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Christina M
My husband is currently active in the army. We have 2 kids and I am considering joining. Is this possible?
I am not sure if there are any regulations in place that will prevent me from joining. I am aware of the possibilities of us deploying at the same time. If I was to join I would of course go for the same MOS as my husband. We have discussed a solid Family Care Plan and weighed the pros and cons. I still am in need of advice from personal experience of other dual military couples. Any piece of advice would really be appreciated!!!

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We won! 20 Jan 09 (Erudite)
Sure you can join and show the world what you are made of. If one has other family members to help out it should work out fine.

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you may go Reserves only because you have kids.

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It is probably possible under this manpower shortage circumstances, but it is a terrible idea. Children need the love and support of the mother and father where possible. Remember that this War is a War of choice. We did not need to invade and occupy Iraq. The facts on the ground proved this without a doubt.
There were no WMD's, and Iraq and the Saddam Government was on it's butt after the loses in the Iraq/Iran War and the terrible beating Iraq took during the first Gulf War.
Also Millions of Americans knew it was a mistake to invade Iraq, but Bush and Johnson during the Vietnam War did not heed the warning signs. Our Government like in Vietnam did understand the nature of the situation and charactor of the opposition in Iraq.
Now you, your husband and family are paying the price of having to serve in Iraq, and your family does not need a second soldier to come home very possibly disabled from a War wound either physically, mentally or both.
The Rand Corporation published a 500 page report on the costs of the Iraq and Afghan Wars and found that 101,000 troops are wounded yearly in the Middle Eastern Wars currently.
Also, the Veterans Administration is not capable of handling the huge flow of Troops returning from these Wars, and who need serious mental and physical treatment and Government Compensation payments. The VA is already overwhelmed with the needs of Returning Veterans. It will only get worse under the current Administration.
Please don't go in the military no matter how much you want to be helpful to America and your husband. The bigger Job is to "suck it up" and care for your children.

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You have to understand it is possible that you will be separated from each other and sent to different duty stations. I'm not sure the army would allow it, as it would cause undue hardship with your dependents.

Talk to a recruiter, but I would advise against it.

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you can join also. who would take care of your kids? I just read that married couples could live together even in Iraq.

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If you can pass the pt, then you probably could, but I really wouldn't if I were you. Don't get mad at me, but think about your children instead of yourself, its hard enough to have one parent deployed, it would kill them having you both gone. You don't always get to choose your MOS, they give a choice based on what you are qualified for. Just think about your kids before you make this decision, once you sign those papers, you belong to them, no ifs ands or buts.

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Yak Rider
Yes, you'll need a solid family care plan. My advice, pick an MOS that fits in with his. Pick one that gives you an excellent chance of getting stationed any place he gets stationed.

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There are big MOS's that would be Ok with that, like medic or security forces, if you belong to smaller career groups would be bad for this. You would be competing for promotions with your husbands peers, But under large commands you can work is the same field but in diffrent units.

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My husband and I were dual military in the Army with a child.

A few cons besides deployments is if you both get called in at 0500 for a piss test or you both have to work past 1700. And the little field exercises that you have to go to. Ranges and other things you might have extended hours.

Also you still might have a tour in Korea and might not be able to bring your family.

I wouldn't go for the same MOS just the same field it might cause headaches especially if one of you outrank the other. One of you would have to go fill in another job like PAC. My husband and I were both in aviation but different MOS.

The good thing is if you do have the same field you can likely stay together. However you might have to be seperated not likely more than 50 miles if you put in the paperwork for joint domicle (married army couples program)

We enjoyed our time together but I don't want to be seperated and leave our son without either parent home. So I got out. I would really think about it.

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