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 Where soldiers of the last war tougher than modern day soldiers?
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Bardolph Hemroid Obamler
Why do the Marines get so much praise and not the Army soldiers?
They are both soldiers who see the front lines. Boot camp training in the Marines may be a little tougher and longer... but girls go through that. I don't see where the label Marine makes you any stronger than anyone in the Army. Now when it comes to special forces, all of those guys are tougher than your average Marine. I think people become Mariens for the title which is over-rated and the real tough soldiers you don't hear about... people like Delta.

The Army is the biggest branch and I also think they do most of the work and take most of the casualties. Once again I think labels are over-rated and from personal experience... the toughest guys i've ever met weren't Marines, they were soldiers in the Army.

By the way, the Army has much more heart in their cadences. Show some respect to the ARMY. And to all the tough guys in the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard etc... mad props to you guys for doing the tough jobs that you do and not receiving the recognition that a standard Marine does... although you far exceed everything they do.

This country is too caught up on labels. People want to be SEALS for the name and alot of them don't like the cold or the water... but they love the comercials and the reputation. I think the real tough guys you'll never hear about or see and most of them are in the ARMY SOC.
Additional Details
i was on board with you greywolf, until you compaired a Pris Island graduate to a Ranger... not the same thing. Tell that to an Army Ranger who went through that school. Again trying to praise a standard Marine to a guy with a lot more training and qualifications.

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Greywolf never in your goddamn like compare a marine to a Ranger!

To be a Ranger in a Ranger Battalion you have to be Airborne Qualified, to be a marine you don't. Ranger school is 9 weeks long. RIP(Ranger Indoctrination Program) is 4 weeks long before being assigned to the Ranger Regiment. Pre-Ranger (before admittance to Ranger School) is 2 weeks long. Airborne School is 4 weeks long. Infantry Basic/AIT is 14 weeks long. That's 33 weeks training for a Ranger Battalion Member "Minimum". How Long is USMC Boot Camp, School of Infantry? 18 weeks total? : (

marines are trained to be the first in an all out offensive, Rangers are trained to sneak in sneak out and never be seen. marines have NO special forces, so I don't mind them believing their the best of the "basic" : )

Marine Force Recon doesn't even exist anymore, their operators were merged to form the new MARSOC. While there is still Force recon in the reserves, 1st Force, 2nd Force, and 5th Force are all de-activated. Battalion DRP (Deep Reconnaissance Platoons) do the Force mission at this time.
U.S. Rangers make Marines look like girl scouts. Rangers are some of the most elite soldiers in the world, and the training is some of the toughest in the world. Rangers are part of SOCOM (Special Operations Command) Special Forces. Marines are NOT, I repeat, NOT Special Forces. Marines are just really good infantry soldiers.

Rangers go through a whole different level of training and education and serve a different purpose entirely.

Every single person who signs on the line becomes a marine. They do not make cuts or have performance drops. Training for Rangers has a 90% failure rate... while marines have a 100% graduation rate. If you consider marine boot camp tough your not ready to become a U.S. Ranger or any Special Forces.

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i agree with you. I am a die-hard army fan (i'm going to go through the army ROTC when i get to college) and i wish people would have more respect for the army. sure, the marines are cool, they are what most people think of when you mention the military, but the army is the first branch of the military. they are my pride and joy. there is no pride for the military any more. i am sick of hearing people say, "all you do when you go into the military is that you go to Iraq and kill people."
please people, have some respect for the Army, not just the Marines, Air force, navy and cost guard.

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Nurse Lady/ USMC Wifey
Because Marines are the best. They're trained harder, they dress better, their regs are so tough it's hard not to look amazing. The weight, PT, and grooming standards are tougher too.
Sorry if you don't see it as fair, but it's true

Plus, they've been around since 1775.

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the only reason a marine gets held higher is just the name and HISTORY but now a days the army does most the work overseas in Iraq when i was there for every one marine there was 20 army and mid way threw my deployment my team was called in to pull out a marine unit that got pinned down in our area the marines have big heads these days and thats all it will ever be they are no different they just get treated better and i never cared because i knew that marines are no better then army they can ***** and cry and fight all they want but the no better

and to be honest a bullet don't care about the difference so why should we fight each other about it lets fight the people who try to hurt us and our families and come out together

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I am going to be honest you have to have special skills, no criminal record etc to get in to the marines

Whereas in the army they let anyone join!

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Sorry, I just laughed my as-s off. Have you been to an Army base or to a Marine base? Marine standards are extremely high, even when wearing civilian clothes you still have a standard and get a write up if you are wearing baggy pants, no sleeves, hat sideways. Also Marines don't have all the fatties like the Army. yes, there are far more Army casualties, and that is a shame. the Army is so large that they drop their standards for training so they can keep their numbers. The Army used to be better, but now unfortunately they are sloppy.

I used to be Army....now Marine. Serious, it's all good.

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The Saint
The US Marines have always gotten better press and they capitalize on it; Who needs a PR man when you've got John Wayne movies on your side?

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yeah all that dumbass label stuff i dont get.. i also dont get why we have more than one branch! WTF is up with that? i could see having an air force, army, and navy. but why have marines and army if we're all on the same team..?

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Marines take more pride in who they are, the Army fails to hold a high reputation , its all good ,we are on the same team

let me explain im in the National Guard and worked with a few Marines in the field, we are so laid back to them its shocking and i show them respect by acting more professional when im around them btw the NG has many Marines in its ranks

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Mike S
Y'know pardner I frequently wonder about this very question. I do grow rather weary over all the news stories, History Channel programs, etc devoted to the Marines. You'd think they are the only service defending our constitution. I guess their pretty uniforms and active PR program make them America's darlings. But fear not, keep in mind that they are the smallest service and can't do all the things the Army can. Do the Marines have Construction Engineer units that can rebuild schools and provide electricity to a hospital? Well I think not. Do they have prettier uniforms and a better PR department? Oh boy do they...Keep in mind that we also serve who never get mentioned and we are there as well. Well that's my two cents. Good luck to you pardner.

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the corps has more tradition, etc etc.

to say the army has more heart in their cadences? that is ridiculous, that all depends on who is calling it. and last time i checked....the first person people think of when they here left right left etc etc is a marine corps drill instructor.

to say army special ops command is tougher than your average marine, yes im sure that is a general statement many could vote yes on, but dont you understand that the marine corps has spec ops? MARSOC

the title of marine is something that is sacred. because the shear turmoil, trial, and demands to get it IS much harder than army basic. the marines are known throughout history as overcoming the toughest obstacles and fighting with the worst odds and still proving victorious. look up the battle of belleau wood, the chosin reservoir, tripoli etc etc.

as far as the army doing the most work? that is idiotic. the marines ARE the force in readiness, fastest deployment times and the spear head of every major US conflict. marines go in first, bottom line. so the army knows whats goin on because the marines brief em hahaha.

the army, granted it does awesome things for all of america, is not considered the "toughest" for a reason. most soldiers who have been prior marine corps will say that in the corps we hold a higher standard. we are stricter, leaner, and meaner. we have high standards compared all of the other branches and that is a no brainer.

the general of the army....you wont hear him call himself a soldier.

general of the chief of staff for the air force...you wont hear him call himself an airman.

the chief of naval operations....you wont hear him call himself a sailor.

but the commandant of the marine corps...is damn proud to call himself a MARINE!

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Words Twice
What makes you some kind of expert?

Seems like YOU are the one worried about labels.

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You know you hate me
It amazes me how someone who was never AD or a reservists has the nerve to dictate who is tougher and more valuable in the military? I have seen posts by you dude. You are 35 with no life and do not have what it takes to be in the military, yet you seem to think you are the most bad *** man on this planet. You are all talk and no action. Men like you are a joke to the real military men, no matter the branch. Stop sitting on here and talking about how tough it is to be a solider over a marine, or whatever else you are spouting. You wouldn't know. You were never in the military, so stop talking about stuff you have no experience.

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Honestly who cares ive seen good Marines and shitty ones. Same thing with soldiers it all doesnt really matter we all have a job to do. So go back to your life of camoflauge pants and dog tags around your neck and stop trying to get attention. Let people who serve distinguish who is the best. In the end we all fight for the same thing.

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Vic the bulgar
This guy blocks you when you give him an answer he doesn't like.

PS: you aren't even military. You have no right to dictate who is better, tougher, more intelligent or who sacrifices more. You never were, or will be military. Stop dreaming of what you could of been. Stop criticizing those, no matter the branch or rank, who do sacrifice for this country.

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grow a pair of balls dude..boo hoo hoo..the poor marines get more praise then soldiers..good god you must be a soldier..

funny you talk about SEALS and labels and here is your question where you wanted to be either or..dont you feel stupid..


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Perro De Lava
Thanks for the laugh buddy. You don't even know what your babbling.

And please give us an example of how Marines get more praise as you say..

It always amazes me how so many NON Marines worry so much about the events of the USMC. I wonder why...???

And by the way slick, the label of "Marine" has been around since 1775, so I guess we are caught up in labels. Who wouldn't want to be called a Marine?

What cracks me up is everything you state is so biased towards one branch and somehow you think this is gonna earn you praise. Last time I checked, we have earned what we have.

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I was in the Army for awhile, went through some joint training with Marines, was on a Joint Task Force in Guantanamo.

The Marines I went to training with were a lot more squared away than any other person from any of the branches that were in the training. Always on time, always ready, always focused - seriously, always, for months of training.

The stuff they did in Guantanamo, in terms of duty and training, was impressive and the only large scale group of soldiers I saw in the Army that did anything close were the Ranger battalions.

What really makes the Marines stand out is that, in my experience, the entire Corps has incredible discipline and this shared attitude that is very different from the other branches.

They're definitely smaller than the Army, have a lot more specialized mission and the Rangers definately = Marines in terms of discipline and focus, but, as a whole, being a Marine requires a lot more of a person than being a regular GI in the Army.

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The Marines are substantially smaller than the Army. They have done a far better job at focusing on their tradition and how it relates to today's Marine. The Army is so big and bloated they have had to let their standards fall to attract the numbers they need. Marines do GREAT PR! At the end of the day equivalent divisions of Army and Marines will do equally well.

At the end of the day having great marketing and PR and average capability trumps great capability and lousy marketing and PR.

Compare ads for the Marines against the Army. The Marines focus on tradition and the Army focuses on training and money.

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I've worked and trained with all 5-branches of the service, the Marines are the biggest bunch of progessional knuckleheads I have ever met.

Love them or hate them, they do and have rightfully earned the respect they have. Sonetimes they are not the brightests tools in the shed but as a professional organization, they are the best in the world at what they do. My hats off to them, and I am not a Marine - I was one of the remaining services I am to cowardly to admit in frount of the Marines.

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Dude, who pooped in your GI Joe cereal?

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The Wise
I have never encountered such discrimination. ALL people in our military (army, marines, navy, air force, etc) deserve and get the same praise in my experience.

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I suspect that the Marines have better PR agents than the Army does.

All branches of The United States Military deserve our thanks and our praise.

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The Marines are the only ones stuck on themselves...

Yes, the Army is larger and has more of a work force, but the Marines are suppose to all be trained as fighters. So they try to uphold the rep as being bad-***

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