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 Dropping out of High school and joining army/marines?
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 Will my marine corps dep be extended ?
i just got injuryed with a broken ankle and suposed to ship july 6th. my Doc said that def won't be able to happen. My dep will be up in Aug (probley still won't be ready by then). Will my ...

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 AF BMT July 21? Lemme know! :D?
I'm leaving for AF BMT July 21, is anyone else? :) Let me know!
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:D I'm excited, but the weather is gonna be nasty! I'm used to dry heat (100+ degrees)...

For jrotc. I need a updated one online!...

 Baseball caps worn by ODA operators?
Why do SF operators and others deployed to Iraq and afghanistan wear baseball caps?
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Why don't they wear MICH's or ACH's?...

 What was Jackson's Battle of New Orleans about?

 I have a question for anyone that has been in war.?
How do the current soldiers in Iraq not go deaf from all the noise of their own gun and peoples guns around them. Do the soldiers have any ear protection or do they just tough it out....

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 How much does a First Lietenant make with six years in. (If they are in Alabama going to flight school)?
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 Fort polk surrounding citys.?
well i had posted this in another area but i will do it here.

anyone that has or is based in fort polk what area would be a good place to get a apartment. my husband doesnt want to live on ...

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 Any New Bombs More Powerful Than H-Bombs?
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 Im 35 , any WAY i can join the TA then somehow get into the regular army ? uk only?

 Was mrs.rogers a marine?

 Military - can a person claim a child as a dependent even if its theirs with another woman?
Ok, so i am not sure what to let me friend know usually i am good at knowing military policy but she asked me if the guy she got pregnant by could claim their baby as a dependent once their baby is ...

Is there a private Military in the U.S?
i heard there was but i don't know if its true. If there is i would like to find out more.

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Google Blackwater. There are private security companies that are contracted to go to overseas for protection and contracting jobs. They high retired or ex military.

Blackwater was in the news for some time because they were accused of 'lighting up' a bunch of civilians. They said they came under fire and stopped the threat. Later there were a lot of civilians in pictures etc. Hard to tell the real story.

I believe Blackwater is contracted by the US gov to augment the military for some security details in Iraq.

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there are private military companies.

like Blackwater (XE), and triple canopy.

but nothing like a full military with fighter jets, etc.

just armed guys for hire.

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The SCA. Second largest standing army in the USA. These people have sworn to defend King and Kingdom not country. A real threat to national security.


And find the truth in what I have said.

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