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What are some likely targets in the USA to be hit by nuclear bombs?
Just wondering, because I live near the city of Rochester, NY and I'm worried it might be hit by a nuclear bomb.

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Lone Star
If the nukes fly, you will eventually die no matter where you are. There's this little issue of fallout, radiation sickness, nuclear winter...
P.S. Hey Iltrx, uuummm...we don't have a Navy base in Dallas...we tend to be hundreds of miles from either ocean or the gulf.

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Any major city.

Rochester is very low on the target list, because it doesn't have a high population, nor is it a major center of public attention.

San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, New York City, Boston -- those are the most likely targets. Or places like Disney world, where there is a lot of emotional attachment, even if little political or economic value.

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Any place or city that has a preponderance of jews of course. So NYC, Boca Ratan, Fl., Miami,FL.,almost all of the northern portion of NJ.,and of course all of Hollywood,CA.! If I were an Muslim faction with a nuclear weapon that's precisely where I would expend it!

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Don't worry, I don't think there's an imminent threat of a nuclear bomb attack from another country. Rochester would not be a "nation-crippling" target anyway.

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Rek T
By another country
Primary target Los Alamos New Mexico
Secondary White sands Missile base New Mexico
Secondary Mountain Base in Colorado

Why these 3 constitute are primary Nuclear capability, a country would not be interested in mass casualty, they would want to take out are ability to fire back.

Terrorists... Anytown, USA they don't care about logistics.

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when you see it flying through the air, just start running....you should be fine

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William H
If anyone knew this for a fact, we wouldnt have to worry...thats the point, you dont know when or where thats the problem! Its funny to see how many people really think they know, "any major city" that narrows it down.

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the GE plant in Cincinnati Ohio makes aircraft engines so that would be a prime target

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Why don't we just contribute the knowledge to terrorist more by naming places we personally know of and give the media more privileges to give intel away like they already do!!! I cannot believe some of the answers. I understand the rights and all the other legal matters but listen to yourselves

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If any place in the USA is nuked, Iran and Syria will be taken off the map immediately by retaliation. They will fire the nukes and ask questions later. The world will be devastated. Such horror is unimaginable. You'd best pray every day for God's hand of protection on the USA. Osama bin Laden and Al Quida do not even know what they are doing. For this reason and this reason only, these terrorists are the most dangerous men alive and must be stopped. Until these men are gone from this world, we will not have a safe world. These men cannot be left on the streets of any nation. World if you know where they are - turn them in to the authorities.

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Ann Coulter's Nemesis
New York, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, and San Diego (because of the large Navy bases there).

But who would hit us with a nuclear bomb?

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a a
you really need ur head examine.

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The east coast because we have so much weapon making going on here and the Navy is in New London CT..Then NY just for the numbers they can kill at once...But, that's NOT going to happen to us. Hopefully 9/11 taught the FBI, CIA etc, to all share info to help each other..Power plants all over and anything with Nuclear power plants will go first, but they love to kill people best.. the more the better to them, they're sicko's.

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kyle w
Major cities, and anything near a military installation.
But, it will probably be in nowhere USA. Because they least expect it, and their security is the lowest.

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Who is the attacker?

If you believe that Russia still harbors aggression at the US, then the answer is probably "military infrastructure." That means military bases, shipyards, airports, factories that make military hardware, communications centers, govenrment command and control... and the list goes on.

If they are coming from internal sources.... probably Hilary's house.


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Well after the fall of the Soviet Union the US and the former USSR decided to exchange maps of where their nuclear missles were targeted. The map of the USSR gave the US pretty muched showed any city over 100,000 people had a missle or two pointed at it. All military installations and any target that could help disrupt the way of life like power plants also were targets. Pretty much if you eliminate the nations population you eliminate their soldiers.

Come to find out my wonderful hometown of Buffalo, NY yes just down the Thruway from you, had 5 missles pointed at it and Niagra Falls had an additional 3 to take out the power plant.

Of course now-a-days I would have to say you can sleep soundly at night. The outbreak of an all out nuclear war, while still possible, is a lot smaller. There is more likely a chance that a rogue group would detonate a single bomb and they would target something that would cause the most damage.

New York City and Washington DC are the prime targets most likely. Los Angles, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, and other cities with huge populations would also be targets, but don't hold that same USA City feeling like NYC does. No offense to the cities I just mentioned.

So all and all I think you can live your life pretty worry free, unless the USA and Russia really make each other mad in which case the whole world dies anyways. So grab a drink and sit back and watch on CNN.

*Response to CJ who posted after me*

Everything people have posted here really isn't a shock as targets. I am pretty sure Al Queda has figured out NYC is a good place to strike along with Washington DC. And I am pretty sure that after having their power and communications bomb by the USA, they figured those would be good targets also to hit. We aren't really giving away intel to them. If they looked at Google Earth or a paper map they could figure those targets out.

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Any major city.

I also wouldn't discount strategic targets, such as Norfolk Virginia - home to the Atlantic fleet and the squadrons that protect the eastern sea board (Oceana NAS and Langley AFB), not to mention about 8 other various bases within a 40 mile radius and DC being close enough to make the fallout zone.

If they were to invade directly afterward, this would be the perfect target and it will glow. We'd be defenseless from the east without it.

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Before we can decide what may be a likely target we have to consider who a potential attacker is and that their goals are likely to be.

Al Quaeda will attack a high-profile target that the typical uneducated Arab 'man on the street' will recognize.

China would be more interested in our naval bases in Hawaii and Guam.

One of the oddities of nuclear strategy is that the capital of a nuclear armed country is not likely to be attacked in order to lessen the time it takes to enter the 'termination of hostilities stage' of the war once the attackers goals are reached.

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Josephine C
Dear Starhorse

I am really worried about you. You should talk to your Mom about this and let her know how concerned you are.
Do you know we had a "cold war" with Russia for about half a century? They had Bombs pointed at us and we had Bombs pointed at them. Just a waste of money; nobodys stupid enough to shoot a Bomb over here for fear of retaliation.
The US has the technology to stop a Bomb if it comes;but if they can't , they tell where it's coming from and send one back. No one wants Nuclear Warfare. It would be a catastrophe for the whole World.. The fallout alone will kill millions of people in both countries . And believe everybody wants to live as long as they can,
I am so sorry your Step-dad put this in your head. But you need to shake it off and do some research.....don't be so gullible as to believe everything somebody tells you.. Do you know if you city was Bombed, there's nowhere he could go to get away from it. Does he appear worried ? He's just messing with your head because you're a kid. Like I said RESEARCH. Knowledge is POWER..
Love and Blessings

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hmmm lone star, technicaly you are right, but there is a naval station just to the west of ft. worth. so i would say there is at least a naval station (which has the navy, among others, as tenants)

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The Pentagon in Washington D.C is the largest federal building in the United States followed by the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) in Indianapolis, IN.

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Any city will do. NY and Washington DC are obvious targets. However, I would think that any city will do. Even a small city like Tallahassee would work. Terrorists thrive on the threat, not the actual damage. So if terrorists detonated a bomb in Tallahassee, it would have the same terrifying effect on the population as if they detonated one in Manhattan.

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Nuclear bombs from who? Russia? China? Terrorists sneaking a single device in? It makes a difference you know.

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Chris Cross Christ
There are many places in the US that may be considered potential targets. However, we have a federal government who is very concerned with national security (unless you examine the neglect of border security and deportation of illegal aliens). The reason we have not seen more 9/11-type attacks is not because people don't want to harm us; it is because the government is stopping these things from happening before they happen. We usually pay little attention to what is prevented though.

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NY and washington would be the prime targets.

If it was gonna happen.

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If your worried move to San Francisco. No enemy would ever attack that place as it is loaded there far left allies.

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jeb black
After looking at the map of the USA, i've found the target! It's your house, run man run! lmao

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