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 Can the army deply someone who is attending college?
they told my boyfriend that they won't deploy someone who is attending college. does that mean he can spend he four years of active duty in college, and not be deployed?...

 Why did britian and the usa lauch d-day landing when they knew russia was winning why waste more lives?

 Should the U.S. declare war on North Korea?
I know N. Korea launched a long-range nuke and it failed. I'm not sure of this but I think I remember hearing that N. Korea actually launched a long-range nuke at the United States and it failed....

 Why is it people will support the troops but not the war don't both go hand in hand??
This is a war that has to be fought just like the previous wars. Terrorist are unlike the germans or the russians koreans etc.. they wont give up unless we take it to them if we keep them on there ...

 Should politicians fight the wars they create?

 Need Military advice!!!!?
Brother-in-law is 20 years old and seems to have no positive direction in his life. Is in a little trouble from a refusal to take a breathalyzer test and has license suspend.. not the first time in ...

 Is it ok that 20 Iiraqi kids get killed in a US attack as long as we get an insurgent with them?

 Did Iraq allow the USA to intervene or did the US enter by force?
I'm doing a project and was wondering whether the US forcefully entered Iraq or did Iraq allow them to enter....

 Does anyone think its wrong for our troops to be out in iraq?

 Favorite military branch and why?
The Navy, since I am in it and picked because it was my favorite, the oldest and most repsected branch to this day and best SPEC OPS...

 There is nothing of higher value than a human life right?
So what is so important that they must die?...

 Do you find it sad that so many of our own American people are saying bad things about our own military today?
Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, or even an Independant. Whether you are for the war in the Middle East or against it; you have to admire and appreciate the brave men and women of our Armed ...

 Being discharged from the Army but want to stay. Help!?
My son is being discharged from the Army. He desperately wants to stay in but made a horrible mistake and smoked a joint while home on leave several months ago. He did 45 days extra duty and had 1/2...

 What do you think about sending another 30,000 troops to Iraq?

Additional Details
I said 30,000 because that is the original #. Bush at the current moment is calling back in 20,000. My cousin being one! This will be the second time he goes. The ...

 Which is more honorable, the army, the army special forces or the marines?
I am planning on getting my engineering degree and then joining either the army or the marines. If I joined the army, I try to become a ranger right away. I am not sure what the marines offer as far ...

 Why are we trying to stop muslims from killing israelis?
they have been at each others throats for thousands of years, what makes us think they're gonna stop now? just cuz we don't want terrorism? these people are figting for religion. never get ...

 Married women in the Military?
Why does almost everyone think that when a married woman joins the Air force (or any military branch) that there is a certain definite there will be a divorce. I am joining the Air Force in January ...

 Would National Service give the youth of today more respect for authority?

 Can you compare Iraq to our occupation of South Korea?
Since no one has stated when we will leave then does that mean will be there as peace keepers indefinatly similar to South Korea?...

 Who would win in a war? USA,Canada,United Kingdom vs China,Russia, south korea?
No nuclear weapons,chemical etc....

What would happen if a war RUSSIA vs USA happens right now?
well USA has alot of allies but the Russians got China , north Korea , Iran, India , Venezuela , Argentina and some others allies around the globe , just the Russian themselves are pretty strong to match USA , what would happens ? would Russia and USA fight without any foreign help also without nukes or would the whole world join the war , turning it into a WW III ?
Additional Details
Phil i think you are uninformed , cause Russians and chineses are working together for a while , china and Russia just made an agreement trading technolog from Russia and the chineses are serving the russian for 5 years period , it starts to count whenever the Russians calls

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I suggest we (the US) fight for a few minutes and surrender. Then immediately begin demanding the Russkies begin paying Social Security, Medicare and welfare. They'll soon regret taking over this mess....and P.S. we can ship our illegals over there....

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Obama would wave the white flag and beg for mercy! (ò¿ó)

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First off, any war between 2 superpowers will include nukes. And the entire human civilization will be wasted if that ever happens so it really doesnt matter about who has allies or not. Now, if nukes were not used, America would waste Russia and its allies. America is allies with the most powerful nations on earth.

Russia has CHina, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela (that doesnt even have a real military). America alone could take all of these nations alone in a conventional war. But, America is allies with ALL of Europe, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, INDIA (they would not join the russians), Pakistan, Australia, etc etc. America and its allies are 100x more powerful than Russia and its allies.

But like i said, all this is pointless because nukes WILL be involved, and neither side wins when there are nukes.

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Mrs.G to Be
I think the US would be gone.
Our economy is poo right now. And all of our soldiers are fighting a different battle

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Ime Too British
US & UK Vs Russia & China

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The US has to much military power, the combined world spends second to the Americans more than 700 billion (annual military budget), as well as the equipment and expertees the more modern countries have.

Russia is the most modern, of the others, but is still second world. (bellow rich and affluent and above poverty and decay.), some with the many others.

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We would literally be wiped out and pressed back to a Third World Country.

We are the best nation in the world... But currently we are so spread thin with all our involvement globally, that it would just be a massacre on our end.

We need to back off friggin Jack Sparrow and figure out some other way to fight the pirates. The whole reason the pirates started was because fishermen were tired of illegal fishing in their waters, and toxic dumping killing all their fish. They became "pirates" to defend Somalia's waters. So maybe if the U.N. would assist Somalia (not the U.S., the friggin U.N) so that they could start their own navy with row boats and such, to protect their waters, there wouldn't be ticked off fishermen in the first place.

North Korea.... Two words. Nuke 'em.

Iran... I don't even know where to start. Nuke them, too.

Iraq... forget about it. They gave us a deadline to get out. They want to be self-sufficient. We have given them the training to do so. Pull out.

Afghanistan... That's where our attention needs to be. That's where this whole mess started in the first place.

Kuwait... Well... I guess it's like the Vegas of the Middle East, so keep that goin... Our guys need some relief from full battle rattle 24/7 goin on in Iraq and Afghanistan...

The Russia thing.. From all the other crap... I had forgotten that we r a little standoff-ish with them, too. GAWD. What's the song by Bob Marley...? "Just be happy...."

Everyone just needs to Chill Out.

Vote Leah, 2012. :-p

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teh endz of teh world

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♥'Cause we're all dudes♥
That would really suck.
We would have to draft a bajillion people.


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It would probably turn into a nuclear war with any and all countries that have nuclear weapons would get involved. If it went that way it would be the end of the world.

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Sham Wow Obama
All Russia really has is a bunch of crap 40 year old bombers, rusty ships and subs. A war with them would have to go nuke in about an hour or the USA would beat them like a redheaded step child.

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China sides with USA, and pushes through mongolia into russia, seizing the fertile oil land to fund its expansion. We look the other way. India sides with us, and north korea is a non issue. Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, are also non issues capable of nothing more than local problems.

In the end, Russia is 1/8th its original size, only 90Million of the 140million are still there, the rest have left (as they are now). Russia would end up a small concentration piled against europe. Chinas massive population spreading out to claim territory, capable of holding it unlike russias underpopulated villages were.

War won, USA having done nothing more than 2x the propaganda, and deals for long term trade partnerships and promises to 'look the other way'.

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We would destroy each other.

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Hello Mr. Falken:

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India, Venezuela and Argentina would not be allies to Russia.
were are you getting this info from idiot.
India is at times an allie to the U.S.

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and Russias military is very weak and sloppy, they would not last long against NATO

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Colonel Cluster-****
Oh Lord, it would be a ****-storm and a cluster-**** rolled into one!

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the Hammer
There would be a lot of dead people.

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Kostandin T
im almost certain it would be the end of the world, truth is as far as basic military equipment, russia and us are pretty even, they have the same technology's and manpower, and just because of that it would most likely come to a nuclear standoff, and if 1 one of them launches a nuclear bomb, the world will be over as we know it, because the other would do the same, and both countries have enough nuclear weapons to blow the earth many, many times over. 5,535 U.S. weapons( nukes) russian about 5200 nukes, but russia also currently has the largest stockpile of WM D's in the world, ranging from Nukes, to biological and chemical, so just hope that a war between the two countries never occurs, or else we are all f$%#ed.

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