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spartan 117
TRUE OR FALSE the u.s. has been invaded only two times in its history.?

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Depends on your definition of invaded... The revoluionary war wouldn't count, because the British were here and the colonists pushed them out and besides it wasn't the U.S. yet.
Pearl Harbor was an attack, not really an invasion...

I would say false...

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Yes, war of 1812. That country up north you make fun of burnt the white house before it was called Canada.

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D squared
While some here answered Pearl Harbor being either invaded or attacked by the Japanese it should be noted that Hawaii was not an American state until 1959. So my answer would be 3 times.

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Hmm, technically only once as I see it-in the 1812 conflict. Alaska and Hawaii weren't states when Japan attacked them.

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Wow its amazing the number of people that have inaccurate facts or don't know what Invade means.

Revolutionary War - The US declared its independance from the UK, but their troops were already stationed here, so that is kind of up to interpertation.

War of 1812 - the UK sent troops to invade the US, but were repelled and lost the war.

The Mexican-American war was fought in the present day areas of the Southwest that were still part of Mexico, not the US. For a short time though Mexican troops were in the very southern portions of Texas north of the Rio Grande River. This was more of a dispute of what the border was between the US and Mexico. Was it a invasion I'll give it a yes.

The Spanish-American War was fought outside the US in the areas around Cuba and the Phillipines never on US soil

WWII - The Japanese ATTACKED Peral Harbor, but never invaded it. The did however invade portions of the Aleutian Islands for a short time. Alaska was a US territory so it was part of the US and therefore counts.

So it would be false. More than 2 times

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Well, the British invaded during the war of 1812.
The Mexicans invaded US territory during the Mexican War (of course, they maintained it was Mexican territory).
Pancho Villa invaded the town of Columbus, New Mexico. Don't know if you want to count that or not.
The Japanese occupied some of the Aleutian Islands during World War II. While Alaska was not a state, it was a US territory.

So, that's three or four, depending on how you count.

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Bob b
False my american buddy ray taught me this

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Words Twice
The US has been invaded by socialists, and soon they will have captured the White House.

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false. we are invaded thousands of times each year by illegal immigrants. lol.

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John S
Yep your right the first was NOT the revolutionary war were the brits, came over here.
The first actually is in 1812.
And the second was when Japan Invaded Alaska.
The second is the reason we built a highway there.

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I would say true. During the 1812, British troops invaded the United States, including burning the White House. Confederate forces invading the Union on several occasions, most notably Lee's two invasions.

I did not include the capture of American territories by the Japanese during the Second World War, as they were not yet states. I also did not include Pancho Villa's raid, as it was just a raid and Pancho Villa was a bandit, not the recognized government of Mexico.

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If we consider the "beginning" of the US to be 1776, then we have been invaded more than twice.

We were invaded by the British twice, both during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

In 1860, after the South seceeded from the rest of the US and formed the CSA, the armies of the CSA actually invaded the North.

Pancho Villa and his ragtag band of ruffians invaded the US in 1912 and shot up a military base in Texas.

The Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor in 1941.

So by my count, we've been invaded at least five times...

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Tincan Navy
False (However after clarification there could be several answers to this question)
There is a difference between Invaded and attacked.
You also need to clarify if you mean the U.S. or a U.S. and its Territories.

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grogan 69
False--the only time the US has been invaded was in the war of 1812--there has been incidents with Mexico and Japan but they don't meet the invasion criteria

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i want to say truth so its probly false?

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TRUE. Obviously Pearl Harbor. Then 9/11 which we (at least the current administration) regard as a terrorist invasion. The war against Britain doesn't count since the US wasn't an official country yet.

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id say once. the war of 1812 was really the only british invasion, the revolutionary war was an occupation and we pushed them back

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Depends on how you define invaded. War of 1812 is a define Yes (Revolutionary War really shouldn't count), American Civic War depends on definition so that might be Two or not, Germans did land some saboteurs in New Jersey during World War Two, and the Japanese did take part of the Aleutian Islands during World War Two but since it was a territory and not a state at the time again would depend on definition. Most historical references say Two though since Alaska and those islands became a state so I would say True.

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Major Break Through

War of 1812 and the Allusion Islands in WW ll

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Depends on if you mean whether we started it or not. We have had many terrosist attacks which include 9/11 and other wars. One can't forget Pearl Harbor as well.

You can read up on any invasion or war here...

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Mckoy W
Faulse....It't been like three times.

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I think that is true.

1. The war of 1812
2. The Aleutian Islands in Alaska during WW II

We were attacked but not invaded at Pearl Harbor and 9/11/2001.

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Who cares about the past? We are being invaded right now by everyone who can get in and use our social services, plus bring their gangs and drugs, from the Mexican mafia and MS 13 these invaders spread their lifestyle to the USA. The open borders policy by the Bush administration is destoying this country from the inside.

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Portia V

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Once in 1812 according to the definition of invasion:

"An invasion is a military action consisting of armed forces of one geopolitical entity entering territory controlled by another such entity, generally with the objective of either conquering territory, altering the established government, or a combination thereof. An invasion can be the cause of a war, it can be used as a part of a larger strategy to end a war, or it can constitute an entire war in itself.

The term usually denotes a strategic endeavor of substantial magnitude; because the goals of an invasion are usually large-scale and long-term, a sizeable force is needed to hold territory, and protect the interests of the invading entity. Smaller-scale, tactical cross-border actions, such as skirmishes, sorties, raids, infiltrations or guerrilla warfare, are not generally considered invasions. Because an invasion is, by definition, an attack from outside forces, rebellions, civil wars, coups d'├ętat, and internal acts of democide or other acts of oppression, are not considered invasions."

According to this, the Civil war, attacks during WWII, Mexico, etc. did not meet the criteia only the war of 1812 did.

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The USA was invaded by the British during the War of 1912.

The USA was invaded by Confederates in the Civil War.

The USA was invaded by Mexico during the Mexican American War.

US Territory was invaded by the Japanese in World War II. They captured and held two of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska.

The southern border of the USA was crossed by armed Indians and Mexican bandits a number of times, who attacked and then retreated back to Mexico. Pancho Villa was the most famous, resulting in the USA sending General Pershing into Mexico after him.

And of course we have the illegal invasion of today, which we are just allowing to happen.

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3-4 times, I think.
Britain, Mexico, France, and I think the Japanese sent a small force into Alaska, but I could be wrong

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