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 How do you feel about Robert Gates increasing defense spending by $19B for 2010?
The FY2009 core Pentagon budget (excluding operational costs for Iraq and Afghanistan) was $515 billion. (http://www.washingtonpos <...

 Why did we only shake an index finger at NKorea's shot?
That's about all a paper tiger can do. We've been sitting here with idle nukes, as yanks keep dying everywhere and nothing is done about it other than shaking an index finger. When NKorea ...

 In the US military, what is the highest ranking officer that actually goes into combat in the infantry?.....?
my guess would be a captain. i mean the highest ranking officer that would carry a weapon and participate in combat operations, not just sitting at a "command post"...

 When did General Fitzgerald die?

 Military Workout - Leave June 15th?
I have been working out regularly. I have 10 weeks left, and wanted to know the best way to improve my push-ups, sit-ups. What is a good routine I could do at home. I can't go to the gym anymore ...

 What evidence is there 2 show japanese negotiations with Russia during WW2?
need to find some kind of evidence/quote which shows that Japan were in negotiation with USSR during World War 2. if possible reference from who said it etc (may need to use it as a footnote) T...

 I'm thinking about joining the National Guard after graduating college [help! esp from ppl in the NG]?
Ok, so i've always thought about joining the service, but i never really pursued it because i wanted to put my education first. I think that anyone in the service shows true character and i want ...

 Does anyone know when HR 45 Blair Holt Bill is voted on?
Any news? I haven't heard anything in a while....

 SFC monthly promotion?
Is there a site that I can find out who gets promoted to SFC the next month (similar to the way they show lower rank promotions for the month). I cannot find it on the HRC site. Also typically how ...

 Which one is better Post-9/11 GI Bill or the Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty?

 Question about dodmerb?
k, so i had a non epileptic seizure a couple of months ago. it was by playing a video game. the doctors said it probably wouldnt ever happen again. do u think i'd be able to get a waiver? ...

 Whats the best things about USAA?
Im looking to use them for a checking acccount....How is everything else, Loans, car insurance, ...

 My Grandfather was born in Kimberley South Africa and join the Royal Navy in 1898. Is there any service Histor?
Any other crew members or photographs????
Additional Details
His Official Number was 201054
his name was Robert Charles Ward
he was born in the 23rd Feb 1883...

 What are the requirements for being in the navy?
do you need a high school degree?
and what disabilities can you not have?
im just wondering because this one guy i know whats to join......

 The national gaurd......?
the national gaurd has a thing where there is no deployment for two years so i can finish my schooling is this true, has anybody done this ...

i was going to join the ADF, now i have second thoughts due to my cousin telling me about drug use, forced peer pressue and everyone having sex.

i dont want to join now after hearing this....

 Asvab test tomorrow... Questions about jobs...?
I go to take my asvab test tomorrow for the army... When i go to pick my job... What job is going to get me the most combat action...? I mean dont think i'm trying to fulfill some G I joe dream.....

 HELP... How to become an officer in the AF?
Can i become an officer in the AF if i have a bachelors in Hospitality management, is this degree helpful to them. If so how can become an officer.

Already in the Air Force Senior A...

 Whether Wing Commander of Indian Air Force is a Class I gazetted officer?

 Why do people hate the military?
why do people like mocinhalinda17 hate the military? i want opinions on this cause personaly i cant see why its so hard to understand that the military has virtually no say in where it goes and what ...

Where can i find my military orders for my first duty station?

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in your hands when they hand them to you...also if you do not know, enjoy speaking a new language...smile

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when you graduate either AIT or OSUT

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Proud Army Wife & Mom of 3!
On your AKO account, Login there and its on there.

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go to AKO, and click on BUPERS online, and click on the view orders link.

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