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 What is NATO?

karens lovinlife
What exactly does Semper Fi mean? It's a phrase they used in the marines.?

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susan m
forever fateful

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It's actually Semper Fidelis.

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ALWAYS FAITHFUL....... my husband and I have SEMPER FI engraved in our wedding bands....

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Laura Marie B
I thought Seize the Day but my son says Always Faithful

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Semper Fi is really much more than words, which mean Always Faithful. It is a creed that is instilled into every Marine. It means your brothers are more important than you are as an individual. It means you will not turn on your squad, your buddie, your country!!!! USMC 60-68

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OG Alpha Wolf (KING destroyer)
Semper FI....always faithful....we say it to other Marines...
meaning I'll always be your Brother!...I'll always have your back!...

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It is Semper Fidelis which is Latin meaning Always

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SEMPER FI (a.k.a. Semper Fidelis) means "Always Faithful"
OORAH! Marines are hard core!

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Semper Fidelis - Latin for "always faithful". The phrase is used for a variety of reasons. The Marines never leave their comrade behind in battle nor do the Marines ever give less than their personal potential. Hence the chant "Semper Fi: Do or Die!"

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Always Faithful... It's the USMC motto.

It's also used by some Army units.

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Always Faithful

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Bill in Kansas
Semper Fidelis -- (Latin) -- Always Faithful

It is part of the Marine creed -- we are always faithful to our brothers -- and we never leave a man behind

10 Years USMC
I fought for my freedom
I shed blood for my country

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Always Faithful, it the Marine Corp motto

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Semper FI is short for Semper Fidelis, which is latin for "Always Faithful".

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Laurie A
It means always faithful. I hope that my boyfriend follow this motto.

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