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Thanks for the answers...
Some are well intentioned but ill informed.


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UPDATE: Thank you for so many ...

What is "unprofessional" about your hands in the pockets? ...?
I would like to know the real historical reason why military people in uniform or veterans avoid having their hands in their pockets? What is "unprofessional" about your hands in the pockets? ...

Any historical reference/reason welcomed

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Ex Air Force/Navy
Nothing wrong with it. The people in the military want total power so this is one war of making your life hell.

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Because they could be playing squeeze the monkey or tickle the pickle or tease the twins

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Because it is the equivalent of saying "I've got nothing to do!"

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It seems like this is something based largely upon personal preference of those in command. I was able to find a reference to a reg for AF regarding the hand in pockets issue, but as far as I can tell there is no reg in the army. It is solely at the discretion of the command. I know it sucks though. I do it anyway ;)

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You look like a slacker with your hands in your pocket. Your too lazy to hold your arms at your side. How funny....I haven't thought about this rule in years.

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My god man! Are you insane?! If someone put a hand in a pocket, why, before you know it they'll be eating with elbows on the table! And then we may as well just turn it all over to the Commies. You want the Commies to win, son? Hands in the pockets, I've never heard of anything so ridiculous, I've never been so personally insulted! I bet you're the kind of guy that will walk AND talk on a cell phone instead of stand still. Well lemme tell you- every step is an insult and only emboldens the terrorists! And wearing both shoulder straps of a backpack on your shoulders- how dare you! Wait, what? That's allowed now and no longer decreed a travesty/atrocity/abomination unto the Lord? Well then, carry on soldier. But those hands... in those pockets...

Ah, that rule's a perfect example of the random, absurd, unnecessary oppression that makes me resent my job every day.

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Having hands out of pockets makes you look more powerful. It was a custom long ago to raise an open hand to show you were not holding a weapon. This was later turned into the military salute. With hands in pockets you resemble to a slight degree the turtle with his head tucked inside. One last thing for your safety, never go up and down stairs or walk a tight rope with your hands in your pockets.

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Play pocket Q

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There's absolutely nothing unprofessional about it. The one thing it's good for is helping the troops identify which officers are petty and insecure enough to worry about who has his hands in his pockets.

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Andrew J
It is a sign of weakness, and disrespect.

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It makes you look slovenly and defensive. Also, you can't help but slouch a little bit when you walk or stand, and the goal is to look as straight and tall as possible. It just doesn't look as nice. Psycologically, it is like having your arms crossed, you look defensive.

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Here's a PowerPoint presentation listing the do's and don'ts of etiquette for a person in military service.

I could not find any historical reference. It's an assumption that it is rude. It also may hark back to always being prepared for battle. If you walk along with your hands in your pockets you are not ready to protect mother, country, or life.

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A soldier is supposed to look smart at all times, hands in the pockets makes you look like a corner boy.

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For one thing, it pulls your shoulders forward and makes it look as if you're slouching. Shoulders back (which means, hands out of pockets) is a prouder posture.

Another factor may be the fact that, in olden days, someone with his hands in his pockets couldn't react/reach for his gun as quickly....

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It's disrespect. You don't want to have to pull your hand out of your pocket to salute someone. Pockets are for storing items...not your hands. It makes for bad posture, and makes you look less professional. If your hands are cold, get some gloves.

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The Infantry God created gloves to cover your hands if they're cold, your hands should either be at your sides or behind your back!! It is unprofessional looking because Army Regulation says so, it is unprofessional because it makes you look like a SLUG walking around with your hands shoved in your pockets!

It looks as if you're trying to conceal something in your pocket. In the days of the highly starched OG107 fatigue uniforms we weren't allowed to put anything into our pockets, nothing at all. If you smoked you hid your cigarettes and lighter in the cuff of your trouser leg. You clipped your pen to the inside flap of your fatigue shirt. It displayed that you had attention to detail and kept your uniform looking outstanding all day long.

When Top came looking for $#!+ birds to pull a $#!+ detail he picked the guys what looked like $#!+ birds first and the guys what looked like soldiers he left alone! Walking around with your hangs in your pockets makes you look like a $#!+ bird, end of discussion!!!

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It takes away from the respect you deserve as a Military Representative of America. Just like long hair, earrings or other decorations that make you look like a slob or a "Gay" Caballero!!. USMC 60-68

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Wayne C
History does not matter when obeying an order or a reg. Besides I could not find anything.

AR 670-1 1-9 on page 6 says "you will not put your hands in your pockets (while in uniform) except briefly to remove or place objects.

Oh yeah, it's difficult to salute.
Makes you look like a civilian slob.
It is not acceptable in business either. Makes it hard to shake hands, the civilian equivalent of the salute.

In short "Do what you are told"

Interesting question though.

SSG US Army 73-82
Corporate Management 82-2000

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