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Tam Tam
My 17 year old son wants to go into the army. What should I do?
He wants to join the army to be a "MP". I really feel that is a good choice, but he is a little upset @ me right now because I will not let him sigh papers right now. His B-day is not until Sept. and They are feeding him a bunch of lines (just to get their commision). Another thing is he and his father do not get a long and his dad said you will never make it...which makes him want to do it even more. What (as a mother) should I do? I am scared to death for him. Once you sign you are theirs.

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Since Saddam's death sentence, Iraq has been a terrible place to be. Death counts are on the rise; even more than prior to it. If he truly feels that the Iraq war is a cause worth fighting for and isn't just looking for a way to get back at his father or get away from life then support his decision. Or you could always persuade him into waiting until 2008 when we're (hopefully) out of Iraq and enlisting would be safer.

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As a parent, I would insist on college first. Most 18 year olds make terrible decisions and have little or no capacty to look forward into the future and see consequences. The fact that he is in a huge rush to do this is proof. And good parents will try to protect them somewhat even though they are of the legal age of consent. The military does not want a soldier who decides on a whim and is in a rush, they want a committed individual who has thought everything through carefully. If he goes to college he will be an even more formidible soldier when he finally gets to Iraq.

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"the army basic training is more lenient"
"sign him up for airborne, because its alot better there"

What a crock of sh*t

Now is the only time that trainings been stepped up alittle, with more focus on battlefield skills. Granted its not eh army of a few years ago where you could truly discipline a strong willed soldier, but its much more strenous now, then before.

As far as airborne soldiers being treated better then everyone else.
You ask any soldier at Fort bragg at what type of B.S. they have to deal with, and you compare that with a leg unit (non airborne), and youll see that airborne soldiers deal with much more b.s. than is necessary. this coming from an 11B airborne infantryman.

As far as letting him go or not -- and when -- let him go now when he wants to knowing that youll suport his decision, and that youll be proud of the honorable choice hes making.

Of all the things he could be doing, be in selling drugs, be it partying, be it getting girls pregnant, giving your life to his country and EARNING all the benefits he will have is only a very respectful and prideful pursuit.

Keep in mind, anyone can get harmed driving down the street, or walking to a walmart parking lot. If youre going to die some day, then best is to have your life stand for something.

As long as he doesnt have a family, wife and kids, all the B.S. will be tolerable.

Make no mistake about it, recruiters will paint a picture for you of all the opportunities available to you, some you will be able to take advantage of and some you wont.
But what can a recruiter really promise you?

Everyone knows it will be a test mentally and physically.
A recruiter could only lie about being able to go to school when you probably wont be able to.
probably trick you into a specific job, or duty station, but that wont be finalized until he signs the papers at the meps office.

So, think about this, and I know its hard as a mother.
But wouldnt it be a good thing, if he joined the army as an MP, and after that either committe himself as a soldier or came out and became a police officer?

the long hours, the unorganzation of the army, and the idiots you sometimes have to work with, dont compare to the lifelong friends you make, ad the life long pride you will have till the day you die.

Let him do what his heart tells him -- cause he's probably going to do it without you when he gets his chance.
Knowing youre proud of him and support him will help him endure through it all.

Every man should serve his community or his country once in their life. Let him do his duty!
and let GOD take care of the rest

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i wouldn't let him sign until his 18th b-day either....why does he feel so rushed to join??...maybe he's afraid you'll change your mind about letting him??.....i think if you are supportive and encouraging (while still sticking to your 18th b-day thing), it will help him alot....let him know that you think it's a good choice, but you definately won't be letting him make that committment til he's 18....he can start doing some physical training at home to prepare himself (this will help him to feel like he's doing something now towards reaching his goal)....he can start running a couple miles a day, etc......he has time to do more research now as well....goodluck

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Beat him, besides make him wait untill 18. He needs to finish high school and drastic changes in his mind might occur between the dates. I know I was set on joining the army but after meeting a girl those plans went out the window.

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Has he considered the Air Force or Navy those are the 2 best branches in the military....Look around these questions tons of veterans from the Army say they should have joined the Air Force...Not to say the Army is bad or anything but Air Force is the best Navy is 2nd....go to dosomethingamazing.com and see for yourself alot of cool video clips...Airforce.com....Navy.com

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He's right around the corner from being at that age where he will be solely responsible for his own decisions. No better time than now to let him begin to make those decisions. Regardless of the lines that they may be feeding him, this may be a promising career for him, and from one mother to another, you wouldn't want that stress of possibly holding him back from something that he could have made good on. Just be there to guide him, show him, he has your support.

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You should support your son and believe in him. If he goes somewhere that he might be in harms way, then pray for him and always remind him of how proud of him you are. And tell you husband not to put him down like that !

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Captain Jack
Let him join. He's trying to do something positive with this life, why would you want to hinder that?

Although, I'd recommend you take him to see the Air Force recruiter. The AF has a big need for MPs right now, and I think the lifestyle is much better than the Army.

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Ask him to please wait til he's 18, and of course with his father telling him he's not going to make it he wants to prove him wrong. As a mother I am praying 4 you.

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The army would be a good way for him to get college money. If he goes in as an MP, more than likely he will go to iraq. Basic training has gotten really leniant. My husband is an Army Drill Sergant. He could make a good career out of the Army should he stay in. The pay is excellent.

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Encourage him!!!

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he can enlist at 18 on his own.. so, are you willing to risk his being angry and so upset with you that on the day after his brithday he enlists and you never hear from him again, or are you willing to assume that he knows what he is doing?

does he have his HS diploma already?

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CPT Jack
Respect and support your son. You should be very proud to have raised such a patriot. However, ensure you educate him on the options. Has he considered going to school and becoming an officer? MPs need officer leadership. This is very feasible. If his grades are not so hot, there are schools with ROTC programs that he can likely get into (meaning if he's bright enough to enlist, he's bright enough to get into the school). As for his father, ignore him. As you help your son educate himself on the options, he may learn to ignore him too. If you are interested in learning more about schools and ROTC and becoming an officer, email me at two2fly@yahoo.com. I'll be more than happy to provide you with a little bit more detail.

If the school option is out of the question for whatever reason, don't fret. Even if you approve of his decision at 17. He can't go active duty until he's 18. Sure, he can go ahead and go to basic training, but his service will be inactive reserve until his birthday. A lot of recruits do this between their junior and senior year in high school, return to get the diploma and ship off for more training after graduation. Also, until he goes to basic training, those contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on. I'll did my paperwork with the Navy at age 17 and changed my mind before I graduated high school. I ended up getting an ROTC scholarship and became an Army officer after getting a decent education.

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bryan g
i would greatly encourage continiuing education, i joined the army because i did not know what i wanted to do in life. now im about to deploy for the second time in 3.5 years. he will make it regardless through basic unless its medical, and continue to a unit. let him know that mp's are still door kickers and still raid homes. basically they get shot at alot. the qualifications are very low and all you have to do is show up, which leads to incompetance through the ranks depending on the unit, i guess. if he has authority trouble he is going to have a very miserable time because there is a lot of the "im better than you because i havnt done anything with my life in the last 6 years" for me it is a dead end job and i live paycheck to paycheck trying to support my wife and child.

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Philip L
You should follow your conscience as to what to do. If you feel he should wait until September then do so. My mom did they same to me when I wanted to join the Marines at 17. As it would happen I eventually joined the U.S. Army.
Serving in the armed forces for a young man is not a bad option. It has it benefits not limited to educational. If your son is not going to college and does not have any decent job opportunities then I say go. It did wonders for me.
Of course we are at war and despite being an MP the army is still a war fighting institution and with that go the risks. But realistically the odds are in his favor of not being injured in Iraq (assuming he is sent there after basic training and AIT.)

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you need to stand firm with him. make him wait till his birthday. tell him it will be there then. he needs to go talk with soldiers and see what they tell him. I have a nephew the same way and he came over and talked to my husband and looked at pictures of the war. He changed his mind just talking to him. So maybe you can find someone close and he can talk with them.
I will say a pray for you and your son. Good Luck

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I signed to go in to the Marines 10 months before I left for boot camp.My parents asked me if I was sure.I said yes.I was 17 and was two months into senior year.I'm glad I did it.I say sign it.It will teach him that when he says he's going to commit to something,that's what he has to do.Whether his plans change or not.

And from personal experience listening to people's stories,if people tell you you won't make it,it makes you strive that much harder.

He's getting to an age where he is going to be making alot of decisions that will make you scared.However this is a good decision.All mothers are scared for their children when they go into the military.That's normal.You are no different than my mom,or anyone else's mom here.You have to let him grow up sometime.

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If he really wants to go, be supportive, but don't let him sign the papers until he is 18. Make him do the research and see for himself the pros and cons. Just try to be supportive but stand your guard at the same time..

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Let him go...it sounds to me like he will anyway. I support you as a mother, but would support you more if you'd let him realize his dream...let him make the choice.

Tell him Thank you for wanting to serve!

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I am in the military and my husband is also. He is an MP. He loves his job. I have been in for 3 years and I love the Army. My Hubby has been in 6 years and he loves his job. He was a mechanic before he became an MP. The recruiter can tell you or him everything he wants to hear. But it a good opportunity. I am working towards getting my degree. As soon as he arrives at his first duty station he should seek guidance from the Education center and enroll in college. There are so many options! Good luck.

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A very similar situation happen to a close friend of mine, except the kids mom wouldn't sign the papers and his father told him that it was OK. In the end his mom made him wait and by the time he turned 18 he no longer wanted to go...
It is not a bad thing that he wants to join the army, it is actually a very honorable thing. As his mother you should just support him in his final decision.

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I think you should have him wait until his birthday to sign up. He should also do some research in the meantime, to make certain that this is what he wants. He should talk to real people (not the recruiters) who are currently serving in the job he would be doing, so he can get a real picture of what he is committing to.

I wish your family the best of luck!

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the kids having a tough time the best thing you can do is support him in his deccision and talk to his father about doing the same

P.S. If it weren't for kids like your son our country wouldn't be here so if i were his father i would be extremely proud.

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When he turns 18, it is his decision. Until then, it is yours. I think you are making a wise choice. As the parent of an under-18 teen, they should be dealing with you, not him. Any contract he enters into without your approval is invalid.

Leah made a good point about having him talk to people actually serving or who have served other than the recruiters. Many will paint a different picture than the glossy glamor shot the recruiters are showing him.

Joining the military is a noble choice, but it is one he should make only when he is legally able to do so on his own.

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I have the answer for you.

Take him down to the local VFW or American Legion.

Ask one of the members there to come with you when you go see the recruiters. This way you will not get all of the spin that they so love to tell the younger folks. Also it will answer alot of questions that your son and you may have about military service.

As for fathers. My father is a great man and i love him dearly. But when i said i wanted to join the army he asked me if i wanted to die. I didn't but he had a point. The military is dangerous. But it is a diffrent army than the one he got drafted into. Since then we have gotten along much better than we ever have.

As far as not making it. I was also told that i would not make it. I served 4 years in uniform and since then i have spent the past 6 as a civilian working for the Army. I love the army. It is not what i thought it would be when i joined, but it is a family.

I understand where you are coming from. I would suggest that your son finish high school. Then come back and talk to the rrecruiter. If you live by a military installation ask for a tour. If you know anyone in the Army have them talk to your son.

I work with the MPs alot and many of them love their jobs. But it is very demanding. It means alot of nights and weekends spend at work, dealing with some ugly cases. But it also means working with some of the best people that i have meet in the military.

If your son wants to join up. I say great. If you have questions and are worried I say he is a lucky kid. Please stop by your local VFW or American Legion. Get some of the facts from someone who doesn't make any sort of money off of your son enlisting. Get some idea of what the Army is.

If in the end he still wants to join then we will welcome him to the Army family. If not, well that will always be his.

So if there is anything that can be done to give you a better feeling for what might happen feel free to send me an e-mail and i can help or i can get someone in touch with you in your local area who can.

My only bit of advice about signing up is to get Airborne in your contract. It is something that most people never get to do and soldiers who are Airborne get treated better. If he is lucky enough to go to an Airborne unit then he can see how the Army is supposed to work.

Well good luck and God Speed.

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I know you will hear a lot of different options from everyone. We signed our son in at seventeen, with the condition that he not go into the service till his eighteenth birthday. We are very proud of his decision.

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Just a warning libs are gonna say your a terrible mother and etc. Personally if thats what he wants to do then I'd let him. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to serve your country.

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