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What kind of training do Military Police in the U.S. Army go through?

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De Oppresso Liber
a lot of it is classroom studies such as learning military law on and off base, military regulations and such. MPs are just like cops but in better uniform.

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how to hassle us infantry guys. there is a rivalry no doubt.

the training youll do is very high speed. welcome

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True American
From what I've heard from guys in my MP unit (I'm going to OSUT in August) it is a good amount of class room stuff, special tactics including counter terrorism, and a decent amount of PT

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About half the training involves military law enforcement and the other half (the half most used) involves field training and small unit tactics for mounted route patrols or convoy security and other outside the wire combat support missions that MPs handle.

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How to:

Patrol the installations
fill out reports and take reports
handle disturbance
convoy security
detainee ops

if you do decide to become an MP, be prepared for "death by powerpoint"

also, dont fall asleep in class.

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17 weeks OSUT at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Then constant on the job training.

Skills required to function as a military policeman, to include battlefield circulation control, area security, EPW operations, law and order operations. Other topics include: Patrolling areas on foot, by car or by boat, interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects in the course of investigating crimes, collecting fingerprints and other evidence, arresting and charging criminal suspects, testifying in court, and guarding entrances and directing traffic.

A TON of classroom training.

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