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 Should females be drafted also since they want equality?

What is a good way to get kicked out of the Marines?

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P.S. To the haters, I dont want my fiance kicked out, he was asking because he wants out. Thank you :)

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get caught smoking weed and then when you have been start laughing and screaming uncontrolably at your CO

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I love Ketchup
by taking drugs and drinking. and not doing the dutes. i would just say in and not get kicked out. because youu will get tested. and if u fail alot of times then wont be in the marines anymore.

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phuk it dude
fail a drug test.

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You are a marine and you want out? Kiss your C.O.

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being former military, I would say to either state you are 'gay'
"hence' don't ask don't tell violation. You may also want to state you are a "conscious objector" you may be able to get out that way. Eitherway, research your the concenquences before you do it.


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that is a really bad thing to do. but I would say having a mental illness. or committing a crime.

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Danial J
Tell them you're gay.

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Blow a kiss to your commanding officer of the same gender. The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy would kick in and your @$$ will be booted out within 24hrs.

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Why?? Male or Female?
He signed on the dotted line. Now he wants out. Too bad. We had it bad, I still do. Everyday. Have to agree with whip on this one. Send him a teddy bear.

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Don't join in the first place.You just got to toughen up.That makes me mad that people are such babies that they can't finish what they started..

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Maybe he should have thought about this before. There are people there to counsel issues.

But try these...
* kick your Sgt.
*start tearing up barricks
*When they say yes, you say no...
* admit your gay...
* start wearing pink camo

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Robert C
Thanks for adding that about your boyfriend. I thought you were the one that was a jerk.

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if you don't care about the nature of the discharge, punch your c.o.

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There is no good way.
Most of the ideas on here:
1) Drug use may get you kicked out, but will also leave you with a dishonorable discharge
2) The hitting your CO will land you in jail and you will now have a criminal record to go with your criminal discharge.

Best option is to simply serve his tour then get the benifits that come with it (GI Bill, etc).
Other option is take a gun and shoot 1 of his fingers off. (Any major injury would work, but bear in mind the physical therapy involved in recouperating and the long term costs he would have to deal with for any long truly severe injury.)

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Smart Cookie
Drugs...mental issues...innapropriate conduct toward a c.o...
But good grief, why not be a man and finish your term?

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Has he been in the service for more than 6 months or 180 days? If he has, then tell him he needs to just do his time in. because if he messes up he can only get a less than honorable discharge. That will mess up his chances at federal jobs and some civilian jobs in the future
If he hasn't been in the marines for 6 months or 180 days, tell him to do this quickly. Go to his commanding officer and say he wants an Entry Level Separation immediately. They may balk at it, and tell him that he can't do, but they will be lying. Any person in the service can ask for an ELS if they haven't been in for more than 6 months. The person who is let out this way is treated like they were never in the military. He could actually join another branch of the service if he wanted to without any problems.

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Tell him he raised his hand, signed his name; now it's time to do what he said he'd do.

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It is really much easier to complete his contract and get his Honorable Discharge than to do all that "extra (****) duty" they will put on him until his paperwork for his "Other than Honorable or Dishonorable" discharge.

So there is no best way to get "kicked out"

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why the hell does he want out?

that's weak.

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Wooglet Voot
Your bf is going through a temporary failure to adapt to military life. Chance are he will get over it soon. His whole world has changed. Support him and help him work it our, but don't encourage to go through with getting kicked out. He, and maybe you will pay for it for the rest of your lives. Assuming you do get married.

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As others have said, getting kicked out for doing something really bad will get you a dishonorable discharge.

To put this in perspective, a DD is on par with a felony conviction on your record. Not only does that mean he'll never be able to get a decent job, it also means he'll lose some rights. For example, he would never be able to legally purchase, own, or even touch a firearm ever again. Personally, I think any right is worth sucking it up and dealing with it until his contract expires.

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Are the two of you friggin' crazy?!!!

You just wrote how you can't wait to live on base with this guy!! Sounds to me like the two of you have some growing up to do.

Oh, and tell your husband to stop being a s.hit bird and do his duty.

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Airbound Gabe
the most honorable thing for him is to finish his tour and after his time expires ask for a honorable discharge

you could try to do illegal stuff but in the long run it will hurt you

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"good" way ???

sorry, but No good way to do that.

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You were not drafted. You entered into service voluntarily. Do your job, complete your enlistment, and go on with your life.

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THe Future Mrs. APC
Why? I read your other question. Why would you want your boyfriend to get kicked out of the Marines? That's stupid.

Tell your boyfriend to suck it up and do his time.. He's the one who signed up.

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tim s
do your sworn duty, and finish what you started.

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There are many ways to be kicked out, but none of them are good.

All will lead to an other than or less than honorable discharge.

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What kind of filthy disgusting American would do such a thing. Being a Marine requires a certain amount of dedication. Anyone that's not willing to uphold their end, needs to be set before a firing squad.

There is no excuse for cowardice!

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suck it up and do your duty.

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tell him to grow up and do his damn duty that he volunteered to do. he can get out when his contract expires. all the other answers involve him getting a dishonorable discharge. try getting a job when he gets out with that. if he thinks he's in bad shape now, wait till then.

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