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What happens if I don't sign up for the draft?

Additional Details
Yeah I meant Selective Service. I just forgot what it was called and went with the first thing that came to mind.

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A teacher told me that you can be arrested or fined but I have a friend who is 22 and another who is 20 and niether have signed up so I don't how serious the government takes it.

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What draft??
If there were a draft, you would be the first to be drafted as soon as they found out you dodged it. Worse if they so choose.

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you'll get arrested and a nice fine and posibly jail time. so if that's what you want. Don't sign up. fucurmom101 got my vote.
but then the five years in prison would be good thing to have happen to you.so you could get beat by other inmates.
Since freedom is lost on you.

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been there / done that
are you from the US ? there is no draft !

there is selective service that you must sign up for by your 18th birthday.........eventually someone will want to talk to you if you do not, but at this point there is no draft.

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You will not be able to vote.

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Amy S
In the short term, if you're caught not registering, you're subject to fines and jail time. The important thing for most people is, if you don't register and EVER file for a federally funded loan... meaning, Student loans, a mortgage, a federal grant for your business... you will be DENIED federal funding if you didn't register for selective service. FOREVER.

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Gray Wanderer
You are subject to fines as high as a quarter of a million dollars and/or 5 years in prison, you won't qualify for Federal student loans or grant programs. This includes Pell Grants, College Work Study, Guaranteed Student/Plus Loans, and National Direct Student Loans. You can forget Federal job training programs as well as Federal government employment.

Then there are the state level prohibitions, such as not being able to get into public colleges and universities, not being able to get a driver's, professional or business license, and not being able to get a job with state, county or local governments.

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You can be denied financial aid for college as well as a renewal on your drivers license.

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All American Males over 18years old are required to register for selective services. Failure to due so leads to fines and jail time. It is also required to receive federal financial aid, and programs. There is no real excuse for not registering.

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curious dad
Right now there is no draft. However, all males must register for the Selective Service by their 18th birthday, it' s a law. The SS is in case a draft is needed, but personally, I don't see that happening. If you do not register, you can be arrested and pay a fine or both. Go to your local post office to register, it's painless.

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St. Bastard
Realistically nothing will happen, but you are legally required to register. If you want to apply for any Federal loan (FAFSA for example), join the military or anything like that, they will require you to be signed up to the SS.

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Miss Informed
Well first of all, I don't think you "sign up" as much as confirm that your of age to be in the military
Second, and most importantly, there's no draft a'comin'.

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when they get to it , you'll be arrested.
So if you don't that's what will happen.
Your choice
they should come and kick the beans out of you.

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If you don't register for selective service, forget about getting any student loans for college. You probably will not get arrested, but you will be denied for any government programs like federal student loans.

BTW There is no draft, so why not just register?

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There is no draft. It's the selective service that you have to register with at age 18. If you don't sign up then you can be blocked from getting federal college loans, and grants. You can also be jailed for failure to register.

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in addition to the fine/jail time, you can be turned down for college loans and be refused a passport.

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