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 How does the U.S. solve the issue of Somali pirates?

Like Blackwater EXCEPT with morals.
Additional Details
And you dont know what connections and resources i have do you?

Its legal stuff i dont know....

 I think im supposed to be a cav scout?
everyday i do research on army mos. i went from wanting to be a cannon crewmember to tanker to aircraft electrician. well the aircraft electrician is my main option but i may be disqualified from ...

 Is there anyway to get out of the Army?
I joined the army last year on my 18th birthday and as it gets closer to my ship date i keep thinking that it was a bad idea. im not sure what i really want any more. i am supposed to ship out to ...

 As a officer, which branch (out of active army, army national guard, or air force) will deploy the least?

 If u had a crew ?????????????????????????
what will the name be ???...

 National guard skills question?
The career i want I need some leadership skills. In the army NG does every job develop leadership skills?

Does the reserve units deploy more or less than active i want to do reserves b/c i ...

 I go to my training for the marine soon and was wondering if there was any advice?

 Twentynine Palms CA, Those who are stationed there.?
A little history first...
I lived in and visited 2-nine as we called it back then from 92 -2001. Then order came to go to VA.. I Worked in Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree. Kids went to Head Start ...

 Do SOCM 68WW1 medics have to go to Ranger School?
In addition to the Special Operations Combat Medic course?
Additional Details
Can flight medics become regular Ranger medics?...

 Could a civil war be coming?
Is A Revolution Brewing In America?
So, I just got back from a tea party and people are the most upset since the civil war. I believe there is a powder keg that has just been lit and it is only ...

 What are the top 15 most powerful military countries?
like in order and if u dont know the top 15 then maybe you know the top somthing countries in terms of military power
Additional Details
and where does canada and mexico ...

 I need more info on this AF career?
Air Traffic Control Operations Apprentice.

Does anyone know the length of training
for this MOS would be...?...

 The initial response of the United States to the outbreak of the war in Korea was to?
(A) seek the cooperation of the People’s Republic of China to end the fighting
(B) increase American aid to Indochina to meet the threat of communist aggression
(C) seek collective action ...

 Whats the best way to prepare for Marine Corps Basic Training, weight lifting or calisthenics?
I ship out on August 18th, I enlisted back in the fall and I did cross country and I am doing track to take care of the running. Have been doing weight workouts to improve upper body strength and ...

 So what are the chances of my husband getting back into the marine core if he was discharged for a?
medical reason. he hurt his knee and he could not do any more PT's. He has been out for alittle over three years and he is physically better now. So the thought of him going back in has been ...

 Will i receive any benefits if i get a medical discharge from the reserves?

 How do I deal with my fiance's coming deployment?
My fiance is being deployed to Afghanistan in the coming months. This is a very different situation than many in the military. This is his first (and last) tour of duty before qutting the army and ...

 Does the airforce breathalize it's recruits before or at basic training?

Additional Details
for marijuana i mean....

 Whats The Coast Guard or Air Forces Motto?
Slogan whatever you choose to call it

Marines-The Few The Proud The Marines
Army- Theres Strong And Then Theres Army Strong
Navy-Accelerate Your Life
Air Force-.......?

Medical Discharge. Who pays? The Army Nat. Guard or the VA?
I'm not really sure how to go about getting benefits. I was talking to someone else who says that when you are in the Guard either the VA pays you, or the Army does. It's either one or the other. I'm trying to figure out the options that are available to me so I can move on. The Army gave me a 20% disability and the VA gave me a 10%. Anyone who can shed a little more light on this would be greatly appreciated since looking up info online has proven fruitless.

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Mr Puma
Contact the Disabled American Veterans. Situations like this is what they are for. They deal with questions like this everyday.
You can find a DAV Vet Rep in three places.
1. If you live near the VA's regional office there will be a DAV National Service office in or near that building.
2. If you live near the VA hospital, there will be a State level DAV office there.
3. There are county level Vep Reps at the local employment office, or you can call the county seat office and ask for the Vet Rep.
Give them a call because you will fry your brain trying to figure this out on your own. Chances are, they might even get you more comp.

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Mark K
once you are discharged the VA take over

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