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will the real McCAIN stand up . i don't give a ...

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Why does the Army hate the Air Force? Its not our fault the Marines are better and We are smarter.?
I am Tired of being called a Pussy I am going to Iraq for a year to do convoys from Mosul to Baghdad, M240G gunner.
Additional Details
Hey, I knew this would stir people up, its not that Serious, I love the Army.

Inter-service rivalry is one of the oldest most time honored military traditions, my Army buddies love it, I love it, and it boosts morale.


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yep....people like you are the reason i refused to date military men...so full of yourself and arrogant...i would guess you to be a control freak like the rest of them....

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The Navy is smarter than all of the branches. heh

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Mark W How would you like to show this old former marine how worthless and pathetic he is? I thought maybe you learned something but you still talk your silly little girl shlt.

By the way, don't anybody make the mistake of believing this guys bs. He is an army recruiter and they are in the top 3 of the biggest liars in the world. They promise anything to suck people in....many never get what was promised. Their pay and benefits are no better than any other branch.

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Watch your 6 .

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As in your additional details it is really all in fun. My Dad is a retired Army Master Sergeant, my Uncle is a retired Navy Master Chief. They banter back and forth all the time about who is better. My husband is currently serving in the Army and has joined the banter with them since our marriage. When the banter stops they all deeply respect the service that each gave or is giving to our country.

There are those however that really think that their branch of service is better.....but those are few and far between in my experience. What I see most living on a Military Base is mutual respect.

Thank you for your service, and I pray that you return safely to your family. We are coming up on the 12 month mark on my husband's deployment to Iraq, and hoping to have him home soon!

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How would I know? I'm a civilian on Yahoo Answers. Gimme a break.

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I don't think its really hate. This is a rivalry thing that has been going on for ages. I know being called names ain't nice to hear. But to do a job sometimes each part of the military must work together for a common goal.
Just remember its all part of military history.

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oreobirney and junebugh8fms
Hi Steve is it?

Yes well Steve I am so sorry to people call you such bad names! And I wanted to tell you that I am so proud of all the men and women that are in all of our armed forces! I am disabled and can not fight for myself but if I could I would be there right along with you! (provided that they let women go where you are going) I don't always support wars but I always support the brave men and women who fight for this great country of ours! And also to answer you question I have no idea why any branch of our military would dislike the other but I think they should not! Are they all not working toward the same goal! And just to add something to think about.........If this rivalry is gets to bad is that now what our enemies want?? To divide and conquer!!! I just wanted to add my two cents worth and I could be all wrong, I have no idea how this all works! Be I will say thank you again for doing what you do for the rest of us that cannot help ourselves!

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the army hates marines, marines hate army, army hate airforce, airforce hate marines, etc. etc.! they hate on each other because each group thinks they are better than the other! i have a couple friends in the marines and they say that whenever a army or airforce person comes onto there marine base the marines always pick a fight with them! its stupid i know!

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King Midas
The Army and the Airforce use to be joined to form the Army Air corp, just as the Marines and the Navy use to be one. Someone in the military figured out they they could get more money if they seperated and formed their own branch.

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Its cool. Im stationed on an army post and most of them are pretty cool. Its only the jealous jackasses who really mean what they're saying

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ahahaha... how long did it take you to think that up?

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Dunno, I think somewhere along the lines the "rivalries" between he services came along, but we're all in the same boat. Protecting our country, freedoms and families. I was AD AF for and now in the ANG, and I've heard the Air Force be called the Chair Force to the USMC being called Uncle Sam's Misguided Children and other stuff about the Navy and Army. It's the same thing like ground pounders and flyboys. "Rivalries" will always be there. Some one has to be the best...everyone thinks they are!

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Just remember, the Marines cuss like sailors and fight like soldiers, and do it while kicking the crap out of both of 'em at the same time. Semper Fi.

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yes, you're all really smart aren't you... the army hate the airforce as theyfly around in nice planes and make the army look up at them... simple really it's not rocket science

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oooh, im a sweet military guy...im gonna try to piss people off, while hiding behind my computer.

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It could be that you're too arrogant

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Awwwww... poor baby maybe its just you... Cause some people that just want sympathy complain and that fits you perfectly. I have family over there protecting and am I complaining or they? Suck it up, maybe that's why they call you that. Think about it... come on you can do it!....................... or can you?

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Seeing Clearly
I served in the Army, no one I knew hated or even disliked the Air Force.... the Marines were no better, no worse, they saved our azzes and we saved theirs, and air support was very appreciated, but Air Force personnel were no smarter. They did have one little saying I liked, "why walk when you can fly".

We all depended upon one another.

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Anyone who has ever read my military posts know I always give Marines a tip of my cover and berate the hell out of Navy and Air Force, what they don't know is I had a brother in the Navy and Air Force and I break their balls still!

Fact is we all have different jobs to do and like the fingers on a hand that is about to choke you into oblivion we work better as a whole and are pretty useless as an individual.

I was Army, I am Pro Army it is pride, I earned it I deserve it, I have berated Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines hell even a soldier or two, But it is good natured and If I came upon civilians attacking anyone of my fellow service members you would see two hell raising rivals fighting back to back, then drinking laughing our balls off and belittling each other again, That is the nature of the beast.

There are those who were smarter and/or tougher than me, My quality is tenacity, If I can breathe I will fight. honestly I get a bit angry seeing all of the glamour given to Navy SEALS, and most of you kids don't even know what a Green Beret is however "The Quiet Professionals" title speaks volumes.

Even among your Air Force peers you will take ribbing, if you can't take it you are in for a world of hurt.
To some we military folk may appear arrogant and conceited, If you don't have Confidence and pride in yourself no one else will have it in you!
So no we are not conceited, We're Convinced!

Every soldier I have ever known became a soldier for their own reasons and while it is good to be applauded we would be soldiers anyway, We are soldiers born we don't need validation! We follow our commander in chiefs directives because we contracted to do so not because we agree or disagree with their policies we reconcile our differences later or in other ways if we are professional.

In my life time I have been a Soldier and a Firefighter, both things little boys frequently aspire to, I have been blessed by GOD to have survived both, (Thank you Father!) If I came back I would do it all over again ( only I would kick a few more Jarhead asses along the way.)

The Big Green Machine (US Army) seizes and controls territory, Us Air Force provides transportation for soldiers, vital supplies and provides close air support and strategic bombing.

Our Naval Forces keeps the sea lanes open so our Merchant Marines can resupply the Warfighters with booze, bullets and bodybags so we can keep fighting, Marines are Americas Quick Response Force in hotspots traveling with Naval Forces they are generally in hot zones before the Army is mobilized, they are hard charging asskicking no slack given no slack taken Warfighters!

Naww kid we don't hate you we treat each service badly as the oppurtunity presents itself,
And apparently you are not as smart as you think if you are a zoomie and someone put you on the ground doing convoys, Dude thats grunt work, Smart Air Force tecchies usualy stay behind the lines doing nerd stuff in air conditioned barracks, or did u pis* some officer off?

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Mark W
The Army doesn't hate the Air Force, but when we are younger in our careers, we envy them. Then as we get older, we realize that the Air Force people still haven't been promoted and have earned far less money and face lay offs in their future.

The Marines aren't better. If I recall, the best Marines are Force Recon, graduates of the Army Ranger School....hmmmm... Actually, the Marines were deactivated after the Civil War, and are the only branch we do not need. So, in reality, the Marines are worthless and pathetic.

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Fatwa Freddie
Yawn , personally I didn't care about what the other branches of the military thought . I was there to do a job not to play inter service rivalries

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Everyone hates on eachother. I'll tell you this much. I repsect any coastie, fly-boy, soldier, or seamen more then most young men in the US.

Here's what the Marine contract looks like for a little comic releif.


"I, (make up a name the police won't recognize), swear..uhhhh...high-and-tight...grunt...... bayonets...charge...slash...dig...burn..... women...beer....sailors' wives....air strikes....yes SIR!....whiskey....liberty call....salute....Ooorah Gunny....grenades...women....OORAH! So Help Me Chesty PULLER!"

X____________________ Thumb Print

XX _________________________________ Teeth Marks

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