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Is that even possible? who ...

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Additional Details
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 Thinking about going into the military...many questions.?
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knowing they would be sent to Iraq


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Anton B
Is my security clearance (Secret) still active?
I joined the military after high school in jul 1998 (actually the summer before my senior year because I was a DEP) and was honorably discharged in dec 2000. My MOS required that I get clearance up to secret level. I read on military dot com that a secret clearance lasts for ten years. Is it still active right now? If not, then how do i get it reinstated? There is an IT job i want to apply for.

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Dennis F
When you left the service your clearance was put in INACTIVE status.
You background investigation is still current for ten years from the initial date.
If you get a job that requires a clearance, it will take minimal time to reactivate your clearance. If it has expired it will take an updated investigation, the same as is required every ten years.
When you apply for a job, just state on cover letter than you are eligible for clearance. Their security personnel will know what to do.

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Mark B
A Secret investigation is good for 10 years. Your clearance never really goes away, however, your access will be taken away.

If it has been less than 10 years since your investigation, the clearance can be reinstated. If there is less than a 1 year gap, it can be reinstated with a memo to the appropriate CCF. That process usually takes less than 1 week. Because you have been separated for over 8 years, they will just do a reinvestigation. Not a big deal, especially since you had a clearance. Because you had a clearance previously, they should be able to give an interim Secret as soon as you turn in the paperwork.

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Your security clearance is good for 10 years - as long as that clearance remains active. If your clearance has been inactive for 24 months it expires.

If you got out in 2000 your clearance expired in 2002.

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