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Tamara C
What does USAR CONTROL GROUP (ANNUAL) mean on my orders?
am taking a Chapter 8 seperation from Active Duty Army and this is what it says on my orders. They are trying to tell me I have to join a reserve unit and drill every month, is this true? Most of the people around my unit say they cannot force you into the reserves. Is this guy just trying to recruit me in it by telling me I have to? Or is this legit?

I have not done 8 years yet so I know I have to join IRR but I thought joining the Selected Reserves was just voluntary?

He's also saying I am catagorized at T1 meaning I can try one year of the reserves and if I like it, stay, or get to the IRR.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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USAR Control Group (Annual) on your orders means IRR.

That name reflects the fact that you will probably be required to attend an annual muster formation.

If your orders where putting you into a reserve unit, it would be very obvious on the orders.

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You need to check the conditions of your original enlistment contract. What were your original obligations? This gets a lot of young military people like yourself. If your contract said something like 2 X 4 X 2 that means you SIGNED an contract to serve 2yrs active, 4yrs Ready Reserve, and 2 yrs IRR. Even if you are obligated to serve Reserve, you can still request to be released to IRR. However, if you do that, you'll go into a pool of available bodies in which understrength Reserve units pull from if they need bodies for a mobilization. In short, if you go IRR, you can be pulled by a Reserve unit that is preparing to active duty status (Afghanistan, Iraq).

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