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 It easy to get the hostage freed from the pirates?
just get the French to do it, they obviously have better troops as they just freed their hostages.
Additional Details
Delta force?
you mean the guys who stuffed up in Blackhawke ...

 What Would Be The Solution To Destroy The Roots Of Somalian Piracy?

Additional Details
Please Be Specific....

 Sister is in N.G. BCT and i want to send her a birthday present. is it aloud?
My sister is in National Guard BCT and her birthday is this month. I want to give her something but i know you can't have much. I thought of a cute idea. And it would be a photo album and i ...

 If there was a nuclear bomb at LAX, how far would the blast radius be?
what would be the safe distance from the explosion but still close enough to see the explosion
Additional Details
The bomb is on the ground and i dont know, the average megaton in a ...

 What are the difference between Green Berets, Army Rangers & Delta Force?
They are both special force & they are also from the United States Army: United States Special Operations Command. You can put the role on it because makes me confuse....

 Are any of your family members about to deploy w/ NC National Guard?
MY husband is about to deploy and the training has been absolutely ridiculous as far as making us aware of the schedule. Does anyone have any extra helpful info about this? Maybe someone who is ...

 Does the WA ARNG have any canine units?
I have heard that the Army is expanding the use of canines beyond the Military Police branch for the purposes of IED sniffing. Does WA's ARNG have any of these units?...

 National Guard questions?
Former navy; 11 years active....thinking of national guard, any thoughts? Boot camp again or what?
Additional Details
Army officer....you out there?...

 What do I need to do to use my husband's GI bill this fall?
I will be going to a community college in the fall, and I know that starting in the fall spouses of soldiers who joined after 9/11 can use their spouses GI bill. My husband is currently deployed to I...

 What information goes on the second british army dog tag? Thanks....?
There are 2 dog tags: name, blood type etc on the one tag. What info if any goes on the other dog tag for the British Army?
Thanks again.......

 What was the average life like of a civil war soldier?
I would like to know on a day that they did not have a battle what it was like from beginning to end.

plz answer quickly-points will be given ...

 Anybody using the MGIB for school? Can you answer a couple of questions?
I just sent an email to the financial aid rep at the college...and tried calling...no luck getting in contact with her...

Now, I'm taking some online classes and classroom classes. I&#...

 Will I be able to leave with my airman to his duty station?
My airman and I are planning to get marry when he comes to visit me and for R.A.P in about a week. We are planning to go get our marriage certificate when he comes. The question is that will I be ...

 I want to join the army any advice i should use?
please read this part i want to no from people hew have been to war and give me some advice i should use to stay alive please thank ...

 If I choose to make a career out of the Army...is it easy to make 60k/or more annually?

 MOS after basic training?
My love will leave Fort Jackson and go to Florida for his MOS training. He will be there for 6 months. We are not married, I live in the midwest, its not exactly easy to just jump in the car and ...

 Schofield barracks in hawaii OR fort carson in colorado?
PCSing soon. choice of duty station. i really want hawaii but i dont know anything about schofield barracks....

 Are you eligible for student loan repayment and mgib kicker while only doing 2-3 years in the army reserve?
Im asking this because I am debating whether to do it for 2-3 years or the full 6. because either way the contract is going to be for 8 years anyways. And also after the 2-3 years of the contract ...

 US army air corps uniform.?
i have a US Army Air Corps uniform and would like to know how much its worth. the condition is outstanding. i only have the cap, jacket w/chevrons and patches, the pants and the tie. the original ...

 Contacting a very busy man?
i know this is going to sound insane but is it possible to contact president obama and ask him to get me in the military with out receiving the smallpox vaccine. I have eczema and i know its a PDQ, ...

US Army 15T Basic Training?
If i have signed up for 15T (UH-60 Helicopter Repair), where will i go to My basic training? Where will My AIT be?

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Basic can be anywhere
You'll go to AIT at Fort Eustis VA

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Trainer in Distressed Work Boots
You'll find that out when you sign. Unfortunately, you can't choose where you go to basic or AIT.

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I'm not sure if you can choose the location where you train or if they'll assign you to a certain location. Ask your recruiter. They should be able to assist you.

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as a 15T your gonna go to whatever basic wether it be Ft. Benning, Ft. Knox, Ft. Jackson, Ft. Sill, etc.. most likely Ft. Jackson though. but your are gonna go to Ft. Eustis for AIT you will be assigned to C co. 1-222 avn regt. thats 100% correct about fort eustis. you gonna be there for about 16 weeks of class i believe, could be wrong. but thats all i can tell you really. BTW fort eustis is small as ****, but outside it is fun stay straight dont get in trouble keep your pass status an you will have alot of fun.

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