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Is the Air Force Clinic prejudice against the brave valiant grunts at the main Albuquerque Veterans Hospitals.

To whom it may concern:.

The receptionist gave me entrance, ...

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If the Army doctors are really screwing you around with your diagnosis, like 3 different doctors giving 3 different diagnosis and your primary care doctor saying there's nothing wrong at all and ...

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has the word classified been discounted / diminished?...

 How many credits do you need?
To go into the Air Force as an officer?...

 Can I recieve medical discharge severance pay from the NG if im recieving VA disability from a combat tour?
I have been in the national guard for near 7 years. Did a combat tour and am now 60% disabled form it. I am seeking medical discharge. Am I eligible for severance pay? if so, how much and for how ...

 In your view, should I join the military? If yes, what branch? If no, why? Please be blunt - yet respectful.?
To give you some background info, I am thinking about joining around May 2010. At this point I will be 26 years old. I have a B.S. in Secondary Education - Social Studies. I also will have a M.A. in E...

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what was 3 pros and 3 cons on truman using the atomic ...

 Is going to the national guards a good choice?
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 Assuming waterboarding saved Los Angeles from a 9/11 plot . . .?
was the use of harsh interrogation techniques justified? Why or why not? If not, what alternative should have been used?...

 Where can I find a list of the minimum weight the Coast Guard will accept for applicants?

Additional Details
Thank you for the information but it does not mention if there is a minimum weight requirement....

 Whats the Navy like? I'm just looking for a realistic idea.?
I understand it will vary greatly depending on the path of service you choose, but i would love an idea of what to expect. The three main reasons i'm considering joining are college money, ...

 Are all soldiers of all countries HEROES or MURDERERS since they all believe to be fighting for liberation?

Additional Details
Odie...a person isn't defined by their title, but by what they do. They kill. Killing and murdering are the same thing. Therefore, soldiers are murderers. C...

 Moving after BCT in the Army?
My husband is in OSUT at Fort Knox, KY right now and he will be getting out around the end of July. I was curious about how long do soldiers who graduate usually get to come back home, before they ...

 Who will buy Lehman Brothers' 2500 tons of yellowcake uranium?
They are motivated sellers, with the market falling, but it's not the kind of thing you just put on Ebay....

 Who will clean up the military chemical wast?
if U.S chemical warfare materials have been dumped on federally managed lands years ago, and the containers are now eroded and leaking in to one of the great lakes near my home,who will clean it up?...

What happens if a woman gets pregnant in the air force?
lets say i get pregnant in the airforce, would i still be at risk for deployment? or what if i was a month pregnant and then was told i was going to be deployed? OR what if a woman was told she was getting deployed and got to iraq and then found out she was pregnant?

i know this is random but im truly curious.

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She becomes a waste of taxpayer money, and the Air Force starts to look like a giant rehab facility to save irresponsible adults from their own stupid decisions.

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The Flux Capacitor
If you get pregnant overseas you might be looking at some paperwork.

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Makes other females in the military not so happy

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If you were pregnant, no you won't deploy. But you could deploy after giving birth, and getting off maternity leave.
If you are pregnant, and told you are deploying, you won't deploy because you are pregnant. Medical will not sign you off to deploy.
If a woman was deployed and found out she was pregnant, she would be shipped back to her base.

If someone is thinking about getting pregnant to avoid deployments, its not worth it. The AF will deploy you later after your pregnancy is done. Not to mention conceiving/having a child just to avoid a 4-6 month deployment is just stupid.

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You can either stay in the air force have the kid and go one with your carrer, or you get an honorable discharge, that is only if you'd want to be discharged.

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If you were pregnant you would be off of mobility through the pregnancy and for at least 3 months after. If you got pregnant while deployed they would send you back asap. If you find out you are pregnant during basic training or technical school you will be discharged. They used to give first term airman the choice of discharge if pregnancy happens during that first 4 years. Even if you have a young child you will have to have a guardian to take over in writing (husband, family member or someone else designated) if you are on mobility. If your husband is in the AIr Force as well you will have to find someone else to take your kid in case you both get deployed, which I saw happen during the first gulf war. good luck.

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