in your situation. I would look into it.

Also...If you a 20, it will take you no time to lose the weight. Eat sensible low fat foods, and go for a jog everyday. You'll be surprised at the results.

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My office just shipped a guy that lost 118 pounds to join the Coast Guard - it's up to you, if you have the motivation and work at it you can get down to weight.

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