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 What is Camp Speicher, Iraq?
Mainly 402nd AFSB-Iraq... Is this a hot zone ?? What specific dangers ?...

 If I go into the Air Force, can i get into the CIA?
I recently enlisted in the Air Force, and i received an intelligence job. I am also interested in getting into the CIA. Can joining the USAF help or hurt my chances of getting into the CIA? Can I ...

 How often do the coast guard spend home?

Additional Details
does it matter how much im home if i serve in the antiterroism or is it just all the same no matter were i go?...

 US ARMY medavec requirements ?
what are the requirements to become a medavec medic? I know I have to be assigned to a aviation unit, and go to 68w school but do I have to be a paramedic that's my college degree right now. And ...

 Was there any video of the Somali Pirates heads exploding after the Marine snipers took them out?

Additional Details
AD Marines are in the Seals, Many more than you ...

 Do the marines usually gives you what job you want?
i'm still studying the asvab and just wondering......

 Why doesn't the US navy destroy all Somali pirate ships?
If we have the strongest navy in the world why are we being embarrassed by pirates? We should just sink all of their ships and stop tip toeing around the issue.
Additional Details
So let ...

 Where do the turned in Beretta M-9's go after the USCG switched to SIG's?
My US Navy association is interested in acquiring some of the turned in Beretta's to use in small arms training. I'm trying to find a person to contact that controls those pistols....

 Whats the difference between being an accountant in the USAF and being one in the USMC?
Somebody said people with non-combat MOS's in the Marines go outside the wire alot too, while in the Air Force you never do that.


 When u leave the british army do u get to keep?
all ur kit like uniform and body armor helmet? i know u dont get to keep guns or do u have to give it all back ?...

 How many years does the average soldier stay in the Army?
Just plain on average, how many years does a soldier stay in the Army? You have to be in the army, know someone in the army, or be quite familiar with it to answer. Thanks! (Obviously I don't ...

 What does us army paralegals do when deployed in Combat?
What does us army paralegals do when deployed in Combat?
Can a paralegal request to go on patrol or escort convoys ? Could someone tell me what do they do when the are in Iraq or Afghanistan ?...

 Do people smoke as much in the military as they used to?
In videos and pictures of soldiers in WW2 and Vietnam it seems like they were smoking constantly, so do they still do it as much?...

 How long are the Military Enlistment contracts - officer and non?
I'm thinking of joining the military and I need to know how long the enlistment contracts are for. I know of a few options but any info would be greatly appreciated. this goes for both Officer ...

 So what now with the Pirates?
Will USA use the Navy to hit them hard?...

 At basic training what brand running shoes can you buy for the Army?
What brand running shoes can you buy at basic training for the army? Can you get new balance shoes,Asics,Nike... and how many kinds of shoes do they have....

 A fully fledged British marine, could I be away for 3 weeks on + 1 off or six months at a time or both?
I want to know whether there is a possibility that a British Marine who is based in Europe would be on three weeks and then home for one?...

 Why did Obama wait a few days before green lighting the Navy to turn the pirates into shark chum?
Did he have to consult a Gallup Poll or 50 to see how the killing of pirates would play in the islamic world? Trying to negotiate with the moderate pirate community? Why is it so damn hard to say &...

 Which branch of military should i join?
im 16 years old and in good physical condition ( 20/20 vision ect.) i have been thinking about joining the military lately and wondering what branch i should join or if i should go to college first. I...

 Whats the difference?? ARMY PPL?
whats the difference in the United States Air Corps and the Air Force?...

What is the best job in the army to travel a lot and get adventure?

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Latrine cleaner.

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LT Shwan
Human Intelligence Collector
Psychological Operations Specialist
Civil Affairs Specialist
Public Relations Broadcasting Specialist.

Those are your best bets.

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Xavier Xanadu
Travel to exotic places such as Afghanistan,Iraq, Djibouti, Somalia, Bosnia, etc...

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Military Police. Deploys worldwide. First in, last out. Not for family oriented people.

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11 bang bang baby all the way

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theres plenty of opportunity in the infantry, and a lot of fun. You get to stay in plenty of 5 star hotels in Iraq

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Infantry would probably fit that bill better than most of other MOS's I've worked with. We go quite a few places to and get to train in different countries and environments. The biggest thing would be the accessibility to the schools ie Airborne, Air Assault, Sniper, Ranger, Pathfinder, and a host of others. I've been Infantry for my entire 12 years in the Army and know I've done more and seen more than most of the other MOS's here.

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