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 I Scored a 48 on the asvab?
I chose to be a GSM in the navy. Is this a good job and what do you do?...

What are the dorms like?
If i live in the West Coast will i be based there? Or better yet can i pick where i will be stationed?
How are the women there? In general. And can they sleep in ...

 Did we mess up in Afghanistan?
Not the modern one, the Soviet Afghan War. We brought down the Hinds, but I think where we screwd up was when we didn't give money to the schools and kids came home with their parents dead. Who ...

 Prior Service from USMC to US Air Force?
How does the USMC MOS to USAF MOS selection work I was a 1171 (Basic Hygiene Equipment Operator) in the USMC but I want to become a 4N1X1 - SURGICAL SERVICE in the USAF. Would you explain to me how I ...

 A few questions about what life is like serving in the airforce?
What are the dorms like?
If i live in the West Coast will i be based there? Or better yet can i pick where i will be stationed?
How are the women there? In general. And can they sleep in ...

 What are the benefits of Marine Corps Infantry?
I have wanted to join the military since I first began thinking and soon I will be entering the Marine Corps. However, I have not taken my ASVAB so I do not have an MOS. I want to be infantry very ...

 Similar question asked earlier about Rape?
I'm still set on enlisting when I'm of age...but how common is male on male rape? Without coming off as an asshole or something but female rape, though equally outraging...doesn't ...

 Does the USMC pay for college.. as a reserve?
during the first six years or is it the second six years..?...

 Question about ROTC Army National Guard SMP program and ROTC active duty?
I contracted with the pennsylvania national guard a few months ago as an SMP cadet while I was in ROTC. After liking the ROTC program I contracted into the ROTC program and my enrollment officer told ...

 How would you prepare for a zombie attack?
Only serious answers( I'll humor your generation.....I'm being sarcastic)...

 Ok, crazy wives and pregnant #1.....?
This is particular to Pregnant #1....get off the board and stop ranting. No one wants to hear about your misguided bad experiences with your husbands recruiter. You and the other crazy wives ...

 Can I send this to my husband in AIT?
So. I know it's kinda lame but this is my idea. I just found out my husband and I are expecting our first child and I wanted to tell him in a cute way. I want to send him a picture of the ...

 Can you register with the military if you have flat feet?
can you register with the military if you have flat feet?
Additional Details
if you want to become a fbi agent and you have a requirement to register with the military can you still ...

 My friend wants to know if he can join the marines but he was born with one testicle will that diqualify him?

 DOCTOR at MEPS said i have nystagmus, but i never had trouble with my vision.?
doctor at meps said i have nystagmus. I never heared that before from my doctors and never had trouble with my vision. I drive with a license and i work as a phlebotomist which i draw blood from ...

 How to Join Air Force Honor Guard?
Or does every enlisted and commissioned person have to do it?...

 WWII Allied handguns?
What was the standard issue WWII handgun for American or British soldiers? Thanks....

 Should I aim to go straight into the Parachute regiment?
I am extremely interested in joining the army as an officer after my A-levels. I am fairly aware that the requirements for the Parachute regiment is harder than other regiments, what are your ...

 How to stay alive in war?
how do you survive in situations like, when bullets fly all around you while you are lying in cover. and what are the chances for survival in war?...

 Am I Eligible for any benefits?
My dad serve 20+ years in the ARMY, fought in the korean war, but passed away about 3 months before my birth. My mom signed a legal emancipation from me about 1 year ago. I am 19 now, in school for C...

Natalie Scottsworth
What would a military draft document look like?
I have to make a mock draft document for school...for the U.S Air Force Department of Defense. Though, it has to include something along the lines of being recruited to the Air Force because of its potential to open up opportunities. It must look professional....what do I do?

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Heart of Darkness
Here's a copy of a 1961 draft notice:


Just google "military draft notice" under "images", and you'll see several.

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Curt J
First off, tonalc2 got it wrong when he stated the Air Force hadn't drafted anyone since before Vietnam. The Air Force, as a service, didn't exist during WWII.

Secondly, NO BRANCH of the military drafted anyone during the 20th century, Selective Services did.

My draft notice came in an envelope with the return address of Selective Services, Washington, DC, and started:

"To all who read these presents, greeting. Your friends and neighbors have selected you for service in the Armed Forces of The United States".

It went on to tell me what date and time I had to report to AFEES in Los Angeles, CA, but said nothing about which branch I would be assigned to.

You have already received a couple of websites that give examples of draft notices, and none of them will talk about Branch of Service, or job opportunities once assigned to a Branch. Job assignment within each Branch was based on test scores during Basic/Boot Camp and the needs of the Service, not personal preferences.

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The Air Force didn't draft since before Vietnam. I couldn't find a WWII Air Force document.

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