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 In NROTC is a scholarship the only option?
is financial aid the same as the nrotc scholarship? does the program have financial aid? and is it hard to qualify for one?
im a high school jr right now im missing like 20 credits plus my ...

 Drone attacks?Only 14 Terrorist killed and more than 700 civilians killed?2% terrorist and 98% civilian?
That is several times Pakistan said and nobody listen, but now American generals said this to their congress that only 14 terrorist killed and more than 700 civilian and forign media people killed in ...

 Now that Bush is gone why are there civilian deaths?
Civilian deaths have caused increasing friction between the Afghan and U.S. governments, and Karzai has long pleaded with American officials to reduce the number of civilian casualties in their ...

 How much are your enlistment bonuses taxed in the Army?
I heard it was around 45%...

 Does the 3rd amendment apply over-seas?

Additional Details
I ask because it is pretty general in the words.

"No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor ...

 Military and school!?
hi, i am in the dep wating ro go to bmt Air Force and i am married, my wife goes to college here in Florida with 100% financial aid (fafsa), will she get financial aid in any other state we get ...

 Should I work out with people in ROTC?
I want to join the army, but I need to lose A LOT! (like 85 lbs) of weight before I can join. I've been working out on my own and I've lost 45 pounds so far. (Wahoo for me!) I was thinking ...

 I want to become a pilot in the air force, so will my tattoo's be a problem for them?
I wanted to become a pilot in the air force but will my tattoo's be a problem. I have them on my arms, back, chest, and neck. Its not gang related or anything like that just tribal, and Chinese ...

 Have you seen this video?
If not, you should watch.

LIONS! hahah

(watch the video)
Additional Details
HA I meant TIGERS! but Lions too!...

 Who Leads An ARMY Cadence while doing PT?
I'm really shitty at remembering cadences and if they MAKE ME DO IT, that's gonna be one long jog.

Do they take volunteers or is it always the squad leader or platoon leader? Or ...

 Why cannot obama just approve a new car and a bank acout for everyo?
since there are no decent jobs., hell lets just take off and have a whang dang doodle all year long.?...

 I have a wife and a one year old son, and i am planning on joining the national guard.?
am i doing the right decition?...

 Everytime I tell people i want to join the army or marines they tell me I'm stupid or I'm gonna die. But....?
I just feel like its something i need to do. Its extremely hard to explain. When ever i bring it up to my mom she starts crying and i dont want to hurt her. But i feel like i need to do it, like ...

 Who was the British commander of the Revolutionary war?
Ok I know George washington was the commander for the 13 colonies but for Britain what was the name of the commander or commanders if more than one but basically i want to know the main leader of the ...

 Is staying in the military going to mess up my kids?
I am debating staying in the AF, but I don't want it to hurt my son. He's just a baby now so there going to be some school changes for him if I stay in. I had to move my senior year and I ...

 What country has the worlds largest army?
Some say Iran, some say north korea , some say China or usa, Is there any numbers and facts to who is the largest in number?...

 What carried the West to dominance, military power or more advanced technology?

 What are your career/training options after Officer Candidate School for the Navy?
Whats the difficulty of flight school?...

 What happens in the Marines Delayed Entry Program?
I am joining the Corps and am now in the Marines Delayed entry program... I know i have mandatory meetings now but what do i have to do or go through while in the program before i actually go through ...

 Should i go into the AIR FORCE or not?
So this is a rundown on what’s going on. I have 2 kids and I am working for my dad and the business is stressful as it gets. I have a golden opportunity to get in to the air force due to the fact ...

My Marine in Camp Lejeune got "Camp Guard..." What does this mean?
He just got done with MCT and was put in his MOS school at Camp Lejeune. Now he has "camp guard?" I'm confused. Tell me what exactly this is, and what it means for him.. and me. =S

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Antoine B
Like the first person said thats about it lol he won't like it its boring.

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what it means is that his MOS School is backed up for a couple of weeks so he is at Camp Lejeune just pretty much hanging out... its like guard duty. He walks around the base making sure nothing unusual is happening. I hope this helps

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