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 Not sure about joining the military, its tough?
i need to go somewhere in life, i need to do it, but just thinking about leaving all of my friends, and just thinking how it will be in four years just scares me? whats everyone like after they ...

 What type of items are you allowed to bring to Navy Basic Training?
Is it true that even the items you are allowed to bring they take it away from you once you arive? Is there an exchange on base where I can purchase items like shampoo, toothpaste, etc...? Is each ...

 What's the maximum distance you can accurately shoot a target with a 9mm pistol?

Additional Details
To specify, I'm talking about the M9 class....

 What does the Air force and Navy do in Iraq & Afghanistan?

 Do Enlisted Personnel Salute Officers of Other Branches?
If so, is the salute any different than saluting regular superiors?
Additional Details
I'm not in the military but considering....

 What are some good ideas of things to send to my fiance in Iraq?
My fiance was deployed a while ago, I sent him a package with an auto magazine, photo album, some fruit snacks, hand sanitizer.. a few other odds and ends. Does anyone have any good ideas of things ...

 I just applied for and received the Military Star Card-Clothing side.?
I have read the literature that came with my new card that I can use this at any Exchange, AAFES, Exchange Online, Exhange Mall Online, etc. Can I use this to buy other items that are not military ...

 Can you wear JROTC/military school pins, awards on the ROTC Class A uniform?

 Need help finding survivors of the Bataan Death March?
I recently completed the reenactment of the Bataan Death March in NM. Tore my feet up but had a blast. When I got back to San Antonio, Tx (and quit limping I found and met a 91 Year old retired Col ...

 Hey about a navy seal?
if say i lucky become a navy seal how on a scale of 1 to 10 1 not 10 at any time what would be my chance of death really i do not care i was just ...

 Can you join the French Foreign Legion without a high school diploma?

 What is the fastest promoting MOS in the Marines?
This is probably a dumb question, but I am thinking about joining the Marines and wanted to know what job in the Marines are the fastest in promoting?...

 How do I shine my Parade Shoes?
Okay, I got my Parade shoes from my Air Cadet Sqn last week and I can't get the hang of polishing them! HELP!

I've been told to wet a piece of cloth or a sock and rub it into my ...

 Wanting to know if i can join the army with an expunged record?
Hey i was wondering i got charged with entering auto (basically opening cars and taking stuff). and im doing this program from the DA community service and 6 months of sorta probation... and after ...

 What are the differences between a navy, military flotilla, maritime defense force, and blue water coast guard?

Additional Details
Should we just call 'em all "waterborne public services agency" to make 'em sound more friendly and harmless ?...

 Delayed entry program discharge?
The maximum amount of time you can serve in the delayed entry program is 365 days, correct? so does that means since i enlisted in the DEP on 13MAY08, come 13MAY09 i'll be automatically ...

 What is the main military force?
I want to become 1 of the 3 military forces (air force, navy or ground force). I want to know what is the main force out of the 3. I have seen navy jump out of a plane and fight on land. I'm ...

 Questions about the ROTC!?
I am thinking about joining the army and I need as much info I can get about the ROTC. I am in highschool now, graduating in about a month. If I want to join the ROTC, will I be able to go to the ...

 Do Officers Outrank All Enlisted Personnel?
Even the highest enlisted people such as the Army's Sergeant First Class?
Additional Details
Sorry, I was looking at a chart and didn't look far enough to see that the Sergeant ...

 What to wear to Air Force BMT graduation?
I read somewhere that moms wear purple hats to identify themselves. Just curious if wives and children have a color they wear to stand out? I also read that they offer briefing so that visitors know ...

Barbie Gurl
What do they call navy men?
i know sailors.. i heard they call them that. but do they have any other nickname or anything they go buy?
Additional Details
i dont wanna call this new guy a mean name or upest him you know. just a name like sailor or something els they call them.. nothing ,mean please i dont wanna call him a name the navy men hate and have him get pissed..
(by the way sailor is SEXY)

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naval reservist?

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(1) swabby,
(2) squid,
(3) bubble head
(4) submariners
(5) sand sailors
(6) seabees

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Mike S
Squid, swabbie, anchor clanker. All I can think of off the top of my head. Good luck to you

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Squid, swab jockey, swabby, tar, salt. "Gentlemen of the aviation community" are called AIRDALES. Sub sailors are lovingly referred to as BUBBLE HEADS. Non-aviation, surface sailors are referred to as BLACK SHOES. Ask your sailor if he knows the difference between a BROWN SHOE sailor and a BLACK SHOE sailor. You do, now.
Old shipmate of mine, a bubble head, once told me there are only two types of ships: submarines and targets.
My 'road name' is OLD SALT.
We DO look good in those 'cracker jack uniforms'. Makes our butts look good, eh?
"Lookin' for a good time, sailor boy?"
(USN retired)

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Steven C
Squid, or Swabby

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Officially: Sailors or Seamen

Unofficially: Swabbies

Derogatory: Squid (unless used among friends.)

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Jessica Rabbit
Seamen is another that is used. Swab-jockys is another.

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You may call us sailors and that is about it. Unless you are sailor yourself, or maybe a Marine, you should refrain from using names like "squid".

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Shock and Awe
Just call him by his first name and you'll be fine. Leave the nicknames alone or you'll look corny. I mean when are planning to call him these names? In a crowd, at dinner, in the bedroom?

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Squids. At least that is what the other nickname was when I was in the Navy.
It would help if we knew what rate he is.

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Civilians may call us sailors. Squid is more of a Navy/Marine term. Army/Marine Corp/Air Force have some other nicknames for us that Yahoo Answers wouldn't like me posting.

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