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Do any other Government employees besides the military have drug testing?


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 Are you required to bring medical records to a military recruiter?
please help..i have adhd and had anxiety due to a stalker 3 years back..i plan on joining in 4 months but will i have to bring the records?...

 I enlisted as 11x Infantry...?
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 Examination date national defense academy?

Where am I likely to get stationed? When can my wife come with me? When do I start getting paid?
I recently enlisted in the Marines. I am going to be a crypto linguist. I got a 143 on the DLAB and a 96 on the ASVAB. I was wondering if anyone knows what language I am likely to be assigned. I am fluent in Spanish and have 2 years of college experience. I also want to know when I start getting paid. I ship out May 27th and wanted to know how long after that I get my first payment. I am getting married a few weeks before I leave in May and was also wondering when my wife will get to come with me. Will she be able to come to the DLI in Monterey with me? If so, how far in does she have to wait to come? And also, what are some likely places I could be stationed, and would she also be able to come with me while I am on active duty?

Additional Details
I leave for basic on May 27th

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Xavier Xanadu
Most likely you will be trained in one of the Middle Eastern languages!

Finish Basic, language school, get to your first assignment, get established, then get married!

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Your best course of action is to wait on the marriage thing. No, really. Get basic over with, A school over with or the Monterey Language school, find out where your first duty station will be, get there be established and then get married!

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Have you told the Recruiter that you are getting married? This can cause problems because you are going from Single with no dependents to Married with dependents. You will need an original of the marriage certificate, her birth certificate and SSN card. Normally with Marines you will not see your pay until you have graduated from Recruiting Training but if you are married they can do an advance on the pay.

With MOS for the Marines unless it is longer than 12 months your orders will be unaccompanied to school. You will receive BAH (housing allowance) based on her zip code if this happens. Monterey can be very expensive and very difficult to find a place to live under the BAH so sometimes if you can get it unaccomapnied then it is better for you. It is the same with orders, normally first orders if overseas are unaccompanied for up to 2 years.

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