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 What would you do if a terrorist was going to kill your loved ones and ?
the only way you could get the information needed to save them was to waterboard someone. Would you waterboard them to save your family?
Additional Details
Ed j-I didnt ask if ...

 Our troops are oppressive occupiers, at best, and murdering rapsists at worst, why would anyone support them?

Additional Details
I seem to be getting fairly simple minded answers.

Consider it this way...

Why should we not hold the individuals who are perpetrating ...

 Do you regret getting fooled into joining the military only to find out you were?
very foolish and could have made a better life and lots of money out in the real world?...

 Why did America invade iraq? Oil?

 Do you think you could kill?
not would you, but could you? and in one-to-one combat....

 Is this the "American Way"? Are you ashamed of this Military man?
According to a federal affidavit, Green and other soldiers targeted the young Iraqi woman after spotting her at a traffic checkpoint near Mahmoudiya. Green is being tried in federal rather than ...

 Should i join the army??
i've been thinking about joining the army but i'm not sure yet.

on one hand my life curently is "in the gutter" sort of speek. i got in a bit of trouble. this is a ...

 Wasnt adolf hitler just a silly useless individual?
he was the son of a gatekeeper, a first world war hero, rose to be chancellor of greater germany, then rule europe, when he was banned from even having arms. it took the might of america, and the ...

 If yo go AWOL from the Military are you brave?
I say you are smart. Going AWOL is better than getting shot at....

 Why do we have rules of war?
controlling an activity like war with rules only seem to create the notion that war is a civil behavior that should be tolerated as long as the rules are followed. This seems absurd. Shouldn't ...

 My husband is a veteran. Is he a hero?
Hello. I'm British from Wales. My husband is a veteran of the War in Iraq. I consider that he is a hero . Believe you that he is a hero?
He is only 29 years old and is an excellent man.... H...

 Would you fight and die for Blair and the British Government?

 Is it true if you don't follow orders, an officer will take out his pistol and execute you on the spot?
I heard if an officer orders you to charge into battle and you refuse, he will shoot you on the spot. I also heard that officers are specifically issued pistols for this purpose. Is this true?...

 Please wear Red on Friday?
I was told to ask everyone to please wear Red, tommorrow. To show Support for Our Troops in Harms way. Not only in Iraq. But anywhere that they are in danger. While Protecting This Country. [Their C...

 When I meet a veteran after we lose the Iraq war should I look him/her in the eyes?
Should I say "I told you so"? ( Meaning I knew they would lose the war like Vietnam )...

 Are there any jobs where I can shoot people?
I dont like people but dont want to join the Armed Forces. What else could I do legitimately?...

 What is the biggest war ever?

Additional Details
cuz i need this for a project i thought it was world war 2 so ill go with ...

 Soldiers: Do You Think You Are Special?
This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. During every election year, we always see some random soldiers using their service as an excuse to make themselves appear more special than ...

 My 19 year old son wants to enlist in the Army...?
As his mom I am scared... my son seems so quite and gentle I know he's trying to find his own identity and independence. I guess I just want to know how others of you out there have faired in ...

 Why does everyone say the air force is better than the army?
am not really sure which to join but the army seems like the types of jobs i like.

the army soldiers were very friendly when i spoke to them and it seemed like a more relaxed enviroment of ...

Why do people serve their country in the military?
What belief, moral, or value would you risk your life for?
Additional Details
Okay... why are people calling me unappreciative? I was just asking what your opinion was on why people join. Thanks.

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Serve Queen and Country . You come home unless your killed and your a hero. But soon forgotten

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The best of the best
Because America is the best country in the world. hint thats why immigrants ALWAYS come here.
and let me guess your a liberal arent you?

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For the Pride, Honor, Respect, Freeedom, More Education, Job Career
Oppotunities, World Travel, Love of America as the best Country in the world, & because it's the right thing too do!

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fight obama's lies
That would be individual...
There are countries where You would NOT have the ability to have this conversation... Isn't that ability ALONE worth defending?

Having lived around the world as a kid as a military and civilian dependent, I saw a lot of things going on in other countries that I never saw in the US of A.

In the United States, I have never had a Stechkin Machine pistol or machine gun pushed into my face for any reason by a local, state or Federal official. 99.9% of Visitors to our country can say that they've never been search at gunpoint simply because they are a foreign national.
On a Euro-vacation that would have had Chevy Chase incarcerated for a lifetime, I was searched at age 15 crossing the (now defunct) Yugoslavian border, my mother and 2 little sisters were scared spit-less and I thought, THIS ain't right!
That same vacation, I was spit on in Paris and denounced because I was a American. I noticed that Paris Nord (train station hadn't been properly repainted since the Nazis had left.
As a young Marine, I traveled to Buchovena (Hungary, our ancestral home) which was under COMMUNIST leadership to take care of family business. I was followed -- no, escorted, by KGB and local Intel the entire time and OH YEAH, I had to PAY for that privilege.
Later, I went to East Germany and Czechoslovakia to buy a set of German Shepherd, I again was escorted and paid for that privilege.

When the Soviet Union fell, we, AMERICA, swapped Wheat for their NUKES... I escorted Russian Nukes to the US for dismantling, they have so many problems. Totalitarianism was not replaced, it was renamed and added to it was a Mafia that is manned by the cast offs from the Totalitarian regime.

We have liberties that people in other countries can only dreams about (correlative: Otherwise Why do we have a 10+ year waiting list for Immigrant applications?).

There are so MANY reasons to defend this nation.
I can't think of one reason NOT to turn to in defense of this the GREATEST nation on this small orb.

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I enlisted in 1957 and went on to 25 years of service in the Navy. If you want to know what moral principle was involved in the continuance of that career, I met the author of that principle in 1959 when we went to jail together in Georgia after a "sit-in" at a library. His name was Martin Luther King, Junior:
"If a man cannot find something he is willing to die for, that man is not fit to live".
Try that one out with the college professors in your town. Don't tell them who said it. Chances are they will think it's some ultra-right wing war monger. They will be wrong!

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I serve because I wanted to serve my country, and better myself.

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I originally went in to the Air Force right out of high school shortly after the Viet Nam War ended. I didn't have money for college, and didn't really know what I wanted to be.
I enjoyed the camaraderie, the challenges, and the fact I was serving my country.
I got out of the AF after 7.5 years and went to college.

I eventually got my masters degree and went into the Navy as an officer. I had missed the challenges the military offered, along with the deep friendships, and my wife and I wanted to have our four kids experience living in other countries/cultures.
Altogether I was in 24.5 years.

I remember reading something President Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I believe that. Everyone should serve their community, state, or their country in some way.

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Because they have a sense of Duty, Honor, Country and of course selflessness.

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You answered your question: to serve their country

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Dean M
I joined because I come from a military family and I enjoy my job. I have served three times in Iraq, along with attaining a Masters degree and seen the world. Doesn't sound like a bad life to me.

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So that you can do what you're doing right now, asking whatever question you want...that's why people serve their country.

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proud soldier
if your life is not worth dying then why you live for? you have to give for your children to enjoy freedom and liberty in this country its called sacrifice ...

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To protect people who don't appreciate what they are doing like you.

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We do what we do for you. So that you will never have to know war. So that you can sleep peacefully at night and ponder why someone would have to fight. If all countries laid down their arms then there would be no need for soldiers. But as long as we live there will be people that want to hurt us and take what we have. It is ONLY the threat of force that stops them.


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charles t
to protect our country. for love of freedom. its not for the money.it is a sense of honor,duty. for one self,and for country

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cookie monster
to honor there country and to protect the people tey love

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Pride in their country, to protect their values, protect their family's way of life, some may do it for money, for life experience,

I personally think that EVERY person if physically capable should do 2 years of military service upon turning 18. There would be more respect from younger people.

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zach was here =D
i would fight for liberty and family and religion almost everyone in my family is in the marines coastguard military and i would fight for my liberty as an american citizen

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Your very fave!
Pride for oneself, family, and friends.

It is about honor, and doing what you think is right for
no other reason.

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Liza P
to serve and protect their country even if it means risking their lives for us

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to save the life of others.. we need some people to make sure that the rest of the country is safe and if we dont have those people then everybody could potentially get hurt. Unfortunately, some lives have to go in order to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
the moral/value is to help the COUNTRY and the PEOPLE in it so that their families and friends can live with out being harmed by something. they protect everyone else from getting hurt.

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Serving in the military is a tremendous honor. As a servicemember you have the opportunity to effect social and political change all over the world.

For example, African American men and women continued to serve in all major wars despite vicious racism and segregation in the service. And as a result of these brave veterans' perseverance and sacrifice the military - and eventually the United States - recognized the contributions of all of its servicemembers.

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you serve in the military to serve your country. its a really big honor and it makes you stronger and a better person. It doesn't have to be about morals or values.

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nick o
to give back to their country.

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to protect punk *** people like you.

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Because they are proud of their country and they want to give something back to it.

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Freedom........and the ability to have a job and get and education.

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Well, you can thank those people unless you'd rather be hailing de fuerer or speaking Russian or Chinese and letting their government tell you where to work, where to live, etc. Let's face it, without a military, the U.S would just be a pot of gold ready to be plucked up by another country by use of their force.


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Protecting my family.
Serving to help those out there serving to protect there own family.
Serve to help those who can't.

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There is nothing in mans imagination more Precious than Freedom.

Thank a Vet

US Army

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Dave Grohl Wanna Be!!!!
so they can protect what they believe in and who they love.

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