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Sal Leone
What gun is better? AK-47 or M4A1 Carbine?
AK-47 is a assault rifle made in the Soviet Union. Fires 7.62 Rounds.
M4A1 is a assault rifle made in the USA. This was born from the M16A1. Fires 5.56 Nato Rounds.

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Well, according to Lord of War, the AK-47 is the workhorse of assault rifles.

You can drag it in mud, bury it in sand, or throw it in the river and it still keeps firing. You can get one of these in Africa or the M.E. for about US$30. The AK-47 is the reason that the US could not take Viet Nam and is the gun of choice for any rebel militia or warlord.

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The AK-47 is a nice rifle the only problem is that it was made for eastern block conscript soldiers. Those guys are usually smaller then Americans since the communist countries were always going thru famines so since they have a smaller build then your average American the butt stock on the AK-47 is alot smaller making it much harder to get a good cheek to stock meld making them less accurate in the hands of your average American. That being said it does have the nice knock down power of a 7.62 round that the M4A1 lacks. They are also easier to maintain and take less TLC then the M4. They have no dust cover unless you count the safety selector switch but then an AK doesn't really need a dust cover its just a monster that will take what you can dish-out and keep throwing rounds downrange. So if you want a beast that's going to put lead downrange and you don't care about accuracy then the AK is your baby. Me I would rather take the tI'me to clean my M4 in the field and get the one shot one kill that im looking for.....oh wait I was communications so i guess it would be the "close my eyes stick my M4 over the hood of my Humvee and keep pulling the trigger all the while crying that I just joined for the college money, and why am I here". On a side note you can pick up a decent AK on the civilian market for about 400 bucks and ammo is about 7 bucks for 20 rounds, a good AR 15 XM4 (civilian model of the M4) is going to run you about 900-1200 if you want to go with bushmaster (they make a nice gun) or 1200-2000 if you want to go with colt or rock river arms (they make an awesome gun) with cheap ammo running you about 6 bucks for 20 rounds. So I guess it all comes down to personal choice. Me the day I got out of the Marine Corps I went down to the local gun store and bought me a Bushmaster XM-4 and I like it alot better then all my friends AK-47's, its got the accuracy and range that the AK doesn't have and I don't mind trading that for the extra reliability that the AK has, I just clean my rifle more then they do.

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I care for neither of them, make mine the FN FAL

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The M4 has better ballistics (from what I hear) and has more add-ons. The AK-47 is basically just powerful and rugged. So for a guerrilla group the AK's the better gun because of its ruggedness, inexpensiveness, and massive supply. For a more organized force the M4 is the best because of its quality.

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M4A1 Carbine--More accurate rate of fire and does not jam.

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thinkin' out loud
M4. Change the upper to 6.8mm SPC, though.

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m4 is more accurate

ak-47 is more powerful

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the ak47 was made more of a machine gun then assault rifle. this is easily proven by it's selector switch. it goes safe, full auto, semi auto. also the 7.62 rds are harder to control which means the ak47 is less accurate. yes the ak47 can go through all types of different elements and still come out shooting.

the m16/m4 was made with a new 5.56 rd because it's easier to control and is still very lethan due to the stumble affect (the front of the bullet slows down while the back keeps moving and begins to tumble or break doing more damage. also the m4/m16 is more accurate do to the longer barrel and other internals. also the selector switch goes safe, semi, full.

the reason i put the m16 and m4 together is because the m4 is just a smaller version of the m16 usually with a adjustable stock.

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u shouldnt compare it 2 the M4A1 u should compare it to the M16A2 cuz the M4A1 is a compact assault rifle and the ak47 isnt. but if it was between the 2 i would choose the ak47 cuz its more reliable and u could hit it with a sledge hammer and still b able 2 work. and the accuracy between the 2 is about the same but M4 is much lighter

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There's not a lot you can do to make an AK stop working, maybe run over it with a tank. It can withstand dust, heat, sand, all kinds of stuff. The M4 is a very well engineered rifle. It has a in line stock, which means the recoil is transferred straight into your shoulder. AK's don't have this, so therefore the AK's recoil will through the sights into the air. I like the M4 because it is American, oh yeah. AK have a larger round than the M4, but the M4's round is high velocity. Depends on what you mean by better, many weapons experts would probably say the AK is better.

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For a little girl such as yourself, you'd be better off with a squirt gun and a clean pair of pantys for when you soil yourself.

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I was happy with the M4A6, carried an AKS, and I didn't particularly like the recoil. But the AK came in handy for a drop gun.

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AP Mik
AK-47. Its been around a long time and creams everybody. Also, they almost never break.

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Mike O Dea
Ak47 scares the **** out of me....!

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I prefer the AK. They never jam and are built like a tank. You can shoot cheaper steel cased ammo through them, whereas if you did this with an M4 you would destroy the flimsy aluminum receiver. The AK-47 is also about half the cost of an M4 too.

Contrary to popular myths the AK-47 is actually a pretty decent hunting rifle. The AK chambered in its original 7.62x39 cartridge has a maximum effective range of 400 meters and has far more knock down power than the M4s 5.56 NATO. They also make AK-47s chambered in 5.56 NATO if that is what you prefer. It’s not a good round for larger game though because of its higher velocity and small size. It’s not legal in some states to hunt with such a small bullet, as it will not always kill the animal. The 7.62mm is legal everywhere.

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Cookies Anyone?
Personally I think the 7.62x39 is a better round, better suited to 100yds. and less. The AK has more slop and isn't as close toleranced as the M4. I think the M4 has a higher quality but the AK is more prolific. My choice?, My Mini-30...you get a star, good question..
Plus my ammo is a lot cheaper....

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