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 Is it better to join the Army, Navy, Marines, Air force or Halo Team???

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 America.. Biggest terrorist of them all.?
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Generally speaking, what has Canada done for the US, something signifigant?...

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Do you think liberals are anti-military, anti-war, or both?

I UNDERSTAND that there is a threat to the USA and you are all PROTECTING US and our way of life! THANK YOU...
Additional ...

 In the fight between GOOD & EVIL, why sometimes we feel that evil is winning the war ?

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pressure you into trying to join? Okay there's this creepy Navy dude who's always calling and trying to recruit me. It's been going on for about 3 months. He even came to my house in ...

 When are people going to get it - WE NEED THE DRAFT! ,?
If we cut and run Iraq will collapse into a terrorist breeding failed state (plus the world will know we've failed).

It should also be obvious to anyone with half a brain that we are ...

 If iran will be the next war, what would you think about this?

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wow, very interesting opinions! thanks for answering, good luck!...

 Do you think a Special Forces soldier is a good role model for a young lad?

 Army question Recruiter told my hubby if he enlisted for 3 years he would have his pick of where he would be?
would get his choice of bases one of which would be germany is it true and how easy to get stationed in ...

 Anybody know what is area 51 ?

 What is in site 51?
The military sponsered place where you can't take pictures....

 Should we take porn away from soldiers?
"U.S. Congressman Paul C. Broun, M.D. announced today the introduction of legislation designed to stem the sale of pornography on military installations. Broun’s legislation, the “Military H...

 Why do Americans still like to mention they helped out alot in WW2?
It was 65 years ago
We get it, the USA helped, alot
Why do you belittle the sacrifice of the soldiers involved by using the US participation in the war to win some stupid internet argument?<...

 Am I a bit old to be just deciding to join the military?
I am planning on joining the Air Force by this year sometime. I am 21 years old..been married for almost three years, and my husband is also in. I have been in college for the past few years, but it&#...

 If you're military age and in support the Iraq war, why aren't you fighting in it?

 Why did America invade Iraq after 11/9 when most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia?

Whats the best way to get kicked out of the military?

Additional Details
its a joke not for real...

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Navy Sailor - GAI
Get pushed overboard and chopped up in the screws!

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Dont do it. Its dangerous.

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There are no best ways to get out. Avoid ANY and ALL illegal methods (drugs, alcoholism, perjury, crime!) you'll get out, but you may be in a brig for a few more years.
Better ways...
- Homosexual admission. Although you may not be, How do you know that you are not??
- What path did the asylum escapee take? The Psycho-PATH! Ha! Set-up a meeting with the Medical Officer, tell him you have problems working with people that are different from you and it is really effecting the way you work. (be it racial, religious or political difference, but do not be too specific!)
- Inablility to adapt to military life. Start crying alot over little things. Don't look anyone in the eyes, act tired (if you aren't already), that will get you a psych-eval and possiably discharged with the iniability to adapt.

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Ask your XO the same question, he will be more than accommodating.
Why did you join in the first place? Sounds like you are a little immature to be in the military in the first place.

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play crazy tell them you want to you see dead people

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Johnie Hottub
Fail a drug test

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tom l
Kiss the first shirt

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Get fat...fail the PT tests, and fail to qualify at the firing range...you could also point your weapon at your commanding officer...

Also, if you happen to be the only living son, you can request discharge...

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Its real simple.Just tell them that you are queer.you better hurry though because that loophole will be changed in the near future if they start the draft back up.

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Do drugs, automatic way out. Loser. Its a shame that you or, oh wait, I'm sure you are writing for "a friend" can't hack it.

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Don't join.

I guess the "best" way is to be gay. I wouldnt reccomend it though. Just serve your time and get out.

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Say you are gay.

But you'll lose your benefits.

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You should never have joined...
Seriously, be gay...just for a bit until they kick you out!

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Unless you want to go to jail - serve your time! If you do any of the things I can think of you could get jail time to!

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Dick Jones
Tell them you are gay or fail a drug test. I think you will get a general discharge for both.

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Loudly proclaim that you are going to vote for Hillary. You'll end up in civilian clothes faster than you can blink.

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Bang your commanding officer.

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kleighs mommy
dont join. if you did join go talk to your co and see what they can do, going awol isnt a good answer . they will find you.

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Check your contract.

Read through and find the date when you are supposed to get out.

On that date, go to the separations department and then go home.

We invested a good bit putting you through training based on your contract. Hold up your end of the bargain. This is not about being a soldier. It is about being a responsible person. Responsible people don't break contracts.

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Get gay and talk about it.

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smoke pot

start acting like a redneck from New York

Steal a B52 try sky writing IM MAD AS HELL & IM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE

Start wearing makeup on the briefings

Spray Dirty Sanchez iz da **** on the generals room

Try doing some fine art by tearing up an F4

Try changing the name of Airforce One to Airforce fun with a toothbrush

Try making the gay bomb & blast one up in San Fransisco

Sing 99 luftballons when ur shooting at Charlie since Winston Churchill said that he liked a man who grins when hes killing belive me ur commanding officer will love seeing u do that

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