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 How much does an American soldier in Iraq get paid for being over there?

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with the rank of specialist and E4...

 When vietnam veterans came back they were spit on & called baby killers now everyone has support our troops?
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 How do military movies compare to the actual training, missions, life, ect?
I know hollywood trys to make it's bottom line but do any movies do the real thing justice.

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 Why can't the U.S. learn from its past war mistakes?
Do the loud mouth war protesters think they are helping our troops, or do they realize that they may be killing them?

History shows us how devistating these gutless protesters can be to ...

 What Do I need to do to Dodge a Mandatory American Military Draft, and still be able to stay in the country??
nobody is doing anything about the north american union, but they want me to kill people overseas to steal there ...

 Dont you think Bush is a madman in power?

 Why can the US have weapons of mass destruction, but nobody else can?
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 Who DOES NOT support our troops?
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 If Bush lied about reasons for war, is it really a bad idea?
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 Why can the US drop nuclear bombs when it says others shouldn't have WMD?
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 Do you get drug tested at any time, when joining the military?

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 Should every able-bodied citizen be required to serve for a certain period of branch of the military service?
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 In your opinion, how would you view a woman in the army?

 Has the u.s faced a war where the other side has air and sea power?
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 Should bush ask the Irish to send the IRA to Afghanistan,?

 Military husband cheating and Im 9 months pregnant!?
Ive been with my husband for 11 years but got married last Dec. right before he left for basic.We have 5 yr old and Im 9 months preg.Right before he was deployed he started acting strange.Coming home ...

Bum Gravy.
Why do soldiers march? Why don't they just walk?

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to show how mach they are....

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It displays discipline and order.

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Joe Iwojima
Why do kids listen to rap music or the birds fly south. Why am I asnwering this ridiculus question?

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Sandy Sandals
To stay in formation.

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Drill is the backbone of military discpline. Marching teaches troops discpline, order, and teamwork

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It's all part of the military discipline , act as one , move as one.

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Oswald W
They march to keep to a steady pace. It exercises their limbs and unites the battalion as one body together.If the sing it is to the beat. It keeps them from boredom.

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it's part of their programing

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Gunner Reah
You lot can march to the "insert location". It will save you having to walk.

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It is faster and more organized...also....it promotes uniformity and the teamwork ideals....all in this together.

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Its not me Its u
And the follow-up question, "why do the totalitarian states like North Korea, old Soviet Union and the Nazi soldiers do the goose step?"

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The reason why soldiers march in step, is to keep up the pace and encourage everyone to be smart and do the 'slog' in the quickest possible time.

In the British Army, you will be expected to march a distance of 10 miles in 2 hours - that's about 5mph - that is best described as a "cracking pace".

If you are ever in London, go to the Albert Bridge [Chelsea] and you can see a notice there which orders marching troops to 'break step'.

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marching teaches organization and discipline

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Marching is an incredible ceremonial gesture. It takes practice, control and dignity.

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because they are soldiers, they fight and stand for a country, they need to show they are all united in arms, show disipline, order and bravery! thats why, they need great respect and honour! they show all these when they march.

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Have you tried walking in a crowd - you either clip someone heel or you get your own heels clipped and it can be quite painful - marching is quite a quick way to get companies of soldiers from one place to another on foot.

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Its efficient faster and more organised than walking. In centuries past on the battle field men marched into position it was like a giant game of chess lol. but it really is faster and more efficient form of moving large numbers of people at once

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Barry auh2o
Marching in formation is an orderly way to move troops from one location to another.
Walking is without order, some walk fast, some walk slow. Marching is the one way to control the situation.

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h h
Close order drill, or marching used to be the way commanders maneuvered units in actual combat, watch a civil war movie and you will understand.

What they discovered is that close order drill is a good way to move units around in non-combat, as well as teach good order and discipline.

In boot camp close order drill is seen as a building block for teaching raw recruits discipline and obedience to orders.

Now close order drill is used to teach discipline, teamwork, and is used for ceremonial occasions, instead of being a method of battlefield maneuver.

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