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 My best friend is going to West Point, what rank advancement opportunities will he have?
I know he will come out as a 2nd Lt, but what rank advancement will he have after graduation? Out of curiosity.
Additional Details
After graduation, I know he comes out as a 2nd LT, but ...

 How to join Intelligence agency?
I wanna work for Indian Intelligence Agency. Do tell me what are the qualifications for that and how could i join? where to go? whom to contact?...

 Corpsman HM and C school?
I am leaving for Navy basic in Nov but my recruiter cant tell me anything about HM "C" school with marines... i dont know where it is or how long it is or anything except i wanted to be a ...

 Active duty army stationed in germany needs passport help!!?
I just got back from deployment last month, and during the last month my wife and infant had the opportunity to go home to the states and visit for a few weeks. On the way back, my wife lost her and ...

 Just dropped my wife off at AIT in Fort Lee.?
Of course we expected her to have leave upon arrival to come home and visit. And what do you know they deny that and ask us to say good bye and for me to leave. Quite rude for someone who is taking ...

 If i have pins in my hip and knee from a surgery can i still be in the military?
i was shot in my right leg about 3 and a half years ago. it shattered my femur bone. i underwent surgery and now have pins in my right knee and hip. the doctors released me from checkups. i was told ...

 What are the mental background disqualifications to become a US Marine Corps Infantryman?
After being an Infantryman, can I join the Recon Force?...

 Military leave benefits revocked?
My salary employer provides 15 days PAID leave annually for military personnel in the reserve or guard. It clearly states this in the handbook, last year when I took my leave they paid me, this year ...

 Marine Infantry Vs. CIA Special Activities Division?
Ok this is a good comparison. The two best forces in the world. They are both elite. I'm going to have to go with Marines on this one. What do you think?

 Can Pararescuemen or Combat Controllers get recruited into Delta Force?

 Should the Brits have a national holiday to celebrate all that we have done for them?

 Sniper school and military school?
Will going to like say west point and than some sniper school like in germany than enlisting speed you up to get into specialized units like sniper division and with out it how long does it usualy ...

 Why is it necessary to have a witch hunt over so called torture, with the previous administration?

 Tricare insurance for army families...?
What ia the average cost per year for the three main tricare plans...does anyone know anything about that.....
Additional Details
yes active duty...they are talking on the site about ...

 Army Punishment Question....?
Can you get in trouble twice for the same thing? i think no! what is this policy called?? i cant remember and i need to research it! Thanks!...

 What would you do if you were in my shoes?
I have been in the LA Army National Guard since 24 Oct 2005, I have been on active duty before so I know how women are viewed in the military. I have worked hard the whole time I've been in and ...

 What exactly is MEPS?????
Everything I find just tells that it's one of the places you can take ASVAB... I know it's more than that, but what is it?...

 Will I be on the older side to enlist on the Air Force?
I am 21....

 Field Artillery questions?
1. In the marines would Field Artillery be considered a "combat" MOS?

2. Is there a certain AIT camp were you go for Art training?...

 USMC MOS question (Marines only)?
if you don't sign the open contract, and sign under, say, an infantry contract, is there still a chance your MOS field will be changed? Also, what are the chances of your MOS being changed while ...

Married with children wanting to enlist in the army?
I am married with 3 kids they live at his moms i live at my moms (long story) I want to enlist can i get the recruiter to give me a waiver to enlist

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Gabrielle A
I wouldn't join the military. Not now. This government is corrupt.

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BRrrr Why Am I Soo Cold???
I think you should stay close to your kids.
Military life should be a pre-marriage/kid decision. Kids are a commitment, not people you birth and walk away from.

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this is my opinion and i dont want to offend or anything but .. why would you want to do that to your children?

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i don't know much of your situation, but if you have 3 kids i wouldn't recommend enlisting, there are plenty of other people without kids who would go so you don't have to.

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yes, just go talk to a recruiter.

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Since you are separated and they are not living with you, there should not be a problem. Just ask the recruiter.

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Since you are married and seem to have a family care plan in place, why not?

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