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Joanna A
What are the largest military bases in the United States?

Additional Details
Population and size wise.

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That would be L.A., New York, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and most likely Dallas.

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by size or by population? Not that it matters, that sort of stuff is not for public dissemination anyway.

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Bill Mc
I believe its..... White Sands.
35 miles, by 75 miles.

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ft.hood tx i was there it sux!!!lol

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Largest military base in Utah

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Why!? would you want to know that!? Are you from the USA!?

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In Hawaii it's Schofield Barracks, the largest Army post located on an 18,000 acre site in central Oahu. In California Camp Pendelton Marine Base sprawls over 125,000 acres, however in New Mexico, White Sands Missile Range, (formerly White Sands Proving Grounds), comprises approximately 2.5 million acres. Marine Base Camp Lejeune is a bit larger than Pendelton at 157,440 acres, while Naval Station China Lake is smaller than White Sands at 1.1 million acres. I didn't address which bases have the greatest manpower, as that didn't appear to be in your question, and to convert sq. miles to acres, simply multiply by 640, so Fort Irwin would comprise 640,000 acres, and while Fort Carson has acquired additional acreage, though it's still much smaller than Irwin or White Sands with its current size of 138,523 acres.

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Johnathon K
White Sand Missile Range in New Mexico is the largest operating military base in the U.S.Population wise the Naval base in Norflok,Virgina is.

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Camp Pendelton, is all I can think of ... smile!!!

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I really only know Marine Corps Bases...

Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina
Camp Pendelton, Oceanside, California

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Fort carson in colorado has 5.5 million acres just to build on.my father had fifty thousand acres stolen from him south of the base by the goverment to build more barracks if they develope all the five point five million acres they intend to.It will be the largist military base.in the history of the world.

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Fort Hod Texas is the largest Military post in the United states based on personal stationed there. Fort Bragg is 2nd.

Eglin AFB is the largest Military Base in the United States based on total land area.

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Navy Sailor - GAI
Why? National security says that if you don't know we shouldn't be telling you.

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I believe that Norfolk is the largest Naval base.

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29 Palms is the largest Marine facility. Sorry I can't help you with the other services.

The Bases actual name is M.C.A.G.C.C.
(Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center)

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Eglin AFB
One of the largest Air Force bases with more than 724 square miles of land ranges and facilities and more than 86,500 square miles of water ranges in the Gulf of Mexico.

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I would think that Ft. Hood, TX and Ft Knox, KY are some of the biggest. Ft. Bragg, NC is pretty big, too.

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For the army those deal with artillery, armor and air defense are necessarily large. They would include
Ft. Sill, OK (147 sq miles) or 93,829 acres
Ft. Hood, TX (339 sq miles) or 192,784 acres
Ft. Bliss, TX (550 sq miles) or 1.1 million acres
..... acreage includes 1500 miles of air space
Ft.Knox, KY (171 sq miles) or 59,000 acres

Others in the army...
Ft. Bragg, NC (251 sq mi) or 161,000 acres
Ft. Benning,GA covers roughly 350 sq miles or 197,159 acres

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