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 F/A 22 Discontinued................
My father works for lockeed on the f-22 and f-35programs and with obama in the office im afraid hell lose his job, im 17 about to be 18 and i help with the bills but if my dad loses his job im going ...

 Are there any modern day genocides?
I have to compare modern day genocides to the holocaust, I also want to know who is fighting against these genocides, and who are the victims, and how the victims are executed and what are the names ...

 The Army SF candidate?
I went into the army recruiting office the other day hoping to talk about this option and when i got there i talked to 4 other applicants who had this option is it just me or does the army hand those ...

 Navy Active DEP to Navy Reserve DEP. Changing contracts.?
A couple of months ago I depped into the Navy with an active duty contract and now I feel a need to change to reserves. I told my recruiter and he said he could change it, but today I was informed ...

 Is there a chance that the Marine Corps didn't discharge my husband?
My husband hurt me pretty bad physically. He went to jail and was charged with domestic battery. Got out the very next day. The Marine Corps found out about this. He got into some trouble, but ...

 Is becoming a marine (infantry) at 24 too late?
I'm finishing up college with a GPA of about 3.4, years of sports and MMA. I've always been thinking of joining the marines, and my current career path is very free-lance like, so i ...

 Would I be able to go to U.S Air force Community College, and Academy?
Would I be able to go to U.S Air force Community College, and Academy, to study (aerospace) Astronautics, or astronautical engineering and earn an Honorary degree ?...

 Why is the war in Afghanistan UNJUSTIFIED?
Try your hardest. I keep hearing too many people are PRO-WAR with Afghanistan. I know about supporting a nation that is almost considered as a "failing state", protection of women, building ...

 Going to Tech school as a TDY prior service, are there any guardsman or reserve who went to Tech as TDY?
I'm going to Fort Leonard wood for Heavy Construction Equipment. Will I get BAH since I have an apartment? How is life that in Tech as TDY? Someone at my unit who went to a different Tech school ...

 GO SEALS!!! Way to go Navy!! Are you proud too, fellow Americans?

 My boyfriend is at Boot Camp and I was wondering if he can make a call today (Easter)?
I got a letter saying the DI's might let them have a 10 minute phone call soon but they did not tell him when, from experience does anyone know, if they can call on the Holidays?

 Should all American merchant carry seels on board?

 Making active pay in while in college, warrant officer?
Im currently in the army and im planning on attending college to get commissioned
a warrant officer talked to me before about becoming a warrant officer and he said by taking that path i could ...

 Whats boot camp like?
ok so one of my old friends called me and said her boyfriend is in boy camp. is it fun? what do u do there
Additional Details
im not sure where but in general what is it ...

 Life of a usmc tanker?
im leaving for paris island in june and have a contract signed for the tank mos. once you get through the various schools what is life for a tanker like. what do you do on base day to day. and what ...

 Is a gatling gun legal 2 own?
ok recently my Grandfather passed away and he left behind a lot of things, and one of then happend to be a gatling gun from when he served in WWII. so I wanted to knoiw if it's legal to own....

 Who approves a DD368 in the Ohio National Guard?
I just turned in my DD368 to transfer from the Ohio National Guard to the U.S. Navy (active). I've heard so many stories. It's just ridiculous how uninformed my chain of command is. Then ...

 What USMC MOS spends the most time at sea?
Which gets the most time at sea, on ships?...

 Where can i find out if a family member was in the military?

 Question about the "Airmen, Spouse, and Parent Briefing" at AF Graduation..?
I am going down there with his mom and brother. We are not married yet, but plan on getting married after Tech School. Can I still attend this meeting?...

Why are tattoos being banned in the military?
With society becoming more and more accepting of tattoos why are branches of the military, where tattoos were made popular in america be banning them? you can be a doctor or a lawyer with tattoos on your forearm but you may not serve your country at a time of war? I could never understand this.

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Blood Born Pathogens
Not all places are so considerate with the needle

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it's ok if its under your uniform

It is similar to hair cuts...

the air force dosn't allow tatoos at all

the army allows tatoos as long as they are covered

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Grammar SS
you can get in with a tattoo. Even people with neo-nazi tattoos are getting in, despite a policy that states otherwise.

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Tattoos are allowed in the millitary as long as they are not offensive.
And cover no more than 1/4 of exposed skin and not on the hands, neck or face. (ie. having a name written on your fore arm would be acceptable) at least that's how the USAF plays things

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~soldier girl~
as long as they don't show in uniform you are allowed to have tattoos as long as they aren't offensive

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Mike the Medic
They most definitly are not "banning" tattoos. In fact, the Army recently loosened its restrictions on tattoos to allow recruits to have them on their hands and neck. As long as they are not racist, or extremely offensive, you can pretty much have whatever tattoos you want. I don't understand where you came up with the idea that the military is "banning" them. People get all kinds of tatted up in the service. Also, if your tattoos don't meet the standards, you can always request a "waiver" and most of the time you'll still get in. You'll just have to take some pictures of your tats and send them in.

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Alex's wifey =^.^=
It looks unprofessional for the protectors of the free world to have tattoos poking out underneath their uniforms. General rule on tatoos is, it's ok if it's covered by your uniform.

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I just got denied from enlisting because I have a tat on my earlobe. the recruiter said it was because tats look "dirty, and where the military often represents America, it casts a bad image to other countries who see our soliers all covered in tattoos"

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Actually many many military member have them as do new people coming in. They have not banned them, just tightened the restrictions on them. Like no neck, unless you Army then only on the back....that's good it used to be none. No more then a certain % on different body parts, etc. You can look up each branches regs on this. The military in general has loosened up about tats. But the bottom line it is about looking uniform when in uniform.

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Bob S
They used to be more completely banned, but now thanks to all the Gangstawannabees and the "alternative" culture that popularized tattoos, they are too common to require everyone bearing them to have them removed. They have always been allowed in inconspicuous places, for example this guy in MEPS with me had Mickey Mouse somewhere that they had us all turn our backs so the MDs could view and verify what it was.

I remember hearing "Yep, it's Mickey Mouse" and everyone busting a gut laughing."

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You can have tattoos in the military... As long as they're not seen in uniform. In the military, you're supposed to obtain military order.
They do not feel as having tattoos seen while in the military uniform is becoming of a Soldier/Marine/Airman/Sailor/Coastie.

&The Air Force DOES allow tattoos... I'm in the Air Force DEP and I have a tattoo on the back of my neck. Don't tell people things unless you know for sure.

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quinn dog
conformity conformity...

you are no longer you....but a part of the unit

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